Aliens-Higher Beings!

By TJ from the “TAKEN UP” Series




People read our articles on UFO Digest and we serve our purpose here on earth. All we can each do is to ask to be of service by that which is greater than ourselves in the vast sea of all consciousness of the “ALL I AM”.

    We are all on a journey to discover more than we are at present.

    There is so much to know and so much to share. The greatest word, feeling, emotion that I know that I can share is LOVE. The second is LIGHT. I cannot tell another which came first as a word of worth in me whether it was love or light but I believe that the greatest worth in me is both LOVE and LIGHT! TJ

    People have been asking me if I AM REAL! I AM! My real truth is that which I find connected to the ALL in the AKASHIC FIELD or the “ALL I AM” in the Field of Everything we regard as GOD.

    I am a believer! I am one who has had encounters with Aliens and Higher Beings!

    Whether another of our humanoid species wants to believe me is up to them. I simply mirror and reflect a part of “THE ALL” in me back to all of us.

    My words are my work as a writer. A female array of our species has shared a short email to try to contact me and I feel it is time to come back to this time, place, plane, and website and share that which others need to know and find in their own personal lives on their own personal journey.

    Times are changing and so are we. I don’t know for sure what I am to share in this journey with others so I consult my higher power.

    My higher consciousness is as much a part of me and the “ALL” we know that must exist in all of us as the energy we call spirit.

    The love in our heartfelt spirit inside us all is what shall prevail in the coming months and years leading up to the date our ancestors have chosen with the aliens as DECEMBER 21, 2012.

    There is nothing to fear but fear its self. We can live in love and light and know that our futures are all leading to another area we call somewhere.

    Somewhere in the future we will all find each other once again! We are never alone!

    I hope that what I am put here on earth to share and discover is the love we have in each other with the power to know others of our kind to share companionship.

    There are many who are lost in their own dreams created while here on earth.

    It is now time for all to wake up to the many levels of our own reality that we create and share with each other.

    Thank you for including me in life and I hope that we shall learn to not exclude anyone.

    May this article be well accepted as one that allows others to find their belief in aliens and higher beings.

    My purpose in life is served by being who I am and loving others.
    I share that aliens exist and that higher beings exist.

    I have many levels of shares that some call experiences with those who are of the Alien Extraterrestrial Beings. I also share a level with others who are using spacecraft not of earth origin that we call UFOS.

    The following is a short answer to one who is searching and she has found her way to me so that I may assist her as a mirror and reflection of what she may be searching for inside her own self.

    We can all serve each other. The best advice I can give another is to ask one’s own higher self what can be done to serve self and others while here on earth. Be of service and be involved with all that is considered the reality of who you are while here on earth.



    TJ’s answer back to one of her many fans and readers on UFO Digest…


    Who are you and No I don’t make this stuff up!
    I am as real as you!
    So, please share who you are and what dream you want to share!
    Thank you! – We can email each other here.
    Love and Light
    Theresa J. Morris
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    Message to TJ from one of her readers…


    In a message dated 10/6/2011 1:30:23 P.M. Central Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
    I read your article. Where did you get this info? Who are you? Is this real? I need to know. I NEED to know. I have a memory of something that happened when I was young. I always thought it was a dream. Please, tell me everything you can. Or please just tell me you made it all up.

    Thank you,
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    I Do Not Make Up That Which I Write! – I simply receive IT as that which I feel I desire to share with others . Most of the time it is like an art form that is inspired. Think of it like an artist uses oils and paint on a canvas. We all have  the ability to know ourselves and how we exist in various states of mind and consciousness. I have studied various lifestyles and world religions my whole life. I learned that metaphysics serve me as well.

    I am one who desires to reach out to others through my own life experiences. If this serves another on earth then so be it. I am a writer on UFO Digest because I was impressed to be so and was lead here by others on my journey and path. I believe we should all create our own path on earth and leave a trail for others to find. My mother taught me on earth that we are all the authors of our own life’s story.  Be more, Do more, and Have more. The Way the world is now can change as we change to make the world a better place. I do my part by being a writer of words and I interject my heartfelt spirit. I believe in sharing love and light for others to find when they are ready.

    My truth comes to me in various forms as both a sender and a receiver in various ways, waves, and dimensions. I believe we are both particles and waves which are both a path of something more than our own selves while here on earth. I believe we all encompass the GOD in all of us as that which drives us as the force inside us all as the energy we call spirit and essence.

    We are that which allows us to communicate while we are in a material form. Once we serve out our purpose here we may return to the vast sea of consciousness that some call the God and Goddess energy of all that lies far beyond out comprehension in time, places, planes, and dimensions.

    Presently, we regard the 7 heavens of our Ancient Ancestors as all that was created for us to enjoy and explore while we are in our perfect form as spirits.

    While we are in physical and mental forms, we can meet each other, and communicate.

    We are all serving our purpose out on this journey while here. This is a journey and not a destination.

    I am real and I share my thoughts of all the levels , places, planes, and dimensions that I visit, share, and discover on my own personal journey.

    Some people enjoy reading my shares, and discoveries.

    I happen to write about all that I feel is shared with me with those who are believers in the Higher Beings and Aliens as Extraterrestrials.


    One of the explanations of where we get this info!

    We are all part of the universe, multiverse,metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, and all that lies beyond that which are the below. AS ABOVE SO BELOW has always been the way it has been thought of in our world of spirit!

    When we begin the thought process of our own consciousness we allow our spirit to intervene. Our spirit may sometimes be heard as that still small voice inside of us we call our conscious. 

    There is a vast store house of mental images inside us all. Some are good and some may be bad. It is up to us to clean our own house of consciousness and to begin creating the mental images that we want to see and discover for ourselves.

    We can create our own stories with happy or sad endings. The truth is up to US!

    People are waking up to the fact that there is more to life than what we are now experiencing and many want to do something to change the artful atmosphere that has been created. Some are gathering together to make their voices heard in unison.

    I am one who works in the higher planes to serve those above so that those ebens below can be heard as well. I am one who acts as a bridge and go between as this is part of my journey in this lifetime on earth. We all have a part to play and I am writing my own story with the guidance of those above we call aliens – higher beings – God.

    I ask for GOD and GODDESS to guide me on a daily basis. I was raised to believe in our teachers on earth such as Jesus Christ and I believe in the power of those who have come before us to this place on earth. This is my choice and I find that these choices serve me very well in this place.  It is up to each individual to find their way back home.

    I am here to share my self if once chooses to share themselves first. Those above have set this situation up this way. I am easy to find for those who choose to find me. I can be located here on UFO Digest which serves those who are believers in what I choose to believe in and that is “ASCENSION” and that “ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS EXIST!”

    All that I share comes to me from my choice to be of service to others!


    In the “Xenoverse” the universe is composed of a Multiverse within a Higher Dimension or ‘Higher Domain’. Our local Dimensional Universe is a ‘Lower Domain’ that exists alongside other Lower Domains within the Higher Domain.

    Our local Dimensional Universe is the stage of both Xenoverse and Xenias in the ‘Xenoverse’. It is composed of two overlapping domains within itself; ‘Normal space’ and ‘Imaginary space’. 

    “There is a theory that the space we live in is composed of two realities (and nothingness): normal space, which we are actually able to perceive, and imaginary space, which proceeds along an imaginary temporal axis we cannot perceive. 

    The concept of imaginary time itself is a theory devised by Hawking to explain the birth of the universe without the use of singularities–without relying on the existence of God. With it, one can picture a universe without any “beginning” (the Big Bang singularity) or “end” (the Big Crunch singularity), but instead simply composed of a multi-dimensional hyper spherical surface.” – Tetsuya Takahashi (Xenias database) 

    Normal space (or real-number domain) is the reality that can be perceived (to know via a sense organ), and the Imaginary space (imaginary-number domain) is the reality that cannot be perceived. Every single thing that exists in the universe extends into these two domains. For example, in the case of humans, the “substance and flesh” that can be seen and touched exist in Normal space, and the “consciousness and heart” that cannot be sensed exist in Imaginary space. 

    The Collective Unconscious exists in Imaginary Space and is recognized as a white beach. The white ash-colored beach is the visual image of the imaginary domain that a consciousness visualizes when its real-domain body has died and it is being pulled into the Collective Unconscious. This image is subjective and differs according to cultural background and experience of the perceiver.

    This Collective Unconscious is something like a sky that canopies the entire world, or a vast land on which everything stands. The Collective Unconscious in Imaginary space is such an absolute existence that it is the structure of a gigantic consciousness that holds the Dimensional Universe together.

    Imaginary space can be thought of as the “spiritual domain” similar to the world of the soul spoken about by religions such as “heaven” or “nirvana”.


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