Alien Vampire Empire Wars

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

We are all now finding out about aliens, ETs, UFOS, USOs, and the various belief systems of all this entails. Change is good and we can decide to look at this world as half full or half empty depending on which side of the world one desires to gravitate towards. We are all susceptible to manipulation by all typed of energy vampires. 

Mathilda May in Lifeforce
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We are now hearing from various beings some who believe they are plugged into the matrix and others believe we are all in a virtual reality game. Some believe that we are all in a universe that has been created for higher intelligent beings amusement.

Michio Kaku is I respect due to his entertainment and amusing personality has kept me in stitches at the Las Vegas, Nevada Star Trek type conventions. For those who don’t know me, I spent many years of my life in the Casinos back when I had to learn about business and how much my mind could actually make in black chips. It was a mind game I soon perfected. I was allowed for years to go and entertain myself and others. It was actually People Synergistically Involved as PSI Seminars which got me interested in learning to play blackjack.

Up until I learned that there was more in Vegas beside Janis Airlines and the buses to and from the desert I had never considered venturing onto what I was taught about the strip. While I was in Hawaii, a very successful rich and famous business man sent two men to find me. They found me at the park on the top of Diamond Head near my home in Kahala. Back when I was in and out of being a successful entrepreneur in my own mind’s way of training myself on how to survive on earth with international import and export moguls. It was a fun part of my life and sometimes I miss the old worldly ways of fun and being a sleep walker on the earth. I had to learn how to be one before I could figure out how to wake others up.

This man knew I had the gift of the ETs that people on earth call being a PSYCHIC.

This man apparently was smart enough to have others track me down to see if I would assist him due to him losing money and stock in his business. I didn’t meet him because he was to smart for that but he knew I had helped Beverly Hills with the fashion industry and offering the red carpet, Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa a job together to make the world stand up and take notice again of fashion by having the movie stars wear the fashion designers wear the dresses and accessories. I was at a fashion show, in Beverly Hills at the time and my publicist arranged a meeting for me to assist the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce since I was looking at converting the old Bob Hope Office as my own.

The Vegas business was simple to fix in my own mind. These two men were smartly dressed and in a rented limo I suspect since they had to return to Vegas. They explained the problem of downtown Vegas and asked me what the solution was since I helped Beverly Hills. I explained to them it was simple. Tell the man he would have to cover the downtown with light shows for the tourist to enjoy the same way that was done at one of the casinos on the strip already. I told them that I had suggested this typed of entertainment to a large entertainment industry in Orlando and it worked there too specially for restaurants.

The men thought about it as if it was their own money and said, “But this will be very expensive.” I said, “To who? IT isn’t your money or energy concerned. The person you said is in Vegas must compete with all others on the new strip which has taken over the tourist industry and the old downtown has to compete or die and go the way of the dinosaurs. This is plane old trade and commerce issues that are infrastructure demographic in nature. Tell him this is my answer and a simply one, either cover downtown or role up the street”. I don’t know if they really took back the information but this was what I use to do to assist in the change to get us to the 21st century in America. I love America. America on planet earth is my second home well, if I count this as my only life as most humans this is my home.

Anyway, there are many ways I can assist others with a one on one question. The genie is now out of the bottle! I only grant one question to any noble business person. I use to grant 3 as a psychic to those who had real intent and personal issues.

I never met this person and I do not know him. He apparently has something to share with the world and has sent it to me to add as a comment to my readers. I do not know which website of mine he read but I found it amusing. Therefore, I have decided to share this with my brother on earth Dirk Vander Ploeg for his time on earth when he is changing to a new server. I wonder if the man also sent him the same message. Instead of asking Dirk direct since my [email protected] email came back saying it could not be sent, my only course of action was to include this in a story and enter it like I usually do on the Internet for UFO Digest. If you are reading this story then thank Dirk Vander Ploeg. 

I am not having a very good day. Although my article was printed on THE SPIRIT GUIDE in UK, about Alien ET persuasion and Angels, my baby 1 year old shiat szu was killed today on the state highway where I presently hide away from the world in a country home.I cried and there are times on earth when I too wonder why we come back to this planet. I know it is to make this world a better place for all and to lift the spirit of humanity. I know I am an avatar Agashan Shaman Master. All the titles and powers of the world cannot take away the pain one can feel being human. Please know that I wish I could take away everyone’s pain but that is not why I am here. We will have ups and downs, positive and negative, love and pain, trust and fear always. This is the nature of our best and our beast while here on this planet. This is our cross to bear so to speak. 

Read this and know that some will see the good and positive of this share while others will only see the bad and negative. This too deals with perceptions that are shaped by the way we accept information into our minds that are inside our brains. We have levels of understanding and some deal with the fields of sight and the cones in the back of our eyes which receives information and data input. This is going to be shared  with the scatomas of our minds whether we know it or not. We all can be trained to be more intelligent. This is another reason we are all here including me personally. I do not know much and the more I learn the more I realize that I do not know. Thank you for being on earth and sharing this time of change with me and others in my soul group.

I believe we are here for various reasons and most to learn and explore to learn more about the universe. We are to expand towards the xenoverse which is the unknown inside the Omniverse. The more we know the more we will want to know. That is the nature of exercising our muscle we call the brain. It can repair itself in many ways with our faith. If we have faith the size of a small atom we can move worlds. I believe it was once said long ago that if we have but the faith of a grain or mustard seed we can move mountains or something similar anyway. So, without formal explanation, I am sharing the following with no endorsement or expectations from my other readers. Love and Light. TJ





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