By Pat Regan

Civil unrest is no joking matter and this August the UK appear to be totally out of control

Mindless riots in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Salford, West Bromwich, etc; The UK seems to have gone mad!

The city-wide riots are primarily down to idiotic and mindless hooliganism that thinks society owes it whatever it wants, verses ordinary law – abiding families who are just trying to live in peace.

The worthless masked yobs that are wrecking, mugging and looting our cities are the same malevolent delinquents that police have been moving on from corner to corner in our communities, under ineffective and lily-livered anti-social behaviour policies. 

The escalating situation should never have been allowed to develop in the first place. The warning signs have been very clear and manifold, but authoritarian apathy has ensured that the social insanity would boil up like this.

UK politicians have kept their heads down in the sand and have been woefully out of touch with the pulse of this once proud nation!

Liberal minded principles will ensure that any mindless thugs caught in the act may be sentenced to rigorous ‘GO-KARTING’ HOLIDAYS (recall – Mark Oaten, Lib Dem home affairs spokesman’s  comments in 2004) or similar, paid for of course by the tax payer.

It’s not without good reason too that all this madness has initially flared up since schools broke up for holidays. What exactly does this tell us about UK parenting and the education system’s basic capacity to merely teach right from wrong?

I have personally spent decades fighting hard for Human Rights. However, I tend to take a hard-line stance with any out of control scum who threaten me, my family or friends. I consider this to be a rational and fair position based on mere survival. I have also amusingly noted that my position is frequently supported by the more liberal – minded, ‘following’ obliteration of their own property by the said scum.


Emotions are running at breaking point and England’s residents are understandably extremely angry and afraid.

The UK is currently OUT OF CONTROL with police, politicians, so-called religious leaders etc doing very little to address the bona fide concerns of the British public. 

In my own home town of Southport I hope politicians, police etc are prepared for any WORST CASE SCENARIO and have EMERGENCY CONTINGENCY PLANS, should the hostility find its way here.

Yes, the law must be upheld, yet UK families also have a fundamental human right to DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM ATTACK should the lacklustre authorities continue to let them down.

An Englishman’s home appears to no longer be his castle – this is unacceptable!

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