Ancient Aliens and the Ark of the Covenant

by Paul Schroeder

From, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”  (1981):

Colonel Musgrove: Where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, right?.
Indiana: That’s exactly what the Nazis are looking for.
Major Eaton: Now what does this Ark look like?
: Uh… there’s a picture of it right here.
[opens a book on the table]
: That’s it.
[they all look at an illustration of the Hebrews devastating their enemy with the Ark]
<: Good God!
: Yes, that’s just what the Hebrews thought.
: [pointing to a beam of light] Uh, now what’s that supposed to be coming out of there?
: Lightning. Fire. Power of God or something.
: I’m beginning to understand Hitler’s interest in this.
Brody: Oh, yes. The Bible speaks of the Ark leveling mountains and laying waste to entire regions. An army which carries the Ark before it… is invincible.

I have never bashed the bible for its accuracy or inaccuracy yet only for its legitimacy as God’s word.

There is overwhelming Biblical evidence that the Ark of the Covenant was structurally designed to act both as  an alien transmitter-capacitor and a weapon.

The Ark, lethal if touched, was used to communicate with what masqueraded as God;  aliens posing as God, requested a contrivance built, which would eventually also aid Israelites when it was carried into battles.

“And they shall make an Ark of shittim wood, two cubits and a half shall be the length thereof, and a cubit and a half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof.

‘And thou shalt overlay it with pure gold, within and without shalt thou overlay it, and shalt make upon it a crown of gold around and all about.”

One of the Gold plates was positively charged and one was negatively charged and together they formed the condenser.

If one of the cherubim’s positioned above the Mercy Seat acted as a magnet, then one has the rudimentary requirements of a two way communication set.

The ‘Lord’ even detailed what clothing should be worn when consulting the Ark,  so that no interference would be encountered when talking through the device, and to also likely limit the risk of electrocution.

Further proof of the Ark’s functions can be found in the First Book Of Samuel, Chapter 3:3, when the Ark directly speaks to Samuel:

“And ere the lamp of God went out in the temple of the Lord, where the Ark of God was, and Samuel was laid to sleep.

‘That the Lord called Samuel, and he answered here am I.

‘And he ran unto Eli, and said here am I, for thou calledst me. And he said. I called not, lie down again. And he went and lay down”.

This repeated itself on two more occasions and eventually Eli realized that the Lord was speaking to Samuel via the Ark, which he then told to Samuel, and on the fourth occasion Samuel was able to converse with the Lord, directly through this contrivance.

The only persons in the house at the time were Eli and Samuel, and it is quite blatant that it was indeed the Ark which ‘spoke’ to Samuel.

This fuels the argument that the Ark , an alien invention, would have been an unseemly tool for the all powerful true God of the Universe;  HE would not need  a technological artifice such as a Three-in One communication device set,  a religious receptacle and a weapon of destruction.

The Ark had these uses; at all of the times of communication with ‘God’ and at the times of great battles, the Ark was invariably present.

Unfortunately, not everyone had the same opinion of the Ark as divine in intent.

David decided for safety’s sake, to ‘steal away with it’, with Uzzah’s help, with tragic consequences as retold in the second book of Samuel, Chapter 6:

“And when they came to Nachons threshing-floor, Uzzah put forth his hand to the Ark of God, and took hold of it, for the oxen shook it.

‘And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah, and God smote him there for his error, and there he died by the Ark of God.”

Quite clearly the Ark was carrying a massive electrical charge which killed Uzzah on the spot when he touched it.Theologians mince words.

Otherwise, why didn’t the God of the Universe,  our True Lord,  kill Uzzah for attempting to sequester the Ark at the outset; why did He have to wait until he actually touched it?

Perhaps, it’s  because ‘God’ as described in the Hebrew Old Testament was not remotely the omniscient, omnipresent God of the universe but instead a crafty, manipulative completely in charactor masquerading alien.

Good technology looks just like magic. Divine magic that tells you so and can reach out and bite you is from quite a God!

What else do we know about this Ark ‘contrivance’ from this UFO document, the Old Testament, that reveals more clues into this ancient, well documented masquerade?

As additional data recorded in the Old Testament of this ‘God machine’ is unfurled by its  Biblical descriptions, one clearly begins to see more truth.

The Ark of the Covenant was both an ornate golden chest used as a means of communication to speak to “God” as well as a terrible weapon used against the enemies of the Israelites.

In order to operate it, safely, the high priest from the family of Kohath (of the tribe of Levi), who knew even more of its ‘secrets’, had to wear a breastplate with twelve sacred gemstones called ‘the Stones of Fire’, for his own physical protection.

The ‘holiest’ part of the Ark was called the ‘oracle’, the place where one could literally discern audible orders to Israel from “God”, which almost totally were made through Moses.

When Moses entered into the tabernacle of the covenant to consult with this ‘oracle’, he heard a voice speaking to him from the ‘propitiatory’, a sectional ‘speaker’ that was over the ark between the two cherubim, the wings of which acted as separate battery terminal poles.

Specific directives given to Moses came from “God” through this machine and were;

“Thence will I give orders, and will speak to thee over the propitiatory, and from the midst of these two cherubim, which shall be upon the Ark of the testimony, all things which I will command the children of Israel by thee”.

So very much like the orders given from the burning bush, a magical disembodied voice commanded Moses but rather than a disembodied voice from a ray of burning light focused upon a bush, all of “God’s” future orders came from this electronic technological contrivance.

There was also an intermittent appearance of a “cloud” between the cherubim and at these times the Ark machinery was considered so dangerous that Moses would not even approach it.

(I am personally and privately quite sure that a sharp smell of ozone, a characteristic smell of a modern powerful radio transmittor, filled the room, most certainly at such times, as well.)

A “fire” which emerged from the Ark of the testimony was preceded by a “glow” which the Bible describes as the “glory of the Lord”.

At such times, the Israelites believed that their holy relic was truly in the possession of an angry God as it must have killed many who approached it .

This same electrical field generated could be pointed and focused and fired, apparently, from more and continuing Biblical evidences:

A sacred gem called the “Stone Of Fire” was mounted on the breastplate of the high priests from the tribe of Levi for their protection or for their operation of the “Ark Of The Covenant” as they carried the weapon ahead of the Hebrew army.

Joshua 6:6 – 15-During the famous battle siege of Jericho, the energy of the Ark  was displayed when it was carried seven times around the city accompanied by priests blowing rams’ horns and all the wall’s structures quickly disintegrated.

1 Samuel 5:1 – 6; 6:5-While in battle the Philistines captured the Ark and although they endeavored to keep it they were plagued with earthquakes which toppled their sacred statues, by odd diseases that produced boils and by being overrun with mice, the Ark’s side effects of electrical radiation energy bursts that would hurt skin and disrupt small rodent animal life .

1 Samuel 6:19-When the Philistines returned the Ark to the Hebrews to get rid of it at Beth-shemesh a group of them made the error of examining the chest up close which resulted in 50,000 of their people falling down dead.

1 Kings 8:8-When at rest, the Ark was placed in its Holy of Holies so that one end of its gold-plated carrying poles touched the veil separating the two compartments of the Tabernacle.

 This helped to rekindle the energy of the chest while inside by re-connecting it with its re-charging housing.

Leviticus 16-Moses, Aaron and the attending Levite high priests were warned not to enter into the area of the Ark often and to carry out certain rituals only once a year on a designated day as over-exposure to the Ark’s lethal electrical radiation was seemingly too dangerous.

Numbers 35:5, Joshua 4:5-The Ark was always carried at least two thousand cubits or paces in front of the Hebrew host or army as it traveled.

 This area energy of a specific circumference surrounded the golden chest when it was in motion.

Joshua judged a safe distance from the Ark as two thousand cubits distance or close to a mile .

Even when carried, the Ark was covered with a veil of tachash skins and a blue cloth  which functioned as an electrical field dampener.

The Hebrews were warned to never remove the poles that the Ark was carried with as they provided sufficient insulation protection.

When Saul’s daughter, Michal, insulted David for dancing  before the Ark, she was struck with permanent sterility.

  David was wearing an ephod or protective garment, while Michal was not, thus making her vulnerable to the Ark’s radiation long-term effects.

For those of you, like me, who have the rare gift of  faith in an all loving omniscient and omnipotent God,  yet reject the authenticity of  Old Testament accounts of “God”, thwere is an answer:
Manipulative, highly familiar and highly technological alien beings masqueraded themselves to these ancient Hebrews as their Ultimate Deity and they in turn were careful to record all of these interactions in the Old Testament.

That book gives us rare insights about the unbroken line in continuity of grey- reptilian aliens control and misleading natures; how even then, an ancient desert people, the Hebrews,  were micromanaged.

 Imposed harsh laws and dietary rules that were recorded in Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers, rules and laws filled with death and punishments that had nothing to do with the true All-loving One God of the universe.

Most revealing of the alien secretiveness  is the imposed and strictly enforced lethal, exclusionary entry rights into the ‘holy of holies’ where ruling aliens resided.

The biblical experiences of Abraham, Moses, Eziekiel, Isaiah,  are seen as ancient alien encounters with grey-reptilians to many modern alien abduction researchers who clearly point to a long unbroken chain of continued misleading close encounters with these entities.

The Ark of the Covenant was thus simply an alien-man technological device that  ancient biblical Hebrews mistook as the sheer divine magic of the one true God of the universe which underlined the duplicity of these alien entities then as it does now.

The real God of the universe does NOT need an assembled electrical machine to speak to us; prophecies come through dreams or angelic telepathic means.

Our hearts and minds are part of the quantum physics of the universe and as such are wide open to God.(and to the Devil)

Ancient alien entities, the same who are the pilots of UFOs, today,  have deluded the whole world.

 By their control of  the primitive world by religion they establish a world domination by fooling and diverting mankind, cultivating unquestioning minds, as they did to the ancients.

 Despite this cosmic charade there is no question that an all loving God,  never ‘vengeful’ or ‘spiteful’ never ‘jealous’ or ‘angry’ rules the cosmos and that we, whose soul’s essences can not die, are tiny sparks within of that most Divine Being. 


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