Alien UFO Sightings and Contactees Are We Messengers or the UFO Generation?

Alien UFO Typing -Bright White w/Red Smaller Shooting Orbs – UFO Generation EBENS. I am a paranormal writer who has had many UFO sightings. Some include missing time which made me realize that I wanted to know more about how this world worked and interacted with that which we call the paranormal and metaphysical working world. I want to share the various types of Alien UFOs but I feel that we have MUFON and many people who better spend their time documenting these Alien ET UFOS in our Alien ET UFO Community. I did finally join MUFON officially in 2011 in anticipation of 2012.

The fact that I had memories as a child of being visited assisted me in realizing that when Sputnik flew over me and my family it was no big deal. It was simply a part of life and I didn’t understand why all the big fanfare while we all stood out in the street waiting for it to fly over. It came and went in 1957 and this was a way of life for my generation of “Baby Boomers” to become those who were to be the forbearers of the “UFO Generation”.

My way of thinking may be forever different than most based on my past life memories, as well as, the UFOs that I have come in contact with in this lifetime.

There is something about me that made me different in many ways from those who I went to school with and were thought of as normal growing up. I wanted to fit in and did a good job keeping my alien UFO sightings to myself for many years.

This one main type of UFO that kept occurring over and over in my lifetime is what kept me interested in the metaphysics, ESP, and my psychic abilities. I didn’t know if they were connected and still do not know. I believe that my memories of past lives and a life that is in another galaxy we call Andromeda has something to do with the way I am constructed meaning my genome and DNA. This is a theory based on the fact that I believe we are all Aliens and we can sooner or later learn how to access our higher powers inside our own minds.

The fact that I have had various UFO sightings I believe has something to do with the various ET type humanoids that have crossed my path in the intelligence community.
The story I am working out in my mind I believe has to do with all the alien UFO sightings.

Therefore, I want to share that I am a witness at the level of observer here on earth of the type that is a very large white light. This white light makes one want to come and view it and makes one very curious. After seeing the light it seems to draw others in as well. I have been with others at times while viewing these white bright lights that sometimes could swirl other colors into the white light and occasionally it would appear that there was a red light below it.
The one that I found most curious was when two red lights seem to shoot out of the top and one went and set to the left of it and another to the right of the white light. Both remained in place for a minute or two and then the two red orbs shot out in different directions in a flash.

It was something that I knew was of alien origin and I instinctively knew it was not from earth. I wanted to know more and this began my various ways and levels to think about the world and the levels and dimensions of space and time that would also include other dimensions or Ultra-Terrestrial Spacecraft.

There are many things I know about and I kept to myself as a child growing up and through my teens up until I had children who also would view the white light in the sky which we knew as alien UFO visitors. We had missing time from time to time and feel as though we are all simply a part of a much larger universal order of beings while we are here on this planet.

The various levels of higher thought forms as intelligent beings may be inner dimensional and may be able to access our minds in ways that they share their alien UFOS to intrigue us and to raise our thoughts to a higher level.

This does not explain to my own mind why they visit us here on earth but my gut feelings from the past UFO sightings make me know that we are not alone on planet earth or in space and time and my only explanation is that there must be another dimension that we do not know about.

I am still working on my own internal investigations and thoughts so all my past real time experiences in what we call the Awakened State of Mind is being investigated by my own observer inside my own mind.

There are various parts of our own body-mind-spirits and the essence as energy that we actually are that can observe our own lifetimes are what I call our Alien Being or EBEN. I will share more of my own personal sightings and visitations in my articles on UFO Digest and my new website called Planet Information ET I have owned many websites and still do however, I am always changing and so are my focus and website names. This is something I have fun with in order to learn the best way to communicate with others and to expand and share my ideas so that others grow and get ideas to do the websites I share even better.

It’s a small share and way to be a messenger of information but one I find gratifying as an alien hybrid messenger.

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