Chris Holly and The Curious Sight of Two Suns

For some time now the  internet has  been  full of  reports , videos and photos of  two suns  shining  in our sky.  

At first I admit I chalked it all up to CGI and the work of those who spend  their good time  and efforts  in producing tons of useless  childish fake  garbage that is a waste of  time for all involved.  I will never understand with so many unknowns out there why people waste  valuable time and energy on this junk  but sadly they do.  I guess real  answers to real  unknown strangeness is beyond their  grasp  or concerns.

With that said  I really did not pay much attention to this subject until now.

I recently started to watch  groupings of videos on this subject.  I have to be honest and say I find it hard to sift  through the assorted  ciaos involving the two suns issue as  the subject has without question been tainted by those who go off on tangents that bare little logic just so they can connect this two sun issue to whatever  fantasy is filling their heads.   That is what happens to most unknown  events without solid solutions or answers.  It seems the way  humans   handle high strangeness they  do not understand  is to immediately make it in to a scary  sci fi movie line!

I continued to sort through  the information on the two sun subject and  can honestly  say am intrigued  by what is being seen and recorded.

I do not agree with the instant knee jerk reaction to tie the two sun sightings to the old and tired scare topics that have been  afloat far too long.   I do think something very strange is being witnessed by many people all over the world with these double  sun   sightings.

I knew  the first reaction  of  the  typical  internet  channels would be to  use this subject to frighten people to death with the  idea of  a huge planet  or comet heading this way to destroy our world.  I knew that the pole shift would be  immediately tied to this as well.   I can  only say  that since we do not know what is being seen  we must realize that many factors  or causes could be producing the sighting of two suns.  I think it unwise to immediately jump to any conclusion with any unknown without weighing all the options.

After watching many videos and looking at photos and reading as much as I could on this subject  I do believe something very unexplained it going on.  

I am not one who feels the end of the world is at hand.   I do think we are already fully in the era of 2012 where many catastrophic events have and will continue to happen as the  earth  surrenders to its natural cycles.

I think this planet has endured these things before which  have been devastating however it  was not the end of the world then and will not be this time either. In fact I am sure this old planet  has  traveled many earth changing cycles in its lifetime . I said life changing not life ending.

I think we  are now caught in a time when  our planet is going to rock and roll and all of us have to be prepared to the best of our ability to hold on and ride the wild  times the best we can.  I do not think we will all survive.  I do not think we will all die.  All I do know is this has happened before and our being here, life being here – tells  me  some of us made it then and will again. 

I do think the phenomenon  being witnessed now of the two suns  may be part of all the strange things that seem to be unexplained  or unknown to us that have been happening  for  a  long time.  

I do not connect it to the pole shift directly as in the poles will flip and the world will  fall apart.  It has been known for awhile  now that the poles shift has been slowly happening for some time now. 

 We have been slowly moving on that front now  as the poles slowly make their way to shift or flip  as they do  and have many times before.  It seems to be the way of our planet to rotate our poles and it is in the process of doing that as we  sit here  this very moment. 

I think it very likely that our constant  change in what was  our normal climate  to  increased   rain, or  extreme drought,  severe  storms,  earthquakes  or just unusual  weather  could be tied to the fact the earth is sliding its poles .  I think this will continue for a very long time until the shift is complete.

Now with that all off my chest I have to say that as I have been sorting through the videos and photos of the two sun subject I realized that I may be  seeing something very  significant that we have not  known about or seen before.  

I have  been looking at what is being recorded by people all over the world and have to admit I do not know what I am looking at.  

Obviously the people are seeing and capturing something odd going on  next to our sun.

All the videos show our sun  with either a small  round object  next to it which appears to  be  approaching the sun  .  Other  reports and sightings are of a larger glowing object of much greater size rising and appearing  adjacent to the sun . 

The larger sighting looks like a miniature sun shining brightly next to our normal sun.

Both versions  of the second sun phenomenon  are truly strange and unknown as far as I can determine.

Besides the theories I have already mentioned  and personally do not  agree with  I have read that it could be a mirage similar to those seen in China with the city over the lake  or even a hologram.

I  have no idea what is going on but I do now believe this is something we all need to be aware of and  looking for . If something new is out there I think we all  need to understand what it is.

It also crossed my mind that maybe  our atmosphere or ability to see more of our cosmos due to a change in space may be involved.   Could this object have  been there all of  this time and only now  it is in our line of vision ?  Maybe a shift in the orbit of things over time has this object now in our line of vision.  

I  must admit I did have another idea brought to my attention by a fellow investigator on this object.  It does seem to take a few different  paths when being seen by us on earth. Of course I know we move  in our own obit which would change how we view this object however I wonder if we are seeing a new   lane of travel   that is now being used by those who traverse our universe. 

It is not impossible that extremely large mother ships  pass by our way often . I believe there are crafts as big as moons or small planets that contain  a large population of travelers  that  cross our universe.  Could we be now seeing  these crafts as they travel a lane near our sun and our planet on their way to another space and time?  Maybe we are seeing the reflection of these objects that hit the sun’s rays as they pass leaving us with the image of a second sun.

This may be a new path they are using or one they may have previously cloaked and have decided to allow us to now watch them  as they cross our skies . Could this be a way of  asking us to open our eyes and watch what is going in directly in front of us  in the full light of day?  Could this be a form of disclosure?

I am stumped by the two suns subject.  I am sure there are thousands of hard core science skeptics who will tell us it is ice and we are fools.  I am sure there are  an equal   amount of  those who will insist it is of the nature of  one of the long term paranormal  theories that  are  constantly floating about.  I  am not sure what it is however I am sure we need to pay attention to this so we can figure it out.

The things that  intrigue me about  this phenomenon  is  not only are people reporting seeing the two suns – they are videoing and taking photos of them.

This tells us that the event is happening however  it does not seem to be happening to us all at the same time.  I have to wonder why people in one area clearly see this happen while on the same day in the same area of the world others do  not see it ?

Could this be a huge mirage like the one seen over the lake in China?  If so how is it happening ?  Can something be reflecting   off of the sun producing the second sun image ?  Could an outside force from another area in the cosmos be sending us this image or is it coming from our own planet?

I cannot rule out the objects being huge crafts or reflections of  objects made by alien life forms that we are able to see for only short periods of time at certain angles as they cross over a travel route near out sun.  We may be  simply be seeing a reflection off of some type of object from the sun as it travels past our neck  of the woods.

I cannot discount the deeds of those who may be using some type of massive technology to produce these sightings as to cause alarm,  fear as a way of control.  I would hate to think some deadly group be it human or non human would be using this as  way to convince us a new god is arriving or worse evil force is on the way. I consider all of these  things as our world spins  in so many ways in such delicate balances at this point in history.

I am left completely confused by the two sun subject.  I do think something very odd is going on and wish some serious investigation should be done to figure  out why so many are seeing this odd  sighting. 

I learned long ago not to dismiss what I do not understand or believe it is something  formed  from fantasy simply to discuss it and explain it.  I think the two sun mystery is something very unusual and odd and hope we can soon  find the answer to what it is so many are seeing. Real answers.

I know I will be spending time everyday from now on viewing the sun as many times a day as possible to see if I can witness this event.  If any of you have a solid theory what is going on please  let the rest of us know. 

For now continue each and every day to pay close attention to the world around you. You never know when it will be your day to  see the unexplained and unknown.  

I have placed on my site a very videos on the two sun subject .   I  hope it is not long  before we better understand what is happening with the two sun sightings. 

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