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By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
We are all stars in one way or the other as spirits that have been created from stardust and minerals that fall to earth to become ascended bodies once again!
IT is with great sorrow that we now see our wonderful stars of Hollywood becoming old in ways that once were considered old at age 79 and 80, which is now the new 39 & 40 of our youth we called “Over the Hill!”
We are all sharing the world with our old actors William Shatner who is still alive and well on planet earth at 79 years of age. For those who are the children of the Star People also known as Baby Boomers, William Shatner was the first Captain of the Starship Enterprise on the television show STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry. 
We are still enjoying Clint Eastwood at the age of 80 and admitting he still feels 28 years of age. 
We are all aware that time is speeding up and that we all seem to be getting older right before our very own “Baby Boomer Eyes!”
For those who you who are of the age of Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1966, we are the forever loving stars of those who created the future!
We are they that enjoyed the beginning of seeing “ONE GIANT STEP FOR MANKIND!”
We were the ones who saw humankind set foot on the moon and bring sharing herb as Mary Jane into the world.
We were the ones who learned and created the Age of Aquarius together!
We are the ones who learned, explore, and shared what is now termed the New Age, which officially began when we were born in 1946 as BABY BOOMERS!
We are the ones who are the Grandparents and GREAT GRAND MASTERS of the ASCENSION AGE!
We are the ones who figured out that 
We are the ones to usher in the NEW ASCENSION AGE beginning for all of us to share in one moment in time as DECEMBER 21, 2012 at TIME 11:11.
By the Founder TJ
Aka Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
There are not enough words in the world to describe Ascension but here in few words, I am able to share the basic general discovery of my own spirit and soul’s understanding.
Ascension is the act or process of raising our spirits.
Ascension is to live by example as one of our Lord and Masters accomplished named JESUS who as Christ shows the ascent of his spirit into HEAVEN.
Ascension Center Enlightenment is about sharing all that a spirit can BE, DO, and HAVE of LIFE on EARTH creating good memories.
Ascension Center Enlightenment is about faith, hope, charity, love, and enlightenment.
Ascension Center Enlightenment on earth is taught on earth through the ACE Metaphysical Institute and the Ace Academy of Magi. 
The Ascension Magus is made up of the Ascended Masters of both the feminine and masculine array, which our spirits contain.
The Ascension Spirit is trained to rise above one’s own body and mind.
The Ascension Beings are sentient intelligent beings who desire to maintain a spirit with a raised conscious awareness.
The Ascension Beings are those that realize their spirits are reincarnations of a part of the soul self that was created above that of all that is created in the Omniverse and dwells outside and beyond all bodies, worlds, heavens, galaxies, universes, multiverses, metaverses, xenoverses, that are all combined among the branes in the Omniverse. 
Ascension is the belief in all that is and has always been as the Greater Power.
Ascension is the belief that Ancient Ancestors existed and Ancient Civilizations Exist!
Ascension Beings are given the choice to be of service as volunteers on earth as Lightworkers, Truthseekers, Mystics, Oracles, Prophets/Prophetess, Priests/Priestess, Sages, Seers, Shamans, and the sharers as the Light Brigade.
Ascension Magus is the Ancient Ascended Masters that are those of the Supreme Allied High Council.
Ascension Masters are trained on earth in the levels of the Ancient Mystery Schools and the Modern Ascension Mystery Schools.
Magic is the art of learning the course of influencing one’s own life through producing surprising results.
Ascension Magic is serendipity and believes in all that is no coincidence.
Ascension is the Center of Enlightenment that lies in the worlds created inside the Omniverse. TJ
Ascension is the all-encompassing ideology of what we share inside our own minds with each other of our God and Goddess or our two main parts of our soul that deals with both our masculine and our feminine.
Ascension is the raising of our Spirits from our units as vessels we call our body-mind-spirits.
Ascension Death on Earth is when the spirit leaves the body-unit-vessel and ascends up into what some call the levels of heaven, and others believe they returns to the soul’s origin above the Omnipresence.
There is a Place of Souls where the Gods and Goddesses create Demi Gods and those who desire to become as Gods.
We who are awake and aware of our spiritual connections to our souls are on earth to obtain our levels of knowledge and to explore and obtain the higher eternal glory. That of becoming as our creators of our souls who were in the beginning and has always been.
Ascension is not the answer to all, for all, but the way, the truth, and the light for all who claim to be Ascension Beings with a spirit and soul that is enlightened or in the process of becoming enlightened while serving a life on planet earth.
New Age and Aquarian Age may lead to the Ascension Age and Ascension Beings.
(See below links to discover many paths that all may or may not lead to Ascension) TJ
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