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Many of us are in the presence of extraterrestrials and we learn from their clues left behind for us to find. This is similar to the Hansel and Gretel story of which when lost in the woods they had left breadcrumbs to find their way back home. 

I too feel that I am leaving breadcrumbs back to my home place in Andromeda galaxy for others to find. But, one must not wait too long to find the bread crumbs or they shall be taken by others just like the games we play on Facebook at the present time. One must locate the treasures in life but not all will acquire the clues to the treasures. To me, not all treasures are easy to acquire or we would all have treasures that are presently kept in heaven for us all. 
Treasures in Heaven are of the Xenoverse, the unknown level of our existence at the time we spend on earth. There are parts of energy left as clues for us all to find and enjoy while here. These clues are the path to our own Ascension Center Enlightenment or ACE. I am the Keeper of the Flame to some and to others simply a human being. Some see me as the founder of the Ascension Center while others see me as a simple writer and artist. 
I would like to share a personal story of one of the smaller chapters in the Book of Theresa which is the main treasure map or guide to me which will be hopefully completed and put on the open market to be sold prior to my death as my final work of art to be shared and copied in print form. I believe books and artwork are the two most favorite parts of me which I share my own personal creations in jewelry art, oil on canvas, pen and ink, and of course in my flawed books which are my first period of creations shared which I shall later erase the errors in print editions.
I choose to leave my long sentences and errors in place for others to find as a game of which one should feel that they could do a much better job than I and this is the artist part of me hoping to lead to others inspiration while here on this plane. I deal with many human beings who are more insecure than I and I share with them my mistakes and flaws. I of course make mistakes as original common lazy errors. I admit to my slothful side of which I do not take time to personally edit my own creations in words and in print. This I found was part of me and I chose to make a game out of finding my own mistakes. This game became a fun way to see how the scatomas of my own mind could hide parts of my me from myself. This may sound rather eccentric but I have learned and grown from my many mistakes on earth. I found the artistic side playing with my own flaws as a personal invention in creating books for future reprints to be bought by larger publishing houses than I can create as a small disadvantaged woman business. I decided to let others make the profit from sharing my mistakes in print and I should move on like a mystic receiving forms and information as they come into my experiences as a receiver of artwork. I see life as a pure form of art of others we call the Supreme Beings. They may be too far advanced to make mistakes and rely on us to entertain them with our imaginations. I have resigned myself to learning how to use my imagination with things that others may find difficult or uninspiring as artwork. 
I shall share one of my treasure stories in life. I like Treasure Troves do not you.  
But for now, I shall leave my first print editions with errors as was explained when I first began writing articles on the Internet for American News Magazine, American Chronicle, Social,, Ace Folklife, and finally UFO Digest. This has been a fun venture and I began showing all my flaws as a human being. I wanted everyone to know that we are all not perfect and we would not be here in this place of existence if we were perfect. Striving for perfection of our soul’s progression is the game of life.
I am very delighted to announce that I love art and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder like Truth and Rest on the Flight into Egypt by Luc Oliver Merson, French, who lived from1846 until 1920. I have recently obtained a print of the Rest on the Flight into Egypt and although I would love to have the Oil on Canvas a 28 ½ x 50 ½ inches painted in 1879 which was bequest of George Golding Kennedy and copyrighted in 1992 by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, my 1993 print 18.652, matted almond crème along with grey border inner surround and gold fleck wood frame has made me very happy. 
There are many joys once can receive from having art that is pleasing to the soul and is inspiring to the spirit. I shall cherish this piece of art as my own until I pass on and shall want a deserving being to receive this copy which I shall sign the back that I was the owner of this cherished treasure of which I was drawn too in this life at a place where it was displayed in an artistic way among many other treasures of another being in a public sale arts, crafts, antiques mall in Ohio County, Kentucky.
May the person that inherits this fine copy find the magic that I shall bestow on it with my own persona and energy of love and care? We all should share our treasures in life and I desired to take the time to make a comment in public on the Internet on my own website called and about this fine inspiring image. The sphinx, Mother Mary and the Christ child were said to be escaping King Herod’s wrath at this time. If one believes in reincarnation then know that I am a part of all three separate meanings in one place that was impressed by this male French painter. I feel he was chosen to create many fine pieces of art for people of these times of which I am a part. 
To order your copy I found this place on the Internet: 
Rent to share. TJ – Only a Treasure Hunt shared with TJ will add the flavor of love and inspiration that I share in my own privacy of which I cherish my art and my books most of all next to my own flesh and blood four daughters, mother, father, sister and brothers, and my husband Thomas R. Morris who is also a famous pen and ink artists. I myself have done famous art and pieces of my own have sold for $5,000 at a time in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some have been sold as pogs as artwork, which are collector’s items under my maiden name of Theresa Janette Thurmond and married, name ORR. My husband at the time who is now deceased collected the original plates and the first box of pogs of my artwork and although I tried to locate them in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he took my private belongings including a full quill ostrich briefcase that I acquired while I was in Johannesburg, Africa, I could not locate them.
I desired to purchase them back from the owners. In addition, I was putting out notices on the web that I would purchase the pogs back from owners who in 1993-95 acquired them in Honolulu, Hawaii.
I personally saw them sold in collector’s stores where baseball cards and other items were sold in Hawaii. Pogs were made famous as a form that was once uses as milk tops for children’s small bottles. A game called Pogs of which they would use a larger pog such as the ones I created that are black with a thickness to turn over the other thinner pogs. The children could win pogs from their friends and thus the POG game was created in the 20th century.
The Japanese saw the entertainment nature of this game and way to promote icons, logos, and pogs of various types including artwork of which I was asked to participate. The venture cost me well over $5,000 to begin my first run and I believe there were only 2000 created but the original house I paid to manufacture them exclusively for me made an extra 500 for himself and my husband was in on the deal.
I was not told until I discovered them one day and I knew where my originals were placed. This was an example of how one could be taken advantage of by others whom I trusted in business and as a personal spouse position as a partner. This was the way I call the school of hard knocks of how to be taken not illegally but dishonestly in business and losing one’s own copyright creations to those who choose to duplicate for profit another’s artwork.
I stopped allowing my artwork originals to be duplicated. Therefore, I am sure that the originals went up over $5,000.00 in Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii. I only had two stores at the time 1993-94 at which time I left the islands to trace my fleeing spouse with many of my prized possessions including gold and silver originals of my jewelry creation. My logo of the birthstone jewel inside a heart inside a crystal ball inside two hands inside a triangle was my original artwork that was trusted to my then partner Calvin Ebesutani. He and I shared my creation with a man whose sister lived in Hong Kong and she had my original artwork created in silver as an original die cast for jewelers. My then spouse Gerald (Jerry) Wayne Orr who worked for the U.S. Navy in civilian service as a GS 11-13 and moved to Bartlesville, OK in 1994 took the original silver piece. We were divorced due to his ways of greed. When I cannot trust another in business and in a personal relationship, I feel that this is a test and I learn from my mistakes and move on.
I am now happily married to Thomas R. Morris, who is a very honest man and has art creations in pen and ink, and written books of his own. He does not need to take my creations in artwork or my treasures I find along the way in life to enjoy and to pass on when I leave this earth. We are simple artists/authors who desire to live a simple life of which nature is our closest comforter. We presently live in a small humble house in Ohio County, Kentucky and will probably die here. We have a love for art and works as books, which are my comforters in this life and all others. I shall remain a believer in Ascension, and the Ancient Mystery Schools of the 21st Century as the Ascension Center Enlightenment of which I am called as a guide, teachers, comforter, artist, author, and mystic.
One can find pleasure in mystical experiences, which is the only true magic that is still allowed all sentient intelligent beings with their own creations as treasures to be shared by all.  Some have been drawn to my Andromedian Art, which has inspired others in the ET world of Art and Entertainment including the photos I created of UFOs. My work is under my full name now as Theresa J Thurmond Morris and my dates will be 1951 – until?
I do hope that those who have become my friends on the Internet will seek out my creations, which I intentionally included with flaws, which are my trademark creations for others to find truth in errors to remind us all of truth that we are not perfect in a perfect world creation. We find truth and live all our lives with learning from our mistakes. I am one to create a path for others to follow while not telling others how to think or enjoy beauty in life although I believe we all are creators of our own destiny in the next life. My philosophy in life deals with enjoying art and words as our finest work while on earth along with our continuing support of others with our honest, integrity and moral social society to be uplifted in enlightenment for those who come to this planet in the future. Leave something of self behind in an artistic form. This “Rest on the Flight into Egypt is a part of my spirit and I feel as if I knew the artist personally. It is up to others to find my artwork, it is my hope, and desire that others will feel they know me personally from my various creations left on earth.
Some will have my cork products that I personally designed as stationary items, briefcases, clothes, handbags, while others will prefer my artwork, pogs, and books that were penned with me with repeating chapter errors so that I could share my mistakes at a time when I felt flawed as a human being. I desire to believe that this type of artwork in books is a one of a kind invention that others will not want to duplicate due to not desiring to put flawed works out to the public. This I created as book advertorial for my own admittance to making errors while being human.
Although our spirits are encased in human creation, I feel that our souls are perfect in another place of our original existence. I offer my spiritual flaws in words as another work and creation for others to find for free to enjoy as a piece of me to see the spirit that I choose to share as a flawed human being who has come to earth to learn about making mistakes and learning to perfect them as one becomes a better person in their own creation we call the future. I am a futurist of humankind. TJ

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