I have written at some length not only about my own UFO sightings near the RAF Woodvale facility at Southport, but also concerning those sent to me by other witnesses. 
Furthermore, I have also written a great deal about UFO activity corresponding to the local Southport Airshow, which usually takes place in autumn, many times. 
What follows is the most recent UFO report. 
Time and date: 2 September 2013. 11.25 am. 
Weather: dull and dry with light breeze.
A local 15 year old Woodvale schoolboy, Scott Harrison, recently sent an interesting image to me that he had taken with his ipad of two passing helicopters. 
A little later on Scott noticed that ‘another’ unidentified object was also in the frame. This cylindrical or disc-shaped UFO promoted Scott to send his photograph to me.
Above: the original image with two choppers in the frame flying away to the north east.
Above: a closer crop and another unidentified object (ringed) may be seen in the photo.  
Above: closer still. 
I make no assumption about what the identity of this UFO may or may not be and leave it up to the reader to decide. 
Meadow lane resident Scott, who lives quite close to me and is the son of local Coast guard officer Paul Harrison, stated:
“I went out to take a photo of the helicopters looking over your way from our back garden, but by the time I got the ipad ready for the photo they had flown past.  So I took the photo you have seen, then when I zoomed in I found the UFO. I did not see the UFO in the screen when I took it; it was only afterwards that I spotted it.”
It is interesting to note that this is ‘not’ the first time that helicopters along with UFO activity have been recorded close to the RAF facility at Woodvale. See the following link for details.  
‘UFO kept pace with helicopter crews over RAF Woodvale airspace in UK’
Please also checkout this link. 
‘UFO seen by local mum near to RAF Woodvale, Southport’
I can confirm that Scott is an honest and highly reliable eyewitness. He in fact on occasion works with me on a voluntary basis for a local eco-group, Woodvale Woodland
Project (WWP). 
Above: Scott Harrison, seen here on the right, with the author planting new trees for WWP. 
Above: Scott (right) also helps his coast guard father Paul at times on various maritime duties. 
It is encouraging to see that such vigilant and trustworthy eyes are watching our skies for unknown entities. This is more than we can say about the MoD now that it has shut its UFO monitoring facility. 
Did you see anything unusual? 
Pat Regan © 2013 
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