After observing an amazing flotilla of assembling UFOs overhead, it appeared, beyond logic, that alien entities climbed down the ladder of my awe to cause paranormal experiences. Interdimensional ‘bleed-throughs” happen regularly.

My energies, which I cannot  ‘ground’, are light-beacons for negative-thought-entities of many ilks, tipping my rational-emotional scales more towards, “Who needs this paranormal inglorious chafing?” rather than ,”Wow, I clearly sense the unseen!”.

I now perceive E.T. and spirit hypersensitivity, as a form of an inter-dimensional allergy reaction.

I  felt electric vibrations in bed  and saw my body float out of my body, astral abduction of my spiritual essence, which retained all my predilections and discrimination, leaving my chop-meat DNA contrived body, bereft of spirit, behind in bed.

At first, I believed that I had died! Out of body, I had sublime and terrifying experiences directly tied to my previously monitored thoughts. This is one recollection that illustrates that alien-proprietary- monitored-consciousness, suffered by abductees:

I awakened slowly, and found myself underwater. it was an experience real in sensory totality, more than a vivid dream,  another alien  fingerprint, an imposed nighttime OBE, Out-of-Body-Experience.

Alien entities who specialize in astral abductions, are more predatory of our spiritual essences, essences we, as a race of beings, are barely aware of.  One’s car is stopped on a lonely road and one ascends into an overhead waiting craft as one watches one’s body in the car below recede from view.

But abductees rarely assess such contradictions, in their daily functioning concepts, of ‘self’.

In this experience, under twenty feet of water,

I  was semi-conscious but aware; I could doze,  float and breathe normally, all while immersed under a shoal deep under a narrow inlet.

As I floated, I slowly became dimly aware that visually, ten or fifteen gray ghosts,

torpedo shapes, which had hovered nearby, now swam closer, nearer than twenty  feet

away. Porpoises, a school of thirty gray forms, hovered in the inlet’s shoal, nearby!

I struggled to  come to my still dull senses, and watched as large torpedo shapes swam closer and as they approached they radiated discernible and palpable curiosity.  A large school of inquisitive silver-gray porpoises came very close, now, some within five feet, for a  better look at me, still half awake and floating .

The very instant that my mind asserted a greater awareness,  in an attempt to seize upon my predicament, at that very moment, they started en-masse, startled away, as though privy to and threatened by my thoughts. \With quick tail movements, they all vanished into the water’s distant murky gloom.

Slammed with a jolt, back into my body, awakened in bed, I suddenly recalled a thought-sentence that I had very often repeated in my writings:  “In the spiritual ocean tidal currents between two and six o’clock, I have stumbled across only negative thought entities, nighttime bedroom intruders;  I have sadly met predominately sharks, and not ever, enlightened porpoises..”

This experience underlined aliens’ astral abductions, and their meddling psychic


This nighttime vivid OBE, Out-Of-Body-Experience,  pointed to a proprietary alien

creature  with a too literal sense of my sentence’s meaning, or perhaps, instead,

one with a rarefied sense of humor.

I leave it in your hands, to consider and decide.

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