Another Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRAM) in the making


OK folks – you have two main choices if you wish to find out about the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth (SRAM)


1. You can run about swallowing misleading church – based propaganda and unsubstantiated David Icke type reptilian  hogwash.

2. You can find out the provable facts about the clandestine agenda of the Church to ‘oppose’ anything that it sees as ‘unbiblical’ and read on. 


Remember Rochdale, Orkney, Notts, etc?

Do you place real significance on your freedom? If so read on now. Every freethinkers on an international basis needs to digest the following urgent news very carefully if they value their freedom of belief, speech and expression.

Powerful and well organised fundamentalists in our midst are set to destroy more innocent families and cost the country millions of pounds once again!


Back in the 1980s – 90s many innocent children were ripped away from their parents in appalling dawn raids by police and social workers and thrown into care. Families were destroyed and the whole debacle cost the taxpayer millions. Organisations such as SAFF and PAN worked tirelessly to bring sanity to the situation, via accurate data, but were roundly ignored in favour of police, media, etc gladly accepting highly biased and spurious data about occultism from trouble-making evangelical activists in high places.

Did society learn from its mistakes? Well no, it did not and it’s set to happen all over again in 2012. The very same allegedly ‘good’ Christian groups that provably started the original SRAM (and that were later discredited for their abhorrent actions) are still in existence and still pumping out their insidious, anti-Pagan propaganda today!


The following essential data is accessed from SAFF with permission (John Freedom, Mortlake, 14th August 2012)


British Government, Child Charities and the Prejudiced BBC Continue the Cover-Up That Will Kill More Kids

Well, Well, Well. By August 2012, The British Government publish their considered plan of action to cope with the epidemic of Christian Exorcism Child Abuse and poor little black kids at risk will be shaking in their shoes. The Great and The Good choose to obfuscate the issue, yet again, by blaming it on the witches! Are these cynical falsehoods consciously designed to massage the prejudices of the populace to save the child-scare industry’s tarnished reputation, or are they really as out of touch as their ignorant opinions indicate?

The Department for Education’s own press release is beset with errors and religious prejudice, for instance they state unequivocally:

Cases of adults inflicting physical violence or emotional harm on children they regard as witches or possessed by evil spirits are known across the world, almost wholly involving tiny minorities or sub-sects within major religions, as well as pagan faiths. This is a falsehood designed to placate Christian voters. The ‘tiny minorities’ of Christians who believe in exorcism are not a ‘sub-sect’ of Christianity as the DforE states. Helen Ukpabio, one of the leading figures in the persecution of alleged “witches” in West Africa, where she is a countrywide TV phenomenon with literally hundreds of thousands of followers also travels to preach in the United States to crusade camps of thousands and has many associated churches in the U.K. To suggest that this problem concerns a few David Koresh type cultists with a handful of supporters is absolutely incorrect and criminal in its implications for the protection of children. To infer, as the writer of this report has, that a belief in exorcism is not part of mainstream Christianity is a reprehensible misrepresentation of the truth.

The DforE then commits the cardinal sin of parroting the words most of the Christian pastors use to let themselves off the hook – that it is indigenous tribal pagan faiths or witchcraft which is at the root of the abuse. This is a sectarian lie, as our research on this page and elsewhere on our website, clearly shows, yet it resonates with believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse because extremist Christians seeded that myth in the minds of the populace in the 1990s precisely to disadvantage and suppress alternative religious belief. It is one thing to see sectarians fighting amongst themselves but quite another to see supposedly secular child care organisations jump on the bandwagon. Andrew Flanagan, chief executive of the NSPCC, which has had input into the DforE report is quoted as saying:

“The vast majority of people in communities where witchcraft is practised are horrified by these acts and take no part in this atrocious behaviour. So we must not be afraid to raise this issue so the offenders can be exposed.

Strident gingoism from the NSPCC, the child-care charity which ‘has never knowingly undersold a statistic’ and which backed the wrong horse when it became the leading child charity to promote the myth of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse in the 1990s. Flanagan tell us ‘we must not be afraid to raise this issue’ when the NSPCC itself is guilty of a dereliction of its duty for refusing to address the scandal of priestly child abuse in the U.K. when the SAFF brought it to its notice – see here: The NSPCC will still not engage properly with the issue of thousands of cases of child abusing clergy yet they are not so reticent when it comes to pointing the finger of accusation at witches even when there is absolutely no evidence of their involvement in child abuse!

Look again at the hypocrisy:

1989: Twenty claimed cases of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse – the NSPCC begin a countrywide panic .

1991: Tens of thousands of proven cases of priestly child abuse presented to the NSPCC – NSPCC back-peddle.

2008: Lottery funds Satan Hunters to the tune of a half a million pounds to re-invent the Satanic scare in the Black and Immigrant communities.

2012: Eighty Four Cases of Christian Child Exorcism Abuse over the past ten years. The NSPCC jump on the bandwagon, accuse witchcraft of being the cause and seize the moral high-ground by blaming everyone of being afraid to address the problem! Ironic or what?


“Andrew Flanagan, was chief executive of Scotland’s biggest media firm, STV (previously SMG), for 10 years until he resigned in 2006. He brings serious media pedigree. While at SMG, Flanagan oversaw the company’s acquisition of Virgin Radio and DJ Chris Evans’s firm, Ginger Productions, as well as adding stakes in independent radio to the SMG portfolio. He left SMG in the wake of shareholder pressure and subsequently took up the post of chair at Heritage House, a private publishing investment company. He has also worked for PA Consulting, the IT and telecoms company Nynex, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Flanagan’s progress will be watched carefully in the light of questions raised in recent years about the charity’s strategy. Last year, a report from New Philanthropy Capital argued there was no evidence that the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of child abuse, and which raised around £250m in donations, would make any real dent in child cruelty statistics. Its television adverts have also been criticised for allegedly stoking public fears about the risks posed to children.”


Are we living in some kind of bizarre world or are the people in government and child welfare charities who have grasped billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money over the years on the promise of protecting children more adept at bandwagonning scares than actually protecting kids at risk?

When reading the self-righteous sincerity of this report, about how we must all now DO something, about how we need more research into the problem and about how the government is now going to throw taxpayers’ money at a multi-disciplinary approaches involving a multitude of charities, churches, NGOs, government departments and police forces, you may be forgiven for asking why these bleeding hearts have sat on their hands for the past ten years and now jumped into the wrong boat mid-stream? The SAFF was the first NGO to highlight this problem in 2002 (see here ) and we have consistently been ahead of the Child Scare Industry since then. The Great and The Good have just as consistently ignored our research and our input. In the process children have been tortured and killed, not by witches but by CHRISTIAN EXTREMISTS.

Do you think the government’s new ‘action plan’ will actually solve this problem? No, of course it won’t! How can they solve a problem they dare not address? Much easier to just blame it on the witches and flood the child-scare industry with more cash to spend on Satan Seminars eh? No dear reader, what we have here is a cover-up. They are desperate to hide the incidence of Christian Child Exorcism Abuse. They will use any and every opportunity to re-define, excuse and exonerate black Christian pastors* and to avoid the truth they MUST accuse some imagined conspiracy of Witches instead.


Politicians: No fear, no money, no power, no job.

Child Charities: No fear, no money, no power, no job.

Therapists: No fear, no money, no power, no job.

Police: No fear, no money, no power, no job.

Academics: No fear, no money, no power, no job.

Pastors: No fear, no money, no power, no job.

Orthodox Religions: No fear, no money, no power, no job

Journalists: No fear, no money, no power, no job.


*Note: SAFF research shows that whilst many white Christians also abuse children in exorcism ceremonies (see cases on this webpage and others on this site) the major problem which has produced the vast majority of cases in the U.K. and upon which the government’s approach is pinned, lies with Black Pentecostal and Baptist based Christian churches whose literal form of collective Christian worship consistently involves the exorcism of adults and children. This webpage focuses on this problem. We do not suggest that all Black people harm their kids – exactly the reverse is true as you will see from the above, the traditional native pagan beliefs in Africa sanctify children. Almost every one of the pastor-based churches in the U.K. are offshoots of similar missionary churches in West Africa where Christian Exorcism Child Abuse is endemic. These missionary churches are set up in immigrant communities in inner-cities in Britain specifically to cater for the expectancies of Black Africans because ‘orthodox’ Christian churches here do not answer their unique social problems. Every U.K. case of ‘witch-children’ stemmed from those Black Christian churches. Those churches are predominantly if not invariably churches used by black Christians. The pastors are predominantly if not invariably Black West Africans. These terrible cases show that the pastors and parents or guardians beat and torture children ‘for their own good’. They keep on doing it to drive the devil out of the child, to save the child’s soul from evil. They TRULY believe they are doing good. This is the dichotomy for the government. To suggest that witches are killing black kids because they are evil is far less dangerous a conclusion than the real one which is that some well-intentioned Christians may begin a genuine religious process which sets them on a slippery slope to abusing children and which will inexorably lead to an escalating of vicious tortures and even the ‘accidental’ killing of children. Chasing imagined witches will not save one child but it seems the Great and The Good would rather do that than challenge a belief system that underpins one of the world’s largest religions.

More vital data accessible here:


And please also surf this important link:


Satanic Ritual Abuse is Back on the cards again….

John Freedom and Claire Ambrose expose the latest false claims…


The evolution of this most worrying turn of events is a dark stain on the society that we all dwell in. It tells us a great deal about the subconscious prejudice that resides just beneath the surface of social respectability.

Society does not need another SRAM and I would strongly urge all serious researchers and reporters to get in contact with the SAFF forthwith to access the reliable data behind the situation before fundamentalists in high places put our children at risk once again.


Do not make the usual error of failing for Church or New Age spin – too much is at stake!


We do ‘not’ need another SRAM!


Pat Regan 

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