‘Apollo 18’ Aims to Open Up an Alien Conspiracy


Have you heard of this upcoming movie called Apollo 18 from The Weinstein Co. and director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego? It’s a mockumentary feature produced by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) that will be shot in the Paranormal Activity/The Last Exorcism found-footage style, purporting to depict lost recordings from Apollo 18’s mysterious mission to our lunar friend where, suffice to say, something very, very bad happened to the crew.
My assumption is it’s going to be sold to audiences much like The Fourth Kind was, as if it is 100% real as it does revolve around a very real conspiracy theory, which appears to revolve around the final Apollo mission, the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project, a joint U.S. and Russian space effort. The movie appears to be referring to it as Apollo 18 and is suggesting cancelled Apollo missions 19 and 20 actually took place.
Additionally, the film promises to use archival footage from the missions that have been online for some time including the following video, said to be footage of Apollo 20 capturing video footage of an alien spaceship on the moon prior to its landing. The craft first appears in the video below around the 3:12 mark.




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The image you see to the right, courtesy of NASA’s Apollo 15 mission, is said to be the spaceship shown in sharper detail in the alleged Apollo 20 video above.

But wait! This, of course, isn’t the end of the story. A man by the name of William Rutledge claims to have been an astronaut aboard Apollo 20 and on top of capturing the footage above says he went into the spaceship as well as found a “city” and a little something else.

Here is an excerpt from a 2007 interview with the man:

“We went inside the big spaceship, also into a triangular one. The major parts of the exploration was; it was a mother ship, very old, who crossed the universe at least milliard of years ago (1.5 estimated). There were many signs of biology inside, old remains of a vegetation in a “motor” section, special triangular rocks who emitted “tears” of a yellow liquid which has some special medical properties, and of course signs of extra solar creatures. We found remains of little bodies (10cm) living in a network of glass tubes all along the ship, but the major discovery was two bodies, one intact.
“The “City” was named on Earth and scheduled as station one, but it appeared to be a real space garbage, full of scrap, gold parts, only one construction seemed intact (we named it the Cathedral). We made shots of pieces of metal, of every part wearing calligraphy, exposed to the sun. The “City” seem to be as old as the ship, but it is a very tiny part. On the rover video, the telephotolens make the artifacts greater.
“Mona Lisa – I don’t remember who named the girl, Leonov or me – was the intact EBE. Humanoid, female, 1.65 meter. Genitalized, haired, six fingers (we guess that mathematics are based on a dozen). Function; pilot, piloting device fixed to fingers and eyes, no clothes, we had to cut two cables connected to the nose. No nostril. Leonov unfixed the eyes device (you’ll see that in the video). concretions of blood or bio liquid erupted and froze from the mouth, nose, eyes and some parts of the body. Some parts of the body were in unusual good condition, (hair) and the skin was protected by a thin transparent protection layer. As we told to mission control, condition seemed not dead not alive. We had no medical background or experience, but Leonov and I used a test, we fixed our bio equipment on the EBE, and telemetry received by surgeon (Mission Control meds) was positive. That’s another story. Some parts could be unbelievable now, I prefer tell the whole story when other videos will be online. This experience has been filmed in the LM. We found a second body, destroyed, we brought the head on board. Color of the skin was blue gray, a pastel blue. Skin had some strange details above the eyes and the front, a strap around the head, wearing no inscription. The “cockpit” was full of calligraphy and formed of long semi hexagonal tubes. She is on Earth and she is not dead, but I prefer to post other videos before telling what happened after.”

Source: www.ropeofsilicon.com/article/apollo-18


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