Allison Dubois: I can see dead people

It’s difficult to imagine holding a conversation with a dead person at the age of 11. But that was the reality for famous American psychic Allison Dubios.

Allison Dubois: I can see dead people

The notion of people with psychic powers has always been of interest to many of us, so when we learned that an author, a woman who has had a US television series based on her life, was visiting Australia, the ABC jumped at the opportunity to speak with her.

Allison Dubois is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, where she was born in 1972.

Her early life was in many respects unspectacular. Her parents divorced when she was a baby, but Allison grew up ‘knowing both of them loved her’.

After what she describes as a pretty difficult and lonely adolescence, her mother divorced her stepfather when she was twelve, Allison was living out of the family home before she was sixteen.

Despite some early setbacks, Allison’s determination to succeed saw her graduate from Arizona State University with BA in Political Science and Minors in History.

What sets Allison Dubois apart from countless other individuals is that she discovered when she was very young that she had psychic abilities, which eventually led her to become a professional medium, and a ‘profiler’, helping police and law authorities solve baffling cases.

Her ‘gift’ includes the ability to predict future events, to see into people’s minds, to detect health problems in the living and to communicate with the dead.

In her own words “Yes, I do see dead people everywhere…”

Allison was asked about making those distinctions in people with psychic ability – clairvoyance and clairaudience, or psychokinesis, asking what the sensations she received were like, and how her abilities manifested themselves.

She replied saying that sometimes she sees people ‘as if they were right there beside her’, while at other times she heard voices, and on occasions smelt a perfume, or recognized a characteristic scent that came from ‘the other side’.

Allison was asked how she knew there was life after death and how she could be so positive about ‘the other side’, and her frank reply was clear and to the point.

She has been ‘dealing with disembodied souls and human energies’ from beyond the grave since she could remember, and simply knows her experiences to be true.

Allison has also been extensively tested by a number of different investigation teams in scientific conditions and in controlled laboratory examinations, all of which proved her psychic abilities with standout results.

She claims to have had her first strange experience, which was meeting her grandfather after he had died, at only six years of age.

An event when she was eleven would shape her future path and the work that she did.

One day when she was out riding her bike in her home neighbourhood in Pheonix, two young men attempted to entice her into the car they were driving.

Allison was alone on the street, realised she didn’t know the men, and was terrified and frozen with shock.

She says a voice suddenly startled her out of her immobile state by ordering her to get away as fast as possible, telling her to ride her bike home as quickly as she could.

Soon after, a number of attacks against children and unsolved child abductions in her home state made her realize that she had been saved by one of her ‘guardians’ or ‘guides’, and that she had had a lucky escape from a situation that could have seen her hurt, molested, or perhaps ever murdered.

Allison says this realization changed the course of her life, although she didn’t fully understand it at the time, but the seed had been sown to allow her to channel her abilities to help prevent crime, or to solve crimes ‘in which children had been made targets by depraved and evil people’.

In her book, which is a personal perspective of many aspects of her life, Allison reveals her views on specific cases that brought her a level of credibility within policing and crime detection agencies, when she was invited to work with Texas Rangers in solving disappearances and cases of abductions.

She found, when looking at photographic evidence, that she could glean information from the perpetrator’s viewpoint, picturing places they had been and locating specific sites where crimes had been committed.

Allison points out in her book that she has never accepted any payment for her services in any of the cases she has helped solve, and always works with the prosecution to ensure that violent and sociopathic individuals are put away.

While most police departments will not engage with a psychic for assistance, Allison says many agencies do use people like her with similar gifts, but are careful not to reveal this, as the defence attorneys would willingly exploit public skepticism to discredit ‘witnesses’ like her who ‘see things’ but cannot substantiate their visions with hard evidence that holds up in court.

She merely attempts to reveal things unknown to police, in the form of names, locations, licence plate numbers, or smells or other sensory stimuli that are associated with crimes and criminal behaviour.

Allison says that being a medium and a crime profiler is not a specific science, it is more a matter of receiving pictures, sounds, images and often disjointed information that comes from other minds, whether dead or alive.

She also insists on only taking on a limited number of such cases per year, as the effort required takes its toll, physically and emotionally, from her.

Another interesting facet of Allison’s book “Don’t Kiss Them Goodbye” is the theme of reassurance that we are never alone, and we are under the watchful eyes of past relatives who are deceased and who have been significant in our lives, and a number of others who are often referred to as ‘angels’ or, more simply, our ‘guides’.


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