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CHINA: Massive Underground Complex, Weaponization of Space, New World Order

BREAKING NEWS: (China is hiding massive weapons arsenal in underground tunnels)

The below information was provided to Anthony F. Sanchez in June 2008, via classified data shared to him during an interview with his source TRINITY, a former senior level technical consultant on PROJECT LEONID working for Lockheed Martin Corporation at a secret facility near Moffett Field CA.

“The Chinese military, under the control of the NWO (New World Order), have completed construction in the Chengdu District of what is the mother of all underground bases; a location which possesses a maglev rail system that leads all the way to its southern coastal waters. Unlike the Dulce underground facility, which is scientific and primarily used for horrific experimentation on people, including new weapons research and development, the Chengdu underground complex is used for one purpose: strategic military staging and preparation.

Our best intelligence on Chengdu is very limited, but we know that the underground military facility and the NWO controlled Chinese government require our immediate attention. It is the NWO in China who has systematically fed the geo-political and economic flame towards an ultimate invasion against the rest of the world. What must be understood is that invasion will not be from interests in the Middle East, like you are being led to believe. The Chinese are developing stealth capabilities at a devastatingly fast rate, including advanced systems using alien technology.

If we do not pay attention, they will own our military in the same way they already own our economy. Under the USAF and DOD, a dangerous project called LEONID is under way to combat the Chinese efforts. When you know more, you will begin to understand why programs such as LEONID and places like the Dulce facility are critical to our government, but at what risk to us? We have many friends abroad including many in China who we must help and ultimately save; people who have risked their lives to defect and share critical data on NWO activities now being conducted both in China and here… within our own government.”
– TRINITY, Sr. Software Engineer, June 2008 (Technical Consultant, Project LEONID)

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