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First in the TAKEN Book
I don’t fear repeat visits of ET or UFOs. I am sharing my story called TAKEN UP on UFO Digest.
I have been asked to explain more of how I consider myself and all others of the humanoid sentient intelligent being species as alien to this planet. I shall do my best to explain that part of my own perception with my primitive human body-mind-spirit.  I will have to do this over time as the memories come. If I have learned anything about writing and using one’s own life as an example is that the words are memories that come up when one is not trying to remember. I have learned how to give up control of a story and to let the spirit flow. I hope that others will enjoy knowing more of me who is one with ET contact and UFO sightings. Whether everyone knows of ET and UFOs has come to be important. I am one who lived an entire life filled with these two words. I learned that not everyone is like me and many want to know why me. They ask me why I was chosen. I have always thought that others were like me just at different stages on their path. Some may be at an age where they have met ETs or seen UFOs. Others may still be waiting. I am going to begin sharing some of my thoughts that are real to me. I hope that somewhere in this story I tell will come up certain parts of my life that will touch others. Maybe this is part of why I am here. Maybe some enjoy reading about others who have known ETs on this planet. I also have had UFO experiences and I know why it has been so hard to share the stories in the past. It makes one change and face their own reality of how truly the same and yet different we all truly are. Maybe it is time for others to see why my spiritual path has lead to me knowing beings from other galaxies. Some I have met on earth in passing. Others had a mission and would seek me out. Some just knew me and knew that I knew them. There are many levels to life and the one we experience every day in this world is only one part of who we are. This will be a rather metaphysical journey with me in the future. All those who feel ready to know more of my path and me are welcome to come with me.
I shall take you on a spiritual journey to know me in my future while knowing that you have a friend that has contact with others who are considered extraterrestrial and are familiar with spacecraft not of earth origin. We now are beginning to realize that there are many of us on earth. This is why I believe we are all alien spirits just visiting this planet. However, for those who want to know me on a more personal level feel free to read my Back Story. There will be more that comes to light for some and their questions shall be answered. I have many layers as we all do. We are like onions in that respect. I use parables because it is the best way for some to imagine in words and energy what I am trying to share. So, for those who desire to follow my story on UFO Digest, we thank you and ask that you spread the word that my stories are different and yet spiritual and heart felt for others who have came before me, who are here now with me, and for those who will come in the future. We are all connected.
First the Back Story
We as humanoids are all given a change when we come to this dimension. We are all given access to our own personal body-mind-spirit. Some of us can remember our past lives energy before we were born. This may have not happened or been known by most of us while growing up. I was being me from a place of knowing the whole time I was growing up. Being a child on earth, I was given an American Middle Class upbringing. I was given sufficient care with food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care. 
I took my childhood vaccinations, which included small pox and polio vaccines in the 1950’s. I attended school like all other children and I traveled on a vacation occasionally with my family from Monroe, Louisiana to Arkansas or Texas. This was all I knew about travel and distance as far as the local world was concerned in my own schooling on earth. That is until I entered the 1960’s and I did not care about smoking or drinking or what was called pot or Mary Jane. I had an inner guiding system that allowed me to know these things were bad for the inner alien spirit. I learned much more about alien spirit while around NASA people in Clear Lake, Texas. 
The people who worked at NASA had an excitement about discoveries in the future about our humanoid kind traveling in space. I got married to my high school sweetheart and his father worked at NASA for Grumman. He got a job at NASA and worked on the seven Apollo Missions. I learned what it was like to raise four daughters during that period and I died having my final fourth on January 27, 1974. That day, I changed and knew more from my experiences out of body. I had met an alien ET from another place in space in 1968 so I knew that aliens existed prior to my death and return from my out of body experience or OBE. Now, I will begin to share some of my back-story that has not been shared in the past three and a half years on UFO Digest. I am now a paranormal writer and have not shared some of who I am in this life. I shall share in the future what I hope will be of help to others who are on their own path to ascension. I am now the founder of the Ascension Center and this is a way to share a faith in the future that I discovered on my spiritual path that to me includes others we call aliens and ET. The path of mine also has many UFO Encounters. I am just learning how to create the threads of my inner truth to be shared with others. This is part of my path that leads me on my own spiritual path to the return of my own connection to my soul that is elsewhere. This is where the faith comes in. Faith is an important part of being a humanoid sentient intelligent being. I believe that man cannot live by bread alone or so other that came before me has said it in the past. It is now my time on earth to share that part of me that has elected to be a writer on the path to enlightenment. I have shared this sketchy outline for my new readers who have not followed my websites and blogs. 
I have been writing on the Internet in words since 2000. However, many people will not be able to access these data entries although I know they are kept somewhere in data banks of those who had the time to collect the information. I first began on American Online as AOL and I know they have records somewhere of all that I detailed. Now, I share what I can when I can with those who I feel closest too in energy. This I do in hopes that some of my energy will touch others and assist them on their own inner spiritual path of enlightenment. Writing makes me happy and fulfilled. It gives me a sense of offering my energy to others with a defined definition of whom I am and why I am here. This allows me to share that part of me with others who may not yet have come to certain points in their lives on earth.
The extraterrestrial UFO path is one of patience and gratitude. It is also one of seeking and finding that which makes us whole. I have found that it was always my inner searching for truth that made me wonder about life and how it all works. My spiritual path became more aware of my own self and how I was involved with not only beings on earth but in other places in space. This was because of some of the things I have experienced on my path.
I have a story to tell and I use spiritual words because this is what I have discovered I am. Meaning that although I live in a world that we call normal with the every day people who get up go to work, school, and tend to their daily chores, we are all sharing the world we have on a planet that revolves around the same sun. We all get up on this planet and we all go to sleep on this planet. This I can be sure because one starts with what one can see as normal for all living creatures on earth. This we learn from our basic senses we are given. I learned by being, doing, watching, hearing, seeing, and having time while here on earth to grow. I learned about a God and his son on this planet in what we in America call going to Church and Sunday school. I learned that the only being that I ever heard of that came and went from this planet was not from this world according to the words that were printed in a book I learned to read as the Bible.
My whole life I learned what was similar in my life to the life that I would be told I should emanate or learn to become as this was truly the best lifestyle and we learned that we all shared the same education where I lived about the basics although many had various differences of opinion as to how one could exercise their own freewill in a society and culture. I went to various churches of many denominations and enjoyed what I learned but I soon grew out of their teachings shared in their various books and learned that life of my family and friends all seemed to have a future with different paths. 
We all grew a part. I joined the military as I was guided to do after returning from a trip to Africa. I also went to Europe and after this time in my life in the year 1985 it was another turning point. I actually learned that there are ways we can touch more people by being a part of something much larger than our own family and friends. This part of me served eight years with my countries training in the military, which I was suited for and loved. However, I was destined to keep growing for various reasons on my spiritual path and soon learned about motivational seminars for entrepreneurs. I was happy to share and grow with others in the business world and completed all life management and leadership courses that would have a profound life change on me once again. 
I grew on my spiritual path and read many books in the 1980’s and began being and doing with others on my spiritual path in the 1990’s. I was told I had read enough books and been to enough classes and a being came to me and explained to me that it was now time for me to begin teaching others what I had learned on earth. I was not sure how to do this and I was told that I would have the same direct knowledge and it is like the spiritual connection I had to my parents in what we call heaven on earth. I would still be contacted from time to time and when I wanted to have UFO sightings I would and could. This was for me and I was not to tell anyone while I was experiencing these all my life. This was a type of energy that was secret and known only to a select few on earth or so I was told. It was considered what I would call classified in the military. It took me a long time to learn how to know what I knew growing up and experiencing as ET and UFO connections. I had to learn an inner voice that was only mine to share with my spiritual guides. I also had to learn what I was not to share with others, as this was part of my own personal energy and power to the connection. I could have this power to enjoy and to be engaging. I could also learn from this power with my own inner quests while here on earth. 
How I learned to finally be allowed to share certain aspects of my spiritual journey was with permission as I developed as a human being and learned to connect to others who had similar experiences. My children grew up having experiences with me. They were having to deal with their own way of being okay with being different. I tried to assist them while they were young. Their father died when they were all adults and began having children of their own. This was part of life and they each had to learn how to find their own way as free spirits. They had enough of their spiritual upbringing and me in them to have a basic understanding of who they were and how they were to maintain certain freedoms and boundaries as human beings. I taught them what I could but as children, they had to evolve the same as I had. I love my children and wish the best for them and their children. This is another reason I am now writing. I want them to be able to find my words if they choose too. I do not ask them to read my articles or books. They will be here on earth for them and their children in the future, if they choose to know me.
My way of being is only different in this life because I am one that always had ET and UFOS in my life on earth.  This makes me different from most on earth. I was born December 26, 1951 at noon. All that I have experienced in life is accumulative like all others one earth. Much of what I learned about life I learned in books once I was taught to read on earth. I never had to use math other than in counting money and some bookkeeping jobs I had during my college years. I worked at Southern Living Magazine and Decorating Craft Ideas in Birmingham, Alabama. 
I certainly did not let others know of my ET UFO experiences but it was there that I began listening and learning about computers while I went to college and worked for this large corporation. I thought my children would all grow up to work for large corporations and had them learn to do record searches for me in the summer in Great Lakes and Waukegan, Illinois. All four of my daughters came and worked in the doing record searches one summer and they soon learned they were not into that type of work. I had shared their past with dance and baton lessons being that I taught while they were young and they were not into that way of life either. They were all free spirits much more than I was growing up. I soon learned that just because we are related does not mean we are alike and have similar interests. I learned to let go of the energy and allow them to be themselves. This was a hard lesson to learn as a parent on earth. Nevertheless, all who become parents must learn one.
I have finally decided to write the TAKEN UP Book from here forward. I am not sure what it will become. So, please consider sharing my life in my stories as this will be our connection from this day forward. I am sharing this story on UFO Digest because once Dirk Vander Ploeg gave me the idea after we discussed the movie for TV TAKEN on the phone.
We thought it might be of interest to add my story that is similar to that of one called Allyson Clark. I have a story to tell that will be of close to 60 years of ET and UFO sightings and contact while on earth. Some simply want to know more about me because of my magical and psychic connections. Others want to know me for a different reason. For whatever one needs in life, I hope that I have something to share that others can use on their own spiritual path. I shall keep my children and grandchildren in mind and will believe they are my future audience so others will know that this is the information I am choosing to leave for those who come to earth may find. I shall become an ACE Guide for those who want to know how I survived with people one earth and others who came to visit from other places. One thing I learned is that all those I knew were benevolent. 
TO be continued for Dirk Vander Ploeg, Robert Morningstar, and my family and friends. I hope my energy is not wasted on those who choose to be deaf, dumb, and blind or left in the dark. I care to share and become aware of myself and how I relate that which is in me as spirit and the miracle of life with others. We can all share in the future with our stories. We are all truly the author of our own life stories. My mother has taught me that. Love and Light. TJ
One in a Series by TJ

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