Aliens, ETs, Ancients’ Faith Challenges Beginning Today!

What to believe and Who to believe of the Change and Challenges Tomorrow. 

In Sumerian mythology, Nammu (more properly Namma ) is the Sumerian creation goddess. 

If the Babylonian creation myth Enûma Elish is based on a Sumerian myth, which seems likely, Nammu is the Sumerian goddess of the primeval sea that gave birth to An (heaven) and Ki (earth) and the first gods.

She was probably the first personification of the constellation which the Babylonians later called Tiamat and the Greeks called Cetus and represented the Apsu, the fresh water ocean which the Sumerians believed lay beneath the earth, the source of life-giving water and fertility in a country with almost no rainfall. 

She is attended by seven minor goddesses.

Nammu bore An a son, Enki.

(A God -ANEB and a Goddess- ANUMMA has a Hebrew language known spelling but the words have been spelled differently

or abbreviated such as AN and MU.)

I have not researched what I simply know but I am one who is inspired based on my prior

experiences and my prayers, meditations, and dreams. I even have mystical experiences.

Nammu and her son Enki created mankind as assistants for the gods.

(One may research all the various stories in the Bible and compare An and Enki to Yahweh)

She molded clay collected and brought it to life, thus creating mankind.

——————-Source Wikipedia and the inspiration of thought —————————–

It’s peace of mind that allows us to live a more productive life. Whether one desire to “Let go and let God” is a personal choice. We are tribal in nature but there is no other being on earth who can own one’s essence which is connected with another force that can be felt. Many call this connection to a higher power as the course to believe in a source, force, God, Celestial Beings, and/or Extraterrestrials at the various levels in this universe, the metaverse, multiverse, Matrix, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. 

We are raising our consciousness in everything. History is being examined and revised. We have a right to know the truth of what we all can expect as our rights on this planet.  Informed decisions for our future gatherings and allegiances must be made.

Advancements in contact are being made. What are we to believe about aliens, ET, and UFO sightings and contact? Are we to believe that the channels now own earth is more than simple human receiving information in one form or another? It appears that some of us are receiving information that is not of our own making. Some may even be channeling information not of their own choosing. Could this possibly have something to do with the alien abductions and the future?

Those of us who have had prior alien and ET contact may want to review our past belief systems and what we were about when we had our experiences. Some of us may be able to assist in the future regarding the confirmation or deflection of what may be occurring on earth.

It the changes happening so fast that we are allowing all types of forces from above to enter into our space? What if the military has a prior purpose other than protecting our space from invaders?

We among the ET UFO Community that are supporting and advocating disclosure may find that some of what is being shared as disclosure and channeled material is not what we expected to find out or the way we wanted the future to become.

We must all learn to be able to decide for ourselves and learn the power of discernment. The love and the light of certain beings and prior Time Lords on earth whom many religions shared in the enlightening process of keeping the stories alive may want to begin to look at the past and the future as it shall pertain to the present times or modern times.

We have the Enuma Elish, NAMMU, and ENKI all of the ancient past, as well as, what was chosen to believe in the Bible.


Alien ET Councils can be from various groups and we are now going to have to rely on whom we feel most comfortable with listening too in the future.

This is something that many of us who channel have been aware of in the past but now it will be apparent to all beings on this planet.

Being that I am a known alien ET Channel of the Andromeda Galaxy Commanders and of the Supreme High Council, I thought it appropriate to share that there are apparent and different groups in space.

I will share how I came about being a Channel before I knew what the word meant.  This will assist others to determine whether they are chosen based on their own personal experiences as I have been aware of my own calling and election made sure. It is not something that one chooses lightly. The responsibility is great.

First, let me explain that I was shocked to say the least when I pulled up the article written by Alfred Lambremont Webre on today’s date which is 25 October 2010.ET COUNCIL: ‘WE WILL INCREASE UFOS, ADDRESS U.N. IN 2014, RENEW ECOLOGY IN 2015’

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

I respect all that Alfred is doing for former NORAD officer Stanley A. Fulham and will look forward to reading the book by  Stanley A. Fulham called CHALLENGES OF CHANGE.

I hope that all of this comes true but if it does not occur then it is a great marketing ploy for book sells. Have not seen a viral gimmick on this yet but see on a website that there are some hoaxes to be expected with an imposter or Mr. Fulham.

We have various Channels around this planet and some may be more accurate than others may. Some may not be channels in this world but plan on creating hoaxes to assist the cause of disclosure along.

It will be up to each being of earth to decide what to believe and what to prepare for in the future.

I am not confirming or denying that this person using the name of Stanley A. Fulham is a channel before I have a chance to investigate on my own; however, I will give anyone the benefit of the doubt until proven untrue. This is the path I take with everyone I meet or hear about on the Internet.

We meet many people as social network friends whom we shall probably never meet in person. Therefore, we must take their point of view and opinions at face value.

The fact that Stanley A. Fulham has taken the time to write a book says that he is committed to his cause and beliefs. Anyone who takes the time to write a book must be committed to the task. There is known energy required.

I will do what I can to share more about how one can become a channel based on my own experiences and séances, which I have attended with others in the world. Most were simply among peer groups who were on the same wave lengths who had time to read books, attend meditations, and to practice the eastern and western occult metaphysical traditions of learning all one can in various disciplines of the ancient mystery schools. Even the ancient mystery schools have come to mean various studies and disciplines that will be deciphered by each Agashan Ascension Avatar Master for in this world those who acquire above the 33rd Degree in this life must pass over at least once as in death of the physical and return in the spiritual and physical. The body-mind-spirit veil of secrecy is lifted for most of the past lives served not necessarily on this planet or in this dimension.

Before I get too deep, let me explain there are various levels of those in the Omniverse.

This is why we refer to the many palaces, planes, and dimensions in space. The parallel dimensions are some that have been thought about in the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments. Some have mention of the Star Gate Mission Experiments. Some were performed with contract, military intelligence involved and others were thought to be the brainchild of various scientists, and the government involved together.

We can trace through many of our wars on earth to find where it was believed that the Gods above orchestrated the wars fought by the beings on earth. The dvd “clash of the titans” is a great example.

We shall begin to define what various levels of thought and ages as in the ancient astronauts of past times has all been visited by other beings whether thought to be aliens, extraterrestrials, angels, God or Goddess.

We are now going to be entering some chartered territory that for some will seem uncharted. This is obviously orchestrated by those above as part of the awakening and the lifting of the veil.

It is now time to ask all those who have time and interest to begin sharing their findings on the Internet with others regarding the past stories of the Gods of the Ancients and how they may compare with today’s beliefs and religions.

In addition, we all should begin to decide how many various stories there are about those above who form the heavens came and how many various councils there may be in different quadrants of the universe.

We of the Omniverse belief system will want to take stock of what will be happening in the future regarding not only the ET UFO Sightings but of the ET Channels and ET Informants whom some may regard as prophets or prophetesses as Oracles.

We may want to watch what is being compared among our fellow peers and what is to be considered logical and scientific with what we shall desire to accept on faith and in pure spirit because we feel that it is blending with our own level and belief system.

We are entering a time when there will be many people most vulnerable due to change. 

We can follow all that we desire or take interest in, as this is human nature. As to whom those that channel are, channeling may be of utmost interest. We can all channel our higher consciousness and many can tap into various levels above in space as sources.

This is now what should be obvious to those in the ET UFO Disclosure movement. Some who are into the UFO Digest and Paranormal websites will want to make note of which contributors they desire to follow.

I enjoy some more than others enjoy and try to glance at least at the articles I open and figure out if it is something I may be interested in reading. 

Some are welcomed into the ET UFO Community based on their own interest and research topics. We have a varied lengthy list on UFO Digest. I also have a lengthy list we are working on in the Social Paranormal Network and A.C.E. Metaphysical Institute and the Ascension Center Organization. As

I plan to share various topics of interest with those who have time to follow my writings and references. I tend to write from  the inside inspiration and pray for guidance and true inspiration from my higher power I call God and the Supreme High Council.  The

may be helpful to those who are not familiar with the challenged translation of the Bible.

There are many versions and many Bible scholars. This is only one website that explains the basics.

Since the death of Zechariah Sitchin on October 9, 2010, we have all felt a loss. His  commitment to focus on the past, present, and future of humankind and  history will be missed in ways be appreciated in the future. We have developed our philosophy and he assisted us get into our minds that which we formerly were not exploring as obvious.

I still write articles while I am doing what I can to compile information out of my own channeled material to place in a book. For now, I am including some of what I find, research, and simply put the information on my website to peruse at my later convenience. If you interested in reading what has already been written by others or want to assist in the research then please feel free to join me here or on or which is where I record the ACE Guide RSS Magazine by TJ Morris.

 Books and comics

H. P. Lovecraft (1890–1937) included Mu in his Cthulhu mythos.[citation needed]

In Robert E. Howard’s Kull stories, Mu was a continent with many cities; when it sank, the mountain tops became the isles ofLemuria.[citation needed]

Robert A. Heinlein’s story Lost Legacy describes Mu as a “mother of empires” that sank without a trace during a war with its breakaway colony, Atlantis.[citation needed]

V. T. Hamlin’s Alley Oop comic strips (1932). “Moo” and “Lem” are rival prehistoric nations.[citation needed]

Massimo De Vita: Topolino e l’enigma di Mu (Mickey Mouse and the Secret of Mu), comic strip, 1979.[15] Mickey Mouse and Goofy discover the secret of Mu’s civilization and it’s abrupt disappearance.

Henri Vernes’s albums: Les tours de cristal (1961). Hero Bob Morane time-travels to a high-tech Mu,[citation needed] and Les géants de Mu(1975).[citation needed]

In Andre Norton’s novel Operation Time Search (1967), Mu and Atlantis are rival nations.[citation needed]

W. Murphy and R. Sapir’s book Coin of the Realm (1971) features Mu. “James Churchward” used as a pseudonym.[citation needed]

Tom Robbins’ novel Still Life with Woodpecker (1980) makes extensive reference to Mu.[citation needed]

M. Kurumada’s manga Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) (1986-1990). Mu is the birthplace of the character Mu, one of the 12 gold saints under Greek goddess Athena’s command. Mu presides over the zodiac temple of Aries.[citation needed]

Fred Perry’s manga Gold Digger mentions Mu several times along with the majority of other supposedly extinct or lost civilizations, likeAtlantis, El Dorado, and Civ Alpha. Perry gives explanations and civilizations to these places holding with the logic of his universe.[citation needed]

Hugo Pratt’s comics album Mu (1988-1989). A Corto Maltese adventure.[citation needed]

Margit Sandemo book series Häxmästaren and Legenden om Ljusets rike. Mu and Lemuria are advanced civilizations.[citation needed]

James Rollins’s novel Deep Fathom, in which one of the characters is the great-granddaughter of James Churchward.[citation needed]

Nathaniel Mackey’s National Book Award winning book of poems Splay Anthem (2006) contains his serial poem “Mu”.[citation needed]

In Book 3 of the Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch, the mythology of the Land of Mu is mentioned as true.[citation needed]

In Stephen Pressfield’s “The Legend of Bagger Vance” the land of Mu spanned all of the continents 20,000 years ago. An ancient battleground is located in present-day Savanna, Georgia, on the site of the modern golf tournament.[citation needed]

In Christopher Pike’s Spooksville series of young adult novellas, Mu and Lemuria are one and the same, with the titular city being the sole remnant of the lost continent. The history of Mu/Lemuria and Atlantis plays a significant role throughout the series.[citation needed]

In Fredric Brown’s short story Letter to a Phoenix the narrator lists the six civilizations which existed on Earth before the current one. Mu is the second last (the last one being Atlantis).[citation needed]

In Hiroyuki Takei’s Shaman King, the Mu continent is where the last round of the Shaman Tournament is about to take place.

Movies, TV serials, and animations

Atragon (1963) and Super Atragon (1996), based on S. Oshikawa’s novel The Undersea Battleship and Komatsuzaki’s short story above.

Brave Raideen (1975–1976). The inhabitants of Mu left a giant robot to defend Earth when the devils of space returned.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (1982). In the original, character Tao is a descendant of the Empire of Mu (renamed Hiva in the Englishdub).

Super Dimension Century Orguss (1983.) The Mu Empire survives as a race of intelligent robots.

Space Sheriff Shaider (1984). The alien Fuuma Empire fought by Shaider came from Mu, twelve thousand years ago.

Saint Seiya (1986) The inhabitants of Mu created the cloths for Athena’s Saints. It is also the name of the current Aries Saint.

RahXephon (2002). The alien Murians come from an alternate dimension into which the continent of Mu was accidentally translated.

Transformers: The Headmasters, 1987. The submerged island of Mu is where MegaZarak harvests the “crysmag” metal.

Rebirth of Mothra II (1997). Mu is where the monster Dagarla was created

Shaman King (1998-2004). Mu is where the final part of the Shaman King tournament is held and where the Shaman King ceremony happens

Source Wikipedia GNU license

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