Astronaut ETs, Both Males and Females In Space (Heaven) – CLUE 7

WE are all astronauts, ET’s, both male and female in space that some still regard as heaven which is Clue 7…


We are already in space and in heaven.  We shall learn to understand this from an outside ET point of view.


Consider the source of all is obtainable in the WE of the All as the Omni.

There is a place in space or heaven where all our needs that are natural can and will be met, if we make it that far. We are all going to learn to adapt and overcome life with the truth that we create in the river of life and the road less traveled to earth. We are all on a spiritual journey that involves the God given talents to improve upon our soul’s eternal existence. Explanations will be forthcoming in ways that have been shared during different times passed.

The energy flow is the same yet the vocabulary, knowledge, and consciousness is changing constantly. Remember the one constant in the universe is change due to the metaverse, inside the xenoverse of the unknown into the Omniverse of the “ALL that is expanding infinity”. Consciousness expands as our awareness expands of our “ALL” that we treat as the world “GOD”/ We are said to be the epitome of those who came before as God and Goddess and we were created in their likeness both male and female created he them. 

 One first learns of their own needs from the time they are born as babies to cry for assistance when in need. We stay that way while on this planet in one way or another as adults. The future vocabulary is the key to humanity to communicate on earth and in space. We must learn to share our knowledge and raise conscious awareness of all…

We as an intelligent being species are one of billions, trillions, quadrillions, and what we on earth regard in space as infinity meaning never ending. We are a part of the never-ending story, which goes forever. We are a part of the ancient astronauts; extraterrestrials, (ET’s), aliens, and we need to realize we are already a part of heaven in space. 

We now all as a collective intelligent consciousness can realize we are traveling on an orb that is traveling through space based on our knowledge of all those who have come before. Whether we believe that, we are equal or not do not change the laws of nature on earth. We are all the same and yet different as this is a rule of the law of nature that is the God in all of us. The power of the positive flow if that inside the eternal spark we call God or the Force in the spirit voice inside us all as conscience above and below. There is also the negative flow that is the outside or casing that is the flesh, sinew, bones, of the weaker that we call the earthy part of humankind that, we regard as ashes and dust. When the flesh is weak, the spirit is willing.

We may thank all the ancient astronauts, NASA astronauts; the ET is who operates the spacecraft, also known as flying saucers and UFOS.

Our world is shifting in awareness, which is raising the entire critical mass consciousness. This is a part of why we are all here together as one intelligent being species. To participate in raising our humankind’s awareness, conscious, and spirit about whom we are and what we can accomplish together with the power of our collective energy.

We are all about the master’s method for learning to help ourselves. As many who are believers might regard as a typical saying for all beings, “God helps those who help themselves.”

There are many on earth who are still not convinced there are superiors as supreme beings in space. Some of this may be because they have not experienced these supreme beings first hand in their own conscious wakened estate. There are many who are alive and well on planet earth and are aware of that part of being human is the God given right to think and have a conscious causing freewill of the spirit.

We have in the past spoken of all that humankind can experience including torture and pain that is close to death and the human intelligent being does not have to give up the freewill of who they are and how they think and act.

Some beings on earth who have in the past been involved with others were a part of prior government experiments and surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance. There are some in the last century on earth of which we called the cold war who were subjected to mind altering drugs and brainwashing. The governments learned many things about the human mind and that the mind could be altered and changed to have one human being become another being completely. We used this during the past in times that we thought that our national security depended on changing certain beings into becoming another being. This is not news to the outside world of those who worked outside of certain government circles in science.

We have done many things on earth. There are many who worked for government who believed that those who performed certain scientific experiments were to benefit their countries and their collective government’s control. Those above very well know these types of situations of our past on earth. They are no longer needed on earth.

The governments of earth who desire to become super powers will need to maintain order on earth in all countries and people working together.

We will now in the 21st century on earth learn more about ourselves as a collective intelligent being species.

This is so that we can better learn to protect our kind not just on earth but also in space where the future lies for all of our future progeny.

Please understand that the present design for our freewill on earth is provided to every being that is entrusted with a body-mind-spirit unit/vessel on earth. This includes all those who are employed by all governments around the world.

All those who have been put in powerful positions in the past over all manmade religions and that include, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and all the other religions that we are aware of as religions around the world also understand this.

The future is not about destroying what has become a part of our world’s works in art, culture, education, science, technology, and religions of those of our past who came to earth. The future is about embracing that which our ancestor’s believed to be the truth during their time on earth and consider all of these topics a part of the learning curve for all of us in space.

We can learn to embrace all the past as part of our heritage in folk culture.

We were not born into metropolitan and rural lifestyles on earth. We were born to experience life as it comes no matter where we with our own body-mind-spirits may go and grow.

We will learn all of the questions we have on earth when we pass beyond this level of being on this planet in this place in space and in this dimension and plane of existence.

We are all traveling on the same planet in this solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy, among billions, that are in the Universe.

We are all a part of a greater plan that always has superiors who are interested in the powerful ways we can change our lives for the better.

We are allowed to learn all we can while we are here to better ourselves not only on this playing field of life but in the next one to follow.

There are various levels of being that have not been explored by the majority of our ancestor’s who came to earth. Frankly, only a few were chosen in the past or were found worthy of knowing and experiencing more of the other planes and dimensions in space.

We have finally reached a level of understanding a primitive way of sending astronauts in space in the last century. There will be more countries desiring to put others in space as what we now term as astronauts.

It is being explored in the civilian communities on earth to share the expenses around the world. Work in space is the future. Presently we share contracts for various governments who employ the best engineers, scientists, physicists, and others as employees and contractors.

The United Nations until a better suitable alliance can be created in the future tends to set the model for working together around the planet we call earth.

In the past we learned from our ancestor’s that politics and religions one earth were controlled by the most powerful beings usually being the richest families based on past dealings with those that could be taken advantage of in the lower classes of beings one earth.

The corporations in America became so powerful that they too learned to control the fears and guilts of the elected officials with money.

Money has been said to be the root of all-evil in the world as once great spiritual leader of the Christian faith was said to say, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. We can share belief systems as faith and religion around the world. This is one way to share what we believe to be the truth of our ancestor’s past dealings with the supreme beings above.

There are many on earth that once the past religions or sciences are brought up they will ignore the information and communication being shared. De Voluntate Juvenum. It is better to satisfy and excite any natural curiosity of our children on earth.

The eternal way in space or what some regard as heaven is to leave to every child the simplest way as in Occam’s razor way of science.

Thesis and the opposite is to be taught to all and allow the child to make his/her own decisions in space based on their own judgment and good sense based on their own experiences,

Sow reference to the great “UNKNOWN of the I AM” for he/she may be greater than thou at the soul level which lies beyond the body-mind-spirit experience one earth as it is in heaven.

Even pure reason at a certain time in one’s life can later be found out to be false. This is a part of the truth as one find’s it to be at a certain particular point in time, space, place, plane, and dimension. This is the new fifth dimension way of being and thinking, De Modo Disputandi.

The power of thought and its practice to think will increase the spirit and the mind of an individual. This increases knowledge and the will to think about the interest in knowledge of the human soul while on earth in body-mind-spirit form in the earth plane and the space-time and dimensions.

It is time to not only think about two and three-dimensional thinking and being but that of fourth and fifth dimensions. We must learn to accept that there is more that has not been explored and shared by our best minds as scientists and philosophers on earth.

In the world of Academia, which has been created on earth by human’s prior to our arrival in the 21st century, there was honor created among those in the third dimensional world that was created to follow as a model or pattern.

In heaven (Space) it is important to consider the desires and the will of the choices of the child before being sent through time and space in the plane and dimensions that we now regard as home on earth. De Voluntate  Juvenis  Cognoscenda. All of this has been done before and accepted as the way that works best in space among our superior spiritual leaders.

There are free spirits that cannot travel all the roads on the journey of the spirit on earth. There are just too many to choose. Therefore, we are all sent in our independent states to experience that which we can as the whole of the law with our freewill. Causality remains a part of the root of the soul to be bargained with in what we call space and time while here on earth.

Our knowledge is still based on model of the like and unlike as comparison while here in space and in time on earth. The Empery of the universe is to take that which is God the power of the spirit and place it in the human form, which is dust, and incorporate the two into existence. This is the existence of magic in space, which the future of humankind will be able to understand in the future of all souls who choose to pursue the Tree of Knowledge in the Game of Life. There is also the Tree of Life which makes the universal travel a part of the future in the Metaverse, which is a part of the Xenoverse, which is teaching of the unknown, that is part of the Omniverse which is a part of the all which is the creation of opposites in the entire “ALL of the FORCE” we on earth refer to as “GOD”. 

All truth as we come to accept it on earth at one time was quite possible, only a story, myth, legend, or allegory based on the past logic and reasoning of others who came before and used the comparisons of like and dislike or unlike and created groups of like and unlike. This created the variables that created our number systems that we used on earth to observe the stars and planets in space to compare with our seasons and time on earth.

Whether male or female the body-mind-spirit in heaven as space is allowed the same honors for the body-mind-spirit direction to earth to acquire the experiences and knowledge. The intellect and knowledge along with the character and demeanor is all a part of the arts and sciences presently compared to in the category of groups of the like and unlike, as well as, dislikes in this world of comparisons. There is the dark and light as comparisons to the positive and negative aspects since we are all embraced in the natural laws of nature that were placed here that include magnetism and repelling. 

The future in space will be about learning about the opposites and the equals that require force and repelling along with the magnetism that enhances the small and large gravitations pulls in the universe.

These forces must grow to include those of the metaverse, and the xenoverse as parts of the all or the whole of that which we desire to obtain knowledge of as the all or the Omniverse.

As H.G. Wells pointed out a gap in the mind can be caused by a gap in your vocabulary. This is what is regarded as serene justice being that one lacks the corresponding idea. We all must learn of the great power inside the mind to change all our lives for the better with vocabulary and spelling to be  used in the future of communication of all species, specially those of the intelligent being species with a meeting of the minds in space that we regard as heaven on earth.

The reason of lack of intelligence and comparisons on earth with words and vocabulary are what has brought forth many in the languages of art magic as “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law.” This was a way for many of those who understood that at the time there were (are) only five percent (5%) who can understand and repeat knowledge intelligibly on earth.

The future students of earth will be changed as an inkling and a twinkling of the eye due to the open source internet usage which is to be found safe for our children on earth in the future for education and sharing knowledge for guiding the child who comes to earth in our stead. Long live the God in all of us on earth as it is in space (heaven).

No more clues for awhile until those who desire to find heaven begin sharing the game of life with the all in the we of the omni. We are sharing the communication skills of the various levels offered in space (heaven). There are many levels of consciousness in lives on earth at present. TJ

Kings and Queens are we that want to be!

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