Andromeda Galaxy – Planet Information ET Work – “TAKEN UP” Series by TJ

I share that I am a humanoid and one of those who is in reality only one of the sentient intelligent being species in this universe. I also share that I have connections in space who come from the closest galaxy to our own we call Andromeda. 
It is time for me to begin sharing the truth that is my own and yet is shared with others who from the heavens came that some of us call Andromedans as the Peace Makers.
Please know that I have a history on this planet with those who from the heavens came and come and go in form now. I have connections and friends of this working world and others. This is a world that is classified as a working planet meaning we were designed to work from the ancient times of the Annunaki when we were mining for gold and crystals used in space for the spacecraft that we presently call UFOs and USOs.
There are some that are saying they speak for the Andromeda Council – I know that this is not to be taken lightly or as those who channel with out proof. We all have the ability to channel, remote view, and become psychics that help others as Life Coaches in this world. I am only one of many however, having accepted the role to play in this “Game of Life” as a “Keeper of the Flame” in not only time and space as a “Time Traveler” but as a “Messenger of those who are the Supreme Beings”. 
I now share that with the coming and return of my spirit from my soul in another place in space I shall share in the ushering in of the new time and awakening we call the “Great Awakening” as the “Golden Age of Enlightenment” and what is also called in this universe the “ASCENSION AGE”!
There are now some who will spread disinformation from another place in space we call Andromeda. Please use your internal spirit which some of us can feel as our “Inner Gut” experience. Learn what we use to define what was and is truth as we filter what words and information is not being processed and presented to others in the public forums on the world wide web and the Internet. Many will be learning to create social networks and we must pay attention to how we feel the energy as vibrations that we call truth.
Truth as we shall all learn can be fleeting throughout history. History can and will change! 
Regarding this planet we call home, earth, Gaia, there are various groups sharing their finds and information. We are creating and recreating so many that who we in the future care to share an alliance with will be important.
Some of us who are aware that we need organization with those who want what is best for our working world are having to say we will participate in reshaping the future world for the good of sustaining our species and out planet. The world in which we live deserves all of us working together towards sustainability of our world and our species.
I tend to lean toward the various groups that share their creations in Expositions. In other words, as one who is an Organizer and Social Entrepreneur, there is so much to do that one has to learn to multitask.
It has come to my attention that we who claim the role as Social Entrepreneurs in this reality must learn to define the work for those who are awake and aware for the old roles, stereotypes, model of the last century no longer work in this world. Therefore, it is time for all of us who can read and write step up to help all those who cannot. We must bring the rest of the world up to a standard that will now be expected of us as one group as earthlings or earth worlders.
We have those who are called “OFF WORLDERS” now. We will begin using the work of ontology and archaeology as two main areas that we will desire trained personnel in the future to assist in sorting out the past and the future.
Also, we shall need more personnel that will work in space and off of the planet. This is why so much attention has been placed in space on the moon and on Mars. We can actually create a real “Tranquility Base”. There is a race to mine the minerals of the moon among larger corporations controlled by various countries. It has come to the attention of the entire working world that countries will now have to work together and form an alliance to make sure we can protect our planet and species from those who would harm us if they finally locate our planet and know that it is inhabited.
There are many who know of the Annunaki and their role that was played on this planet. We also want to now know of those who from the closest galaxy in space came to this world and chose to not interfere with who we all are as a species of humanoids. We in the ET UFO Community define ourselves as those who believe that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” We also are combining our interest in what goes with that belief in the world of space exploration.
This brings us to the world of Ascension as a vertical lifestyle as meaning we desire to live with our sites set looking upwards and not linear and horizontal as life only on this one planet. This brings us to all the ancient world religions and how they can be seen, understood, studied, researched, and explored as only one facet of this working world. The religions of this world are no longer the dominating controlling factor nor are the world governments.
Those above will now usher in the ways that best benefit our entire human race as a part of the sentient intelligent being species. We will now learn about Tectonic Economics and how to work together based on how our population is seen from above or overhead as in the Ascension Center Enlightenment Education Project.
This deals with the vertical living culture and lifestyle. It will assist us in obtaining a world that has an alliance in space with not only other countries on this planet but with other planets in other galaxies. That is my role here as not only a messenger but an Ambassador of Goodwill for all the Galactic Federation of Planets which is real as what we call truth on this planet. There is also a High Council of Love and Light that is only one part but an important part in the universe that deals with the return of souls and the spirit of us all. How we interact with our feminine array which is joined with our masculine array.
We have both and this is simply part of how we are designed to interact as the human design which is in our own genome and DNA codes. It is simple to define to those who still believe in organized religions of their families as traditions that they desire to maintain. We all have a mother and we all have a father therefore we are the creation of both and cannot exist as a creation unless both the male sperm and the female ovum come together and are in the incubated state of bliss where the creation of the human form is made in the woman or feminine body! Therefore, we will now learn to honor the feminine once again on this planet as that which is important and needed for the benefit of sustainability! We are going to learn to not only honor and cherish life as a creation but begin teaching throughout the world the educational process of why we procreate and why we honor the triad as the unity that comes in knowing that the world is designed to honor all three – The Father, The Mother, and The Son/Daughter Unity! There is a security in knowing that one is designed as a human and we shall not want to lose the human design or why we are not like others in the universe that have been created as bionics that have no soul. This is somewhat complicated to explain in one article but an important role in the future never the less. We must not forget the lessons we have learned in Atlantis. This is another reason the vibrations of past lives in Atlantis are so strong among some of us as Contactee Experiencers.
It is becoming harder to separate the various prior special interest groups due to the social networks and the most important, fastest growing, and richest is now Facebook.
We in the Planet Information ET Work are sharing the World Information Network which we call the world wide web. We are also in an alliance with others who support change in the way government supports us as beings and also supports our planet. 
Instead of giving into fear and pointing fingers at who the “Bad Guys” are on the planet we need to learn to work together as the “WE” factor.
I  have my connections to those who are as real as any human walking the earth the only difference is they can speak or use telepathy and they are much more intelligent than we are on this planet. They don’t have to announce their superiority it is understood and inferred. They are continually amazed at how we are cutting down our rain forest which we need for not only oxygen but for the natural healings we can obtain. There are many medicines we have already had incorporated by the larger pharmaceutical companies.
There are so many people earning a living promoting prescription medications for those who have physical problems. 
We are not only concerned about our planet’s health but our own. Therefore, we shall share that we prefer what nature has bestowed on us for healing our bodies however, we also support our world of healing with our trained physicians who are recognized in the medical profession. 
I use this as an example of how those of us who prefer the Natural Healing, herbs, vitamins and minerals and the Ayurveda ways to those of modern medicine who work with our working world with chemists. 
There are some of us in the world who are mediators and we do what we can to make the world a better place while bridging not only the way the world was, and is, but the way of how  we shall blend all that we have created together already to become what we call truth.
Truth is a way that allows us a path in reality that we discover for ourselves.
We each have to become our own filtering agent using our freewill that was bestowed on us at the time of our created souls. We then have the ability to manifest a spirit connection to the creator which on earth we honor by calling it the Holy Spirit or Mother Goddess as the feminine god in us all.  There  is still the iconic archetypal roles of God the Father and God the Son. These two with the Feminine Array as Mother make us whole and create the family dynamic for us to follow. In all manmade or politically correct genderless humankind way of knowing and speaking we are moving into a time on earth when we will honor others regardless of their own gender preferences.
The hardest lesson we still have to learn even after the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King Era in the last century is to respect gender and whether one wants to share their outward appearance with the cultural traditional roles. 
We have various ways in this larger macrocosm that deals with procreation and how we project our perceptions onto others. The prior cultures on this planet that were masculine have a history of dominating the feminine and those who were weaker whether in male or female form in this lifetime. 
Some who have come to this planet may choose due to freewill to not follow the traditions and cultural ways of this world. I am speaking of those who we call gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.
There are those who have been killed and bullied in this world due to their own freewill choices. In ancient times there have been those who are still involved in inhabiting this planet with gender preferences that don’t always coincide with what is expected by the general populace. 
We have decided that it only takes three percent (3%) of those in the world’s population that can sway the rest in one way or the other regarding a cultural tradition. It appears that where two or more are present he/she is there also regarding the father, mother, son of the trilogy of  the iconic ways we think of our Supreme Beings.
It has been brought to my attention as one who is considered their Galaxy Commander and Communication Officer as an Ambassador of Goodwill in humanoid form that there are some who are sharing their hierarchical positions. It is time I come forward and use my position as one who is in the know. I am simply a messenger but come with the blessing of authority of those who are the Supreme Council of the Omniverse.
What I am going to begin sharing is how the world and those who abide here on earth may learn to know more about the universe, multiverses, metaverse, xenoverses, and omniverse. This has not yet been shared and will become the future ways for our species. We are all a part of the sentient intelligent being species and we have certain roles we have played throughout time. We seem to repeat these roles over and over again throughout time on earth. 
In the study of the Tarot we have learned to share the positions that we have accepted on this planet and we use the Tree of Life and the wisdom that was once shared by one called Enoch who was one of the great leaders and teachers on this planet. There is much to the entire network of the mystery schools and those of us who are called to share this world of metaphysics with others are now sharing how the entire network of social networking has always been used among us Shamans of this world and in others.
We are beginning to share the reincarnates roles when they repeat the process of choosing life on this planet in this universe. There has always been the Ancient Mystery Schools and the ways of this world have been passed down in the oral traditions. The information was usually passed down by those chosen to take on the responsibility for the clan or group of people who chose to become families and interact with earth and each other.
The fact that we are still creating some of the same roles on this planet has come up with all the Supreme Beings and we are still defining many as those of the slave races of who we once called those of the Annunaki.
The fact that there are many humanoids still on this planet who are able to create and think for themselves gives credence to the fact that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” We are all from space and those who have kept up the oral traditions in the past through the human made religions is not a part of our cultural heritage.  Therefore, we shall work with the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization.
We can use our own vetting process for ourselves and yet we already have an organization that we can share our opinions and views with regarding doing our part on this planet.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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It is time to bring the future into the present and make it real. This is part of the Ascension Center Enlightenment education. 
I want to explain that being that there is only one me in the vehicle unit that shares the body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience  that I can only do so much.  I am no different than you.
However, being that I have been allowed to have certain authoritarian rights bestowed on me means there are rights and responsibilities that come along with being an Ambassador of Goodwill for Humankind.
Meaning that with the levels of knowledge that some call wisdom gives one a power of information and security on this planet.
We are going to begin sharing the future in 2012. Many of us have been working as Lightworkers and Truthseekers our whole lives although we didn’t know we had titles on this planet.
In the world of sustainability for this planet we in the natural and whole life living groups have also created an alliance among those who desire  to continue the three R’s as reduce, recycle, and reuse.  Believe it or not this also applied to the humanoid creation process of life on earth. We reuse the materials in space that we call space dust and some of us remain on earth to do our part as earth while others of us prefer to be “TAKEN UP” in space.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | Resource Conservation | US EPA
introduces waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting … There are many ways to produce less waste: Reduce the amount and toxicity of trash you throw away and reuse…
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Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship
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The concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle is equally important for household hazardous waste and industrial materials.
Household Hazardous Waste: Improper disposal of leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients can pollute the environment and pose a threat to human health.
Industrial Materials: Industrial non-hazardous wastes that can be recycled and reused are key to a successful resource conservation program.
For those interested in me and my ET Connection which shares the universal knowledge and the Akashic Field which we call the Field of Everything to the scientific working world, we will be sharing more for others to discover as research and clues to the future. I always share what I know but in time. There are reasons that are of the mystery kind. This is what allows us to enjoy the “Game of Life” and why we do not all share at once what can be discovered over time and allows more beings to participate together as synergy. IT all makes sense as one climbs up the Ascension Chart in life. We call the Chakra Wheels inside our bodies the Ascension Chart which uses the Kundalini Energy. This shares our human nature with the way we can discover knowledge direct from above needing no other.
TO BE Continued only on UFO for Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg and Robert Morningstar because I care. Love and Light TJ –  This can be Copied and Distributed Freely based on the Open Source which has been created on the Internet as long as credit is given to the Writer – which is called a Contributor in Cyberspace here on UFO

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