British UFO Research Association – Review of UFO Matrix Magazine

British UFO Research Association

Review of UFO Matrix Magazine

During 2010 two independent subscription magazines were closed down and
this left a huge gap in the market for a magazine, which was dedicated
to the UFO phenomenon.

There are other magazines out there in the U.K. which cover the UFO
enigma but as part of a wider paranormal spectrum of subjects, whether
it may be cryptozoology, ghosts or spirituality and many other subjects
with unexplained elements to their study.

What is different about the launch of UFO Matrix is evident in the high
street. This is the first magazine for a long time which can be
purchased from the news stand and having done this myself, it has been a
refreshing experience to be able to see a (specific) UFO dedicated
magazine sitting proudly amongst established titles such Nexus and
Fortean Times. There is now a paranormal cousin in the same publishing
group in the form of ‘Paranormal magazine: journey into the unknown’.

In many respects, UFO Matrix has continued to produce an abundance of
articles similar to its closest predecessor in the UFO Data magazine.
Many of the contributors to this magazine have carried the torch forward
into this new publication, with Philip Mantle and Malcolm Robinson at
the fore of the new team, joined by Steve Johnson (Mercury Rapids author
and forum management).

Many of the contributors have their own websites or have books published
on the subject and this magazine also features many publications on
offer from the Healings of Atlantis publishing group.

What do you get for your money? The editorial team have ensured that the
views of all are represented by inviting articles from writers who can
be both sceptic or highly supportive of the Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis
theory. Whatever their own beliefs may be, UFO Matrix has ensured that
the magazine can have two vastly differing opinions in articles about
UFO philosophy. Sceptical opinions are as welcome as those who support
the existence of an alien presence visiting this planet.

At the time of writing, UFO Matrix has published their fifth bi-monthly
magazine and editions have special running themes, profiling some
prominent cases from the around the world. Readers are also informed of
various forthcoming events, documentaries and cases due for release.
For example, Issue 4 has a running feature and this month has an
interesting interview on the recent History channels ‘Ancient Aliens’
series, in addition to a conference review and two diverse and differing
opinions on the Berwyn Mountain case. There are incidents and reports
cases that have not been heard outside of their own countries appearing
for the first time for readers in the U.K. and further afield.

Past issues have already taken a ‘cold case’ review at some of the
classic UFO encounters. Taking a second look is important in this
subject, as there are a new generation of readers who may never have
heard of the Rendlesham case or other famous incidents and for many
people, this will be their first information on these incidents. This
becomes more important as many of the earlier books on cases such as the
‘Welsh Triangle’ or Warminster Thing’ can be out of print, with no
chance of a new run on some very popular titles. Too often publishers do
not reissue some of the most classic UFO literature and many of the
earlier case studies are becoming increasingly difficult to find for the
new enthusiast or researchers. Revisiting some of these classic UFO
cases by UFO Matrix is most welcome, whether in case review or summary.

Articles in some issues addressing the use of hypnosis and witness
support groups are in great conflict with BUFORA’s moratorium on the use
of hypnosis to elicit the truth of a high strangeness event due to the
many problems involved with this method of investigation. In addition to
this BUFORA’s Code of Practice hold witness confidentiality in the
highest priority. However, we certainly would not want to see any
magazine that took the UFO enigma from one viewpoint and UFO Matrix
produces articles where readers may disagree or wholly support the
writer’s specific hypothesis, views or theories. This approach is vital
to this subject, as it creates an important balance of views and ensures
that no one theory or opinion is allowed to take precedence over all the
articles. The editorial team ensure there is something for everyone’s
view on the subject.

Offering well-balanced debate and differing viewpoints are crucial, to
achieve balanced viewpoints within a magazine, by allowing writers to
submit articles with the most diverse ranging theories and opinions
within this subject. In my opinion, it is vital that a magazine offers a
broad spectrum of cases from many perspectives, philosophical,
scientific and with differing ideas and thoughts on the subject rather
than using a narrow set of hypotheses within its articles.

UFO Matrix ticks all the right boxes and the contributors and editors
are highly experienced in their fields and specialisms. The magazine
also promotes and profiles activity in the conference and courses in the
U.K. and further afield, promoting conferences and event listings, so
readers can get out there to meet the speakers and authors at various
venues around the regions. There are links to books, radio shows and all
manner of UFO related items.
The production quality of the magazine is extremely high and for £5.99,
this magazine is worth every penny. It’s run by a group of researchers
and investigators who have already achieved a long and experienced track
record in books, special case studies, lectures and past magazine
The British UFO Research Association recommends you purchase the
magazine at your local newsagent or buy on line. If you are interested
in the subject, no matter what your views or perceptions of the UFO
phenomenon, this magazine is the one for you.

Matt Lyons
April 2011

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