Armageddon Now!


by Pat Regan


The grey suits, those esteemed political and religious leaders, that we inadvertently elect into power are threatening the very existence of humanity and the whole planet itself. They are the harbingers of Armageddon!

The time will come when the common person in the street will be forced to rise up against the tide of tyrannical officialdom. Why? Well let’s break the situation down into layman’s terms.

 The western powered grey suits are getting more panicky by the day about potential development and utilisation of nuclear weapons by Iran.  Sanctions are apparently being imposed as I write against the grey suits of the Iranian banking system. The UK is cutting links with Iran’s bankers over nuclear fears. You have to laugh at the hypocrisy of this particular Laurel and Hardy – type sanction when we recall that the UK’s corrupt banks alone have recently been forced to pay their customers back billions in missold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). OK granted – perhaps not quite the same thing here, but someone had to accentuate the double standards involved and I have yet to hear of any UK bank boss being thrown into prison due to the above fiasco!

Right, so basically we have the self-satisfied myth mongers of two great locations scaring each other to death.

One (the West) bases all of its historically indoctrinated fears on the assumption that its godhead, ‘Jesus Christ’, is the only way the truth and the light. The other uses similar fairy tales concerning its mythical ‘Allah’ figure. Each group of grey suits alleges the other to be the ‘Great Satan’. This is quite comical as the figure of Satan is in reality the ONLY innocent character in all this heated exchange. In essence we have two anxious gangs wanting to tear each other apart and potentially they WILL take the rest of the planet with them. First the name calling, then the official sanctions followed by military intervention. Then what?

Why, one may understandably ask, are a few nukes of any consequence anyway that may be held by the Iranians when the powerful West could blast  back thousands of the same in the event any pre-emptive strike by Iran? Well folks, the answers to that are simply laid out when we consider that the influential grey suits in Russia and China have made a good friend of Iran over recent years. Massive sums of cash are now at stake and the name of the game is gas and oil import profits. The leaders and their trained lap-dog minions are painfully aware that they need to keep their greedy pockets lined with black gold and they are content to destroy millions of innocent people if their powerbases of fat cat profits are seen to be at risk.

Russian and Chinese grey suits do ‘not’ want the West poking its nose their lucrative arrangements with Iran as too much cash is on the table. Consequently, any potential strike or invasion by the West on Iran could potentially bring in the bigger guns from the Chinese and Russian powers.

And what would be the result?   END OF THE GAME in the horrendous form of WORLD WAR 111 for the rest of us.

Our very existence is therefore being compromised by the so-called leaders that we placed is power to protect us.

Whilst we go about our daily business the elected grey-suits are playing at being God. Their fingers are on the buttons of mass destruction against what they perceive to be the Great Satan.  The truth most certainly resides in the opposite in this particular instance. The self-righteous grey-suited followers of Christ and Allah are making decisions that will ultimately DESTROY ALL LIFE ON EARTH and they have the audacity to point their fingers at each other claiming to be champions of the greater good against evil. What total poppycock! They are the smiling, well-respected evil doers in positions of ultimate power that will eventually invite Armageddon. They are the Frankenstein monster that we naively created for all the right reasons, but without properly understanding the awful ramifications!

In some rather disconcerting instances the more pious of our leaders actually ‘invite’ Armageddon and see it as totally inevitable.

This is because they follow the biblical belief that the so-called ‘Second Coming’ requires a great End-of-time battle between great nations in order for their Messiah figure to cast Satan into a bottomless pit.

So – NO ARMAGEDDON EQUATES WITH NO RETURN VISIT FROM THEIR EXPECTED SAVIOUR and they simply cannot tolerate that they may ‘just’ have it all totally wrong. In fact they are utterly wrong on all counts!

Of course the same type of fervent end-of-time approach is also seen in the Islamic faith.  Both committed Christians and followers of Islam assume that anyone who disagrees with their one-sided system of unquestioning religious conviction must be on Satan’s employee list. Therefore, logical debate is quite pointless in the face of this type of radical extremism. One may even invite the Salman Rushdie treatment if too critical of course and end up with a ‘fatwa’ being issued upon your head.

Nevertheless, the ramifications of such religious fanaticism in the hands of the power brokers should rightly send alarm bells into the ears of the rest of us!

They now have much too much authority and this very power will be the death of us all. We have inadvertently given them the permission to act in what ‘they’ allege to be our best interests. We have given them the power to annihilate us all in their quest for cash, oil and religious dominance over others! 

This is not freedom or even proper democracy – it is totalitarianism of a most clandestine and perilous fashion. Dr Strangelove was fantasy – this is reality

The old despotic might of the bishops and barons, that once drove thousand of trusting rustic slave labourers to their deaths on medieval battlefields, is still with us. Yet today the stakes are much higher.  The danger lies not now in any spear or sword thrust but in TOTAL NUCLEAR DEVASTATION OF OUR HOME, MOTHER EARTH, via serial nuclear explosions and the ensuing toxin aftermath of such man-made insanity.

The very same human fears and psychosis displayed by the bygone bishops and barons are still in place, with characteristic cries of doing it all for Jesus or Allah (i.e. murdering our fellow inhabitants of Mother Earth). Satan is always the ‘other’ guy and no amount of looking in the mirror will ever change that!

The suicidal ‘US AGAINST THEM’ mindset that our scheming leaders have instilled within our psyches is an incredibly simple, but oh so shrewd, control mechanism that must the cut from our minds and eradicated; if we are ever to successfully evolve as a species.

We are all individuals within one large family – this family is called mankind. Mankind must be protected from the madness of the religious fanatics in grey suits.

Salvation for our species will not EVER be achieved by devoutly trolling through the dated, synthetic pages of worn out holy books of the pious Christian, Jew or Muslim. Deliverance will not be accessed within the man-made confines of any church, synagogue or mosque.

The same hate and mistrust against others, held to be based on holy writ by these indoctrinated groups, remains stronger than ever today.  No, nothing advantageous was ever learned by the followers of these totalitarian credos since the early crusades, so why should the rest of mankind expect such adherents to behave properly today?

Why should we trust these zealots and their half-baked religious beliefs with the noble evolution of our species and the guardianship of our wonderful planet?

Mother Earth demands that her children should grow up on the spiritual level and stop placing their home at such dire risk.

The stark alternative is Armageddon, invited by religiously-influenced fanatics in places of power!


Pat Regan © 2011




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