Amazing UFO or flying alien filmed in China

by Michael Cohen [email protected]  

The footage below was filmed in China in the last week by a passenger on a train on his way to the city of Tianjin in the county’s north. The film shows what seems to be either a UFO or more likely what is referred to in China as a ‘Tadpole Alien’.
The passenger, Mr Chi, alleges the UFO or creature flew up near the window he was next to and moved around while keeping up with the train, before eventually zooming off.
The object seen in the video is often thought to be a UFO however is an fact believed to a member of a race of aliens that the Chinese Government is in contact with.
 It is not known where ‘Tadpole Aliens’ originate from however it is believed that they possess intellectual abilities way beyond Earthlings.
Recently a photo of what is believed to be a Tadpole Alien was taken by a school child in the Chinese city of Nanjing (See above photo) 

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