Ascension Blitz of 2012 An Education On Human Caring


Ascension Blitz, A wave, the breath of God shall come over us from a place in the Omniverse that we are not consciously aware of for those who have made the choice to participate and believe. 
The Ascension Blitz is to be felt most commonly among all on and about the date of December 21, 2012 to last until midnight on December 26, 2012. A complete five-day rotation of the sunspots and possible natural waves and expectations.
I personally feel that those of us who are the survivors of this awareness blitz should all be conscious of each other’s presence in order to share in the delight of the future in 2013. It should be a breakfast of champions raising awareness sunny side up. No more of this fear to deal with the illusion of this reality, which we have created.
I see the future as a way to delight in what nature’s God has made for the all to share. I see life like a palette of colors, we as artists are to use what nature, and God/Goddess has provided for us.
We each have our own world, which we create, and sometimes, there is something that comes over us in a wave that is not expected. I am still learning about the outer forces that can instill that dark place of the unknown in the xenoverse that can create dreaded fear and I do not want to go there myself. I have a feeling we will all be feeling a change. 
I had to take my husband of earth and companion in space to the emergency room at the hospital. He was in severe pain with a headache and his blood pressure was 220/120, 214/113, and stayed there. He was throwing up and he himself never did drugs or does not drink. We are wondering about what causes this since he is only 127 pounds and alert and as a profession a writer. It was not easy to watch others in pain, I tried to assist those with their wheel chairs, and one woman crying whom I was able to get her mind off her pain, and she quit sobbing. I have never been one to be able to share pain and empathy is a friend of mine.
The reality of all of this pain and illness was overwhelming. I literally was being called to another dimension and part of me wanted to escape my dread of being in this location. My largest concern was for my own spouse. Of course, thoughts of losing his company on earth did approach my inner mind, and I realized how vulnerable I was to this world and being alone. I knew then that I should not be concerned or in fear so I of course addressed those above.
Those above being in various layers of our seven heavens. There are those who I work with as the immediate guides and lightworkers here one earth and in the Akashic Field who desire to spread love and light to all who are presently living on planet earth. We create the ozone layer in a manner of speaking to protect this planet and to keep our good vapors for life inside such as oxygen. I of course address the most high with respect as our dear heavenly father and mother who are above and beyond the supreme beings and council.
Then there are the layers above in space. Those who command this universe with the Galactic Federation much like that which we grew up with knowledge of that we thought was fiction from Gene Roddenberry’s mind. I listed some links to research for fun and knowledge.
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The various levels of supreme more intelligent beings that truly exist are a comfort to me. ex?
This is all I have in times of illness of others and sadness as most lowly humanoid types on earth.
 I wanted to flee where I was though had to wait with my spouse over 3 hours to see our friend called the doctor.


(A note on what some can expect from those we trust as care givers like doctors and nurses not all but some who should be more caring.)
The doctor was not in the room and Tom began throwing up. I asked the nurse who was in the room having me sign papers to help him. She instead ran out of the room. I of course went to assist my husband. Mind you we have insurance and should have expected better assistance. This is not at all what should happen. The woman should have run to him to assist not away! This energy was inside of me and although my sister is a nurse, I wanted to address that some we will expect to be something that they are not and that is caring.
Tom had a brain scan in X-ray and received three shots. He was told all looked well and that he could go home. I drove him home leaving the pain of others behind us. Tom came home and went to bed, as did I. We will begin him on blood pressure meds, which he is to double today and hope it will help.
My point here is that even though we may think we are special while on earth in the positive way sometimes, this can seem so fleeting in times of hardship and healing. I have been ill and wondered if I would heal and get better before I died once again. I know that life is to be uplifting at all times and we are to focus on ascension and rising of not just our spirit but also others.
Therefore, this part of life, which we share in words, is what assist me personally with this driving force we call essence and energy. I am asking if you also feel as I do. I realize that with all the power we are given to muster inside these vessels as our true spirit and essence that we are still encased inside a physical body and mind that needs to be cared for while here until alas the vessel can no longer support us. We are driven out for whatever reasons be it cancer or old age.
Is there a way, that Hospice and Moralizing our Human Support of others during this time should be a part of our paranormal world?
I believe there is a way we can offer some type of solace to others during this time of transition. I shall not fear as I walk in the valley of death and I shall fear no evil. I shall walk in the love and light of that which was given us as the positive which I can only address in words as an inner feeling that harbors the good inside my mind and spirit that desires to return back to my soul.
I believe our soul lies elsewhere and that it is out there in another space and in what we call another time. I believe that we should use our faith, hope, and charity of life here and in other places and spaces to drive our inner and outer force back home to our soul where we take our present memories of what we learned while here on earth. I would like to know what keeps your inner self as essence driven on earth in hard times of healing and of sharing life with others.
There has to be a way we can begin sharing our own humanity with others in the form of human consciousness. I was reading in a Spirituality and Health Magazine or one of my Science and Knowledge Magazines that by the time we think a thought in our conscious that it was already created in our subconscious and that there are scientists and neurologists addressing the future or what makes us human and thinkers.
I would love to have you address that which is about all of us while we are in human form from a reality place inside you. You have a talent for words and sharing them in a pleasant way. I read an article in UFO Magazine that I truly wanted to follow and get into about Richard Dolan and it appeared to be a difficult read for me. I got the feeling inside that the author was trying to impress a high level of understanding but his style was not addressed to the common folk like me.
Some academics with Ph.D. level educations are intelligent I agree but some of their articles seem hard to follow. It appears to me that the spirit is not talking but the head. I do not want to be like that and sometimes, I do get in a space that is hard to follow and I know this. So, with all of this brainstorming shared from a moment in time would you have time to catch this thread with many variations on a theme of life’s unfortunate times and create a fortune of opportunities with these comments?
One item is fear while the other is illness. Then there is the one of writing articles to another’s headspace instead of the heart space. I am one who just writes and probably should move out of the way and allow those above who are much better at using my vessel or in other words, let go and let God. We all learn from each other, and I am sure that the future is all about us raising awareness of each other and nature shall take care as always. 
God’s speed in the church which we have created on earth in this space we call the Internet and on the website UFO Digest. A home away from home for the spirits that are passing through life to learn what life on earth has to offer. This is an email of concern and not fear for not just spouse, self, and others but for the future of all that exists in all levels and dimensions. I feel my mission on earth is to endure to the end and to raise awareness that we shall all be creators of our own future together in 2013 and beyond. Yes, we are changing, life is changing, and the planet is changing.
Words are something of a comfort when used in the right context and for the right reasons. Maybe the fact that there are so many mysteries of the beyond of 2012 is what we should all begin focusing on. 
December 21, 2012 Ascension Age
Global Population
Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology
Self & Synergy Support of Humankind
Cosmology, God/Goddess Connection,
Mysticism, Shamanism, Folklife
I received the Quest for Hollow Earth yesterday in the mail from where I ordered the book by Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg on line. This was a convenience for me and I am sure that in the future of 2013 we shall continue to look for conveniences that we can create for the entire global population. We shall raise our conscious awareness and become social entrepreneurs. We shall share in life beyond that which we have experienced prior on earth. We will all welcome those who can trade their time and energy for that which we ourselves cannot produce from one continent to the other. This is the international trade that we have all come to appreciate in making products offering an easier lifestyle.
However, we will be more aware of the alternative lifestyles in medicine and in homeopathy. We shall desire to grow things that are free of chemicals, which we are now learning are harmful, and have carcinogenic agents in them. The Food and drug administration of the United States will come to terms with other continental Food and Drug Administrations such as Korea, China, Australia, Africa, U.K., The countries on each continent will ban together their allegiance to support of protection of harmful agents among their own population.
Each continent will take an interest in their own human social and educational development to offer service for the commonwealth to become whole and to offer competition in the universal order and globalization of all trade on the planet. We shall offer each being on earth a fair days wage for their time, which will be recognized globally as that which will serve the most for the best work and thought production.
We will allow our young to be cared for and the right to think form the age of two as freewill and free choice is developed up to the age of 25 when the mind will be more fully developed to complete the course of assisting in the modernization of the future for all.
26 years will then be the age for bot male and female to begin their family if they so choose and coming of age into society that was in the past acknowledged as 18 although 18 will still be the age of awareness of the twelve levels of education as that which in the past was considered common years of education. By age 18, the children will have had 16 years of training from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school as the first level educations. Secondary education shall be expected to include, 2 years junior college for the basic associate degree into choosing a profession of specialization for a 4 year as a bachelor degree. A masters degree to teach and instruct in a certain field at university level is still expected to be the normal for all universities with the doctor of philosophy as the Ph.d. as the level of expert awareness being a doctor of philosophy in a specific field. This will be what is still considered the globalization process of education between the age of 30 and 32 for both male and female if on the common general schedule. Age 36 is still the common age of higher risk child bearing age and women are encouraged to have children prior to the age of 36 although some will still choose up to age 40. The age of 60 should be reserved for those of the third generation as grandparents, with 80 through 100 as fourth generation while on earth being seen as one of life’s many joys and purpose as procreators with progeny to follow other humanoid creations to earth. 
We are tracing our roots beyond that of the recorded times through the Book of Enoch who was mentioned in some Masonic degrees of the Free Masons and traced back to Knights Templar by  authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas both masons. It is known that The Templars found sacred texts along with certain treasures also described with  the Copper Scroll of Qumran that accompany that which is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
We can enjoy sacred secrets of our past that was recorded in the scrolls. Also in various Templar Codes today in the Temples and Cathedrals of our ancestors. We shall soon learn more to be yet discovered that was kept for us to find as clues and treasures in this lifetime.
Be prepared to search and research which is a part of our core makeup that is hardwired into our very DNA sequencing of events yet to be made aware in our critical mass psyche of our globalization population of the entire sentient intelligent being species on earth.
There are more beings we can expect to unearth with new findings of truth. TJ

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