Publisher’s Note: This is a very interesting and disturbing story that I found on the Internet and if its allegations are true, it goes a long way to explaining why UFO sightings are rarely reported by Air Force pilots. The story quotes evidence that quite clearly points out that the traffic patterns of the World’s airforces go out of their way to avoid UFO hotspots. This proves that the governments not only know all about UFOs but where they are operating!

India Daily Technology Team – Posted Apr. 5, 2006

Is it possible that airforces of the world are deliberately avoiding UFOs by not flying through UFO hot zones?

Analysis of flight patterns of many Air Forces as documented in various public sources reveal an interesting pattern.

Somehow major Air Forces in the world avoid certain part of their territories at certain times. Computer models show interesting correlation between UFO sightings and avoidance of flights by the Air Forces in that region of the world.

What that really means is that Governments know where UFOs will operate their flight activities and these days cooperating Governments avoid flying into those regions. Interestingly commercial aircrafts fly in specific routes controlled by the countries.

The big question then is how are these UFOs contacting the Governments?

Some scientists and engineers believe the communications are taking place secretly at very special short-wavelength, high-frequency signals that occupy the electromagnetic spectrum above 190 THz in the infrared range. It is the optical wireless range that requires special devices and is normally out of reach of the public though in some countries no licensing is required.

The communication in many cases are electro-magnetically shielded and encrypted. There are researchers all around the world who are receiving such signals and are working on reverse engineering the shield as well as the encryption. It will not be long before someone comes out with complete details of these secret communication mechanisms.

It is not known if the shielding of communication is created by the extraterrestrials or by the countries involved in such communication. Very strange signals are being passed in that frequency range and are very difficult to detect.

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