“Are we alone in the Universe”? – UFO: The Search for Truth (Volume 2)


UFO: The Search for Truth by author Pat Regan asks the vital question:

“Are we alone in the Universe”?

Now at last North West UFO Research Founder, Pat Regan’s ground-breaking new book: UFO: The Search for Truth takes this single and most critical enquiry to the next phase. UFO: The Search for Truth is the book that will change the way we observe our place in the Cosmos and world history.

But what do international experts say?

“This book is no dry analysis of a quaint mystery. It’s a muscular thesis that isn’t afraid to take on the difficult issues and ask the questions that more traditional UFO researchers have avoided. Buckle up, readers, and get ready for one hell of a ride.” (World renowned UFOlogist, Nick Pope)

“Pat Regan’s own first-hand experience and his research into the MoD UFO files make his book a very authoritative read.” (Bill Birnes, UFO Hunters, UFO Magazine)

“Pat’s authoritative research into the darkest corners of the UFO phenomena cuts right to the heart of the matter and is a long overdue assessment of this complex phenomena” (Andy Russell, Top UFO Researcher)

“The field of Ufology can’t have enough books that tackle these vexing issues head-on. Pat Regan’s new book, UFO: The Search for Truth can now certainly be added to the list of those that provide new and valuable insights to those looking for the truth.” (Lloyd Pye, Starchild Project)

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Introduction by Nick Pope

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“A no-holds-barred exposé of the UFO mystery. Highly recommended.” Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence UFO Project, 1991-1994

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Release date: 2012

Latest Reviews:


Superb, well-researched book

By Mrs. Doretta A. Cocks


As an inquisitive follower of the UFO situation I was significantly attracted to this immense work, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, by Pat Regan. I was however a little cynical at first of ex- Mod Nick Pope’s (Regan’s introduction writer) initial claims i.e.”This bok is no dry analysis of a quaint mystery. It’s a muscular thesis that isn’t afraid to take on the difficult issues and ask the questions that more traditional UFO researchers have avoided. Buckle up, readers, and get ready for one hell of a ride.”

However, I have to say that Mr Pope was not only extremely honest over the content of Mr Regan’s extensive UFO volume but also possibly too succinct in what he said. Pat Regan has clearly researched an especially complicated subject at great length. He has brought together many complex threads of data that were previously diverse and made sense of much of what we are told (and not told) by the authorities, etc. I have read and reread this work numerous times and consider it to be a most thought-provoking and accurate study on the UFO phenomenon currently available. I am certain however that the book will attract the usual lonely little cranks, trolls and materialistic dissenters, yet this is the price one pays for such sincere accuracy. Mr Regan is nevertheless not one to pull punches in this book. He is always quick to discredit any report that has been found out to false or mistaken in anyway. It is this inherent precision based on grass-root research that makes `UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH’ stand out from the crowd. It is a captivating and absolute 100% `must’ for the book shelves of any serious UFO analyst or simply anyone curious who wants a legitimate viewpoint on this greatly misunderstood subject. Yes, with hindsight – Mr Pope had it right, UFO: THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH is “one hell of a ride”!

Read it if you dare!

By A. Birchall

Pat is one of those all too rare creatures: someone who dares to think the unthinkable and to challenge and question the authorities! The result is a book on one of the most controversial of subjects that is written in a factual, down-to-earth style that makes it easy to understand as the same time as the information he has uncovered makes it challenging and really thought-provoking. Warning!! If you are the sort of person who prefers to mock and talk of little green men in their flying saucers, then don’t read this book – it may take you right out of your cosy comfort zone!!

A must read

By vic

I found Mr Regan’s book “The search for truth” a very informative read. The book is not overhyped, seems to be well researched, provides great insights and invites us to think deeply on this ever present subject. His book poses and answers some great questions, but leaves you wanting more. With his own experience and research Mr Regan has put together a great book. A must read

V Harrop

UFO – The Search for Truth: 2

By Mrs. Theresa M. Barnett

Having read Pat Regan’s earlier publication “Dirty Politics”, I just knew that “UFO, The Search for Truth”, would be just as well researched and an equally good read. I wasn’t disappointed. This book has encouraged me to be more observant of our skies and ask questions myself. Pat Regan still has questions that remain unanswered, and like him, I too would like to know the truth.



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