American Version of Alien Autopsy Book – LAUNCHED TODAY!

In 1995, an amazing film surfaced that seemed to show an autopsy in progress on extraterrestrial beings recovered from a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Broadcast worldwide, the film became an instant sensation, and many people believed the lid had finally been blown on UFO secrecy! In this book, veteran UFO researcher Philip Mantle reveals the truth behind the alien autopsy film that shocked the world. Praise for this important book has been staggering:

“A searching, insightful and much needed examination of the truths and lies behind the famous alien autopsy film. It shines light into the shadows surrounding this world-famous piece of film. Is it a fake or not? This engaging mystery story takes the reader in some very surprising directions. A most interesting and provocative book.” Whitley Strieber, bestselling author of “Communion” and “The Grays.”

This is the book on the film that the whole UFO community and the general public alike have been waiting for. It is incisive, evenly balanced, factual and highly informative. It is the definitive book on this most controversial and enigmatic piece of film. At long last the whole story of the alien autopsy film is laid open for all to see with expert commentary from an extraordinary variety of specialists outside of the crazy world of the UFO community. Added to this, the book is extremely well illustrated and contains an enormous amount of new and fascinating material. “Odd-Gunnar Roed, UFO Researcher.

 “The alien autopsy film is either proof of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth and an associated government cover-up, or the greatest hoax of all time. Philip Mantle’s book is a fascinating and comprehensive investigation into the greatest and most controversial mystery of our time.”  Nick Pope, British UFO Researcher.

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