Book Review of Mathew Vadum’s Subversion, Inc.

by Redbaiter 

“A riveting journey through the tangled web of ACORN … This is one of the most comprehensive compilations of evidence against ACORN available.” -Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa)

“A well-researched, irresistibly written book that every American should read. The criminal enterprise called ‘ACORN’ is the largest, most elusive, and most dangerous radical organization in America. If you are wondering about the operations and influence of a vast left-wing conspiracy, this is it, with tentacles that reach right into the heart of the Obama White House.” – David Horowitz, author of New York Times bestseller The Shadow Party

“I dare anyone to defend ACORN, and its radicals, after reading this book.” – Hannah Giles, Investigative Journalist

“It’s dynamite with a short fuse.” – G. Gordon Liddy, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host?

“Through his careful research, Matthew Vadum shined a light that exposed ACORN’s corruption. For months I fought to cut off the flow of tax dollars to ACORN. In Subversion Inc. Vadum warns that despite the defunding of ACORN, the group has only feigned death.” – Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota)

Do you ever get the feeling America’s mounting problems are too grave to have happened by accident? You’re far from alone. America is under siege as radicals determined to pulverize the U.S. Constitution deliberately bankrupt the nation, destroy the electoral system, and drive the economy into the ground.

How do you destroy a great nation? Sap its citizens’ self-respect and encourage civil unrest. It’s no coincidence that the welfare rolls are exploding everywhere and there’s no end in sight. An appalling 1 in 7 Americans now receives food stamps and there are 70 bloated federal welfare programs. The failed War on Poverty that started in President Lyndon Johnson’s time has cost taxpayers a staggering $16 trillion – and President Obama, who killed the welfare reforms of the 1990s, wants to spend $10 trillion more! To help distribute the wealth even more, radicals handcuffed banks and forced them to give mortgages to people on welfare who had no chance of paying it back. This isn’t so-called social justice: it’s slow-motion national suicide.

Matthew Vadum with G. Gordon Liddy. A reception in Georgetown to celebrate Radio America signing Roger Hedgecock, February 25, 2009. Photo courtesy of Robert Stacy McCain

How did a country with a respect for economic freedoms unparalleled in all of history ever get to this point? Marxist professors and agitators Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven spent their lives trying to destroy “the system” -American capitalism and democracy– in order to drag the country kicking and screaming into a socialist nightmare. They thought that if Americans could be strong-armed into going on welfare in large numbers radical change would surely follow. Liberals worked hand-in-hand with Communists and other extremists to undermine the American system by giving activists taxpayer money to bring it down.

Come again? Even now most Americans don’t realize that their taxes subsidize radical activist armies like those created by the late “professional radical” Saul Alinsky. These revolutionary organizations flourished and became a permanent force to be reckoned with on the nation’s political landscape. They’re still on the scene today.

The author of this book is Mathew Vadum and he is my cousin and a very good writer. So buy his book from Amazon.Com by clicking on the book’s title: Subversion, Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers .

The most important of them is the notorious ACORN – Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – a Cloward-Piven spinoff. With Enron-style accounting practices and an elaborate corporate structure that puts international money launderers to shame, ACORN is unlike any other political strike force in U.S. history. Part pressure group, part urban terrorist network, part organized crime syndicate, ACORN claims only to want to help the poor. But it views the elimination of America’s free institutions as the only way to help the less fortunate. ACORN, President Obama’s favorite community organizing group, is all about massive voter fraud, home invasions, rent-a-mob services, intimidation, corporate shakedowns, and brutal Saul Alinsky-approved tactics.

And rumors of ACORN’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The group that became synonymous with sleaze and corruption when its employees were shown encouraging illegal behavior in the “pimp and prostitute” videos of 2009 is alive and well – and planning to resurface before the critical 2012 elections. While ACORN declared bankruptcy, its state chapters were busy changing their names and shredding documents. ACORN’s still out there operating because it never lets a good crisis go to waste.

Subversion Inc., by investigative reporter Matthew Vadum, isn’t just the story of ACORN. It’s the story of how community organizers just like President Obama are undermining America from within.  





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