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It started with an idea – European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) wanted to use their atom smasher to make mini-black holes to study Hawking Radiation.

The idea took off in different parts of the world and scientists are in the process of creating artificial blackholes. These are tiny ones with little power to absorb anything spectacular but never the less they are blackholes created the same way a real one is created through the supernova of big stars.

Scientists in different parts of the world are experimenting with the blackhole singularities. Many are reporting strange results. According to some contemporary science think tanks, these are early versions wormholes. They look like wormholes, they act like wormholes – they are wormholes. The only constraint is the fact they are so minute and so little can they absorb.

Scientists are busy studying the effects of manipulating constraints and applying artificial energy to keep the wormholes open. The fact that these wormholes exist such a short time, it makes very difficult to study anything.

Scientists are using computer models and algorithms to move forward in creating the simulation for bending space and time. The artificial mini blackholes (these are really tiny wormholes) are providing data that is fed to the computer model to study the behavior of the points of singularity in the blackhole.

The next step is to ask the computer model to simulate the bending of space and time. For that something has to enter the wormhole and survive to see the effects of bending space and time.

Things are at very early stage. Nevertheless science and technology is not sitting idle. Sooner or later we will create the wormholes as entry to tunnels with another wormhole on the other side.

The amount of energy needed for that will be solid challenge. The larger the wormhole, larger wills the energy required.

We are looking at experiments that will be remembered after twenty or thirty years as remarkable achievements of the human civilization – breaking out from the physical universe to higher dimensions of parallel universes and exposing ourselves to higher order alien civilization thriving there.

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