“Bird’s Eye View”
a film by Cybela Clare
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Writer / Director Cybela Clare has spent over fifteen years researching various facets of the mysterious phenomena of UFOs and alien abductions. (It has been widely alleged that on a global scale there are literally millions of abductions every year, of innocent citizens, with physical evidence such as radiation burns, implants, etc.) Clare has compared these abductions of humans by a technologically advanced species, to our inhumane use and abuse of less advanced species (animals) on our own planet.

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Finally the truth comes out, a reality too shocking to handle! Revealing a centuries-old secret can be a killer! Mankind is the guinea pig for advanced, intelligent life, but have we brought it on ourselves?

Bird’s Eye View blows the lid off of a huge government cover-up: we are the guinea pigs in a cosmic chess game, and the victims on our own planet of the lies of our leaders!

Armed with shocking footage donated by Greenpeace, PETA, In Defense of Animals, and other animal rights and environmental groups, Clare makes a compelling case for the need for drastic change in our treatment of other species on our planet; the need for awareness, empathy and compassion.

Bird’s Eye View’s theme of secret government manipulation of the masses, and an “end of the world” scenario, is reversed mid-stream with the eventual manipulation of the government by a single individual, in order to save the planet.

Clare presents a “fable” interspersed with a reality far more shocking than the fiction she has created.

Shooting scenes in Greece, Brazil, South Africa, Guam, and throughout the United States, Clare has attempted to visually illustrate the global scope of the pervasive but highly secret extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

Bird’s Eye View tells a compelling story through humor and mystery, unique characters, thought-provoking dialogue, and non-stop plot twists, up to its surprising finale.

With exquisite cinematography, exotic locations, unusual FX, and an unforgettable haunting orchestral musical score, Bird’s Eye View rivets the audience’s attention and curiosity.

Within this context are sound bytes from real people: experts, eyewitnesses, and experiencers of a phenomenon covered up for over six decades, bringing a new awareness to many viewers, of a shocking reality far beyond the scope of their imagination.

Bird’s Eye View is complex, a fiction film containing within its framework an explosive documentary made by the main character Cleo. A dark truth hides beneath the glistening surface of a perpetual smile, a happy face concealing the mystery of a secret past.

Puzzled by the bizarre, untimely death of her exotic pet, Cleo embarks on a journey of discovery where research will shatter her view of reality, and herself. Cleo’s documentary, (a film within the film) seen in the intermittent sound-bites throughout the story, contains interviews with real witnesses, along with real evidence, exposing a government cover-up of cosmic proportions, perpetuated not only on the American people, but also throughout the world.

The movie has been shot on six continents, including several highly unusual, almost inaccessible locations, never before seen in any film. The beautiful, exotic cinematography creates a magnificent backdrop for the dramatic expose of decades of lies by the United States government, systematically discrediting all witness and victims of a phenomenon they prefer to deny.

NASA consultant Richard C. Hoagland, award-winning Investigative journalist Jim Marrs, retired military commanders and intelligence officers, and ordinary witnesses and abductees, all attest to the fact that for decades the American government has systematically suppressed the truth about extraterrestrial visitors to our planet and their own complicity in alien abductions of innocent citizens.

The many years dedicated to creating Bird’s Eye View were devoted to research, the documentary interviews, and also, creating the complex fictional comedy/mystery/fable, a parable of good and evil, a satirical morality play, which gives the expose an ethical context, while simultaneously bringing a vast, uncharted subject down to a very heartfelt and personal level.

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