Announcing “This Is Disclosure” conference – Exopolitics Leeds 2011 in the UK

The 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo being held on 5th to 7th August, 2011 at the University of Leeds, in the city of Leeds in the UK.

The event will be over three days with Friday August 5th looking at UFOs & the Media, Saturday August 6th looking at Military Encounters with UFOs and August 7th looking at Human Encounters with Aliens.

So far one special event is scheduled for Friday evening. To attend this special event you will need to have a full 3 Day Conference Pass to gain free admission to the evening event. One and two day pass do not entitle delegates to admission to Special Events.

Exopolitics Leeds

Exopolitics Leeds was created by Anthony Beckett and the Whole Truth Coalition in 2009 to significantly raise the profile of the of Exopolitics in the UK. In 2010 David Griffin, who created the initial UK Exopolitics Initiative in 2004, requested that we cease any association with his campaign. We therefore created Exopolitics Great Britain in order to continue our advocacy work in the UK.


Exopolitics Great Britain

Exopolitics Great Britain is now the organising body for the only UFO Disclosure and Exopolitics conference in the United Kingdom – held annually in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We also work with other conferences and events in the UK in order to promote exopolitical themes and UFO disclosure.

We are planning to bring another exopolitics event to another part of the UK very shortly.

The Exopolitics Great Britain website is


This Is

The lectures and talk from the 2009 and 2010 Exopolitics Leeds events are available to view online at


Exopolitics Leeds 2011

In 2011 the 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo is sponsored by UFO MATRIX magazine. You can buy and subscribe to UFO Matrix magazine online and you will find them at the Exopolitics Leeds 2011 market.

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