I have just (December 2014) been informed about another unidentified flying object, which was photographed some time ago by local schoolboy Scott Harrison close to a helicopter moving near to the Woodvale RAF airbase in Merseyside, UK. 

Scott, who is the son of local Coast guard officer Paul Harrison, has only just rediscovered the photos on his iPod that he snapped of this UFO back in 2011. He told me the following. 

“I don’t know the exact date. It was summer of 2011, at about 2:30pm.  It was sunny with hardly any cloud. It was taken on Meadow Lane not far from RAF Woodvale at the time the police helicopter was based at Woodvale. I was taking a photo of the police helicopter.”

The original image shows the UFO near to a chopper over some trees. 

A closer crop reveals that this UFO appears to be silver or white coloured and roughly circular in shape.  

Scott informed me that he was unaware of the UFO at the time as he was preoccupied with photographing the helicopter. 

Above: Scott Harrison also took shots of ‘another’ UFO (2 September 2013), which I have reported on before and have added to the pages of my next UFO book. 

I make no concrete claims as to what this latest UFO actually ‘was’ and leave assumptions to the reader. 

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I sincerely thank Scott for bringing this latest UFO sighting to my attention. 


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