Animal mutilation has been taking place on this planet for hundreds if not thousands of years. Reports of animals found with organs removed, bloodless by methods mankind could not replicate were collected by author Charles Fort going back to the 1800; s. During my research I read claims that reference to the strange findings of bloodless, organ less animals that date back much further than that. This lets us know that we have been collecting data on this subject for at least a few hundred years.

Like most people I found this subject  disturbing and dark. When I did read about it the entire topic was so unexplained and upsetting that I never wanted to look in to it past the knowledge that it still is an ongoing situation with bloodless surgically removed internal body organs missing and empty corpses of animals dumped to be found close to where they were originally taken.
It seems the dead empty corpses returned by who or whatever is doing these things drop them from a height leaving the animals embedded in to the ground by way of the weight of the remains hitting the ground from a long fall back to earth, This theory seems to be proven by way of some of the animal corpses being found stuck on the tops of tall tree limbs or in the wires and poles of our infrastructure.
In the past I have written a few articles warning the public that a worldwide oddity of half cat mutilations were taking place. The cats were taken by something and gutted with usually the top half of the head and front paws returned also bloodless with clear precision laser type cuts used to remove their internal organs. The poor cats are returned looking like a hand puppet to the areas from which they were taken in what appears to be on purpose for those who owned or knew the cat to find. This cat mutilation has been going on for about the last 30 years that has been recorded in news reports or articles found all over the world. I found all of this extremely upsetting and knew it needed to be addressed as it certainly was not going away.
I did write about it only to find many people were offended and angry at me for writing about it as well as a few paranormal sites refusing to publish my warning articles about the half cat horror.
I hated this subject and did not want to be involved in it so did as everyone else has been doing which is to ignore it or look the other way
Recently I read an article by Dr. Richard Bonenfant in which he discusses the awful continued slaughter, mutilation and return of animal emptied corpses  worldwide.  Dr. Bonenfant is well qualified as a man I would listen to concerning this serious dark subject. Dr. Bonenfant enlisted in the Army / Special Forces in 1962. Since that time he has received Bachelor Degrees in Archaeology and Psychology; a Master’s Degree in Anthropology and a Doctorate in Psychology. His work as a Research Scientist in Albany, New York, which assisted him in discovering an acute interest in exceptional experiences.
I quickly discovered by way of his writing that animal mutilations were more widespread then I had thought. It included cattle, horses, goats and basically most large farm or ranch type animal life forms. He informed me that the same mutilations found in our controlled environments of ranches and farms was being found out in the wilds where large wild beasts were also being found all over the planet This I found extremely upsetting and decided to contact Dr.  Bonnefant for an interview with me and Randy Maugans who is the host of ‘ Off Planet Radio’.
We were very fortunate to have Dr. Bonnefant agree and we were able to tape a fantastic interview with him where we were able to discuss not only what is going on but many theories to who and why it is being done.
Sadly I learned during this show that humans have slowly been added to the strange on going mutilation problem which I found extremely upsetting and why I feel it time for us all to start to investigate and demand more research concerning these horrific mutilation events.
I know after talking with Dr. Bonenfant and Randy Maugans that the opinions I use to have about this subject were most likely wrong. Since black helicopters were mentioned around many of the reports of the mutilations I quickly adapted a government is doing it opinion which quickly was washed away once I found out that reports had been found dating as far back at least to the 1800’s if not older. There were no flying machines during that time period or surgical procedures available to do what was being done in the mutilation of the animals.
I also learned by way of our conversation that there may be many different reasons for this activity to be taking place including long term case studies of some type of experiment or interference of some kind with the living animals on our planet including humans. These experiments could involve watching, creating or inserting disease into our animal kingdom or somehow manipulating our food supply for reasons  we may not be able to understand. I do know that after spending time talking to Dr. Bonenfant this subject of strange advanced style of precise mutilation and inference being done to the living creatures of this planet has been going on for at least hundreds if not thousands of years. 
We do report that it takes place but not in the manner it deserves. This is a serious issue that deserves our serious attention. We also do little to research why and who or what is doing this across the world which is a huge mistake on our part and seems to be yet another one of those big topics we love to kick under the carpet instead of dealing with head on.
I came away from our conversation thinking that not only are there more cases of mutilation going on with many more living creatures on this planet then I fully understood but also they could be being done  by more than one source and for a multitude of reasons all of which we are completely ignorant and ill informed about. It is time for that to stop and for us all to need and want to know what is really going on with this disturbing issue of worldwide mutilations.
I have placed our radio interview on this horrific and serious matter of mutilation on my blog site and hope you will understand how serious this topic is and that you need to pay more attention to it and listen to our conversation with Dr. Bonenfant to increase your insight to this growing disturbing topic. 

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