Chris Holly Wonders, ‘What’s the Story with Ghosts?’


What do you think about ghosts?  Millions of people claim to have seen them.  Stories about them haunting the living have been told since man could communicate. They seem to be part of our existence but what do we really know about them?

Lately I have been watching the ghost hunter type TV shows you find all over the cable TV channels.  Most shows fall under the description of ridiculous with little happening and nothing found. A great deal of the show time is spent watching the cast preform the same ritual of setting up their equipment to spend a few hours marching around talking to the walls of so called haunted places or sitting in the dark asking questions to an endless stream of   nonexistent ghosts.  Rarely do the ghost hunters find anything that could be considered paranormal. After the cast conducts a fly by night investigation they pack up all the fancy gear and that is the end of the show.  I would think at least a few different visits would be needed before any conclusions could be made by any investigation of any area that has been known to have paranormal activity. I also wonder why a daytime investigation is not done along with the short night investigations? How can anything be determined without a full complete research of the area conducted over at least a few full 24 hour day visits? Clearly this will not be the road to finding answers about that which haunts the living.

There are good  ghost hunter investor gators  out there however they are busy doing full  credible investigations  leaving little time to spit out weekly TV spoofs about unknowns we really should understand. I take my hat off to all those who truly want to find answers to so many unknown questions and simply laugh and shake my head at all the fools throwing out nonsense for a fast buck leaving us lost to what it is that so many people experience under the title haunted or ghostly.  I know I have seen things I could not explain or understand and wish I could find some answers.

Many of us have had ghostly events happen to us when we think we see a strange image of a person that is no longer living flesh and blood or a shadow figure moving across a room that we could not explain. Others have had visits from loved ones who have passed or watched as a ghostly form crossed their path that did not belong there. These odd events happen all the time. I just wish we knew exactly what it is that we are witnessing.

There have been harmless ghosts reported as well as frightening ghosts. We have reported clear visible images of people seen as well as  mist like clouds or strange orbs of light all reported  by people from the beginning of mankind. Ghosts have been here with us from the start- this we cannot deny.  The question is what exactly are we dealing with?

The main thinking and one I agree with is that some ghosts are the soul or energy of what was once a living breathing human.  It is hard to disagree with this if you have ever seen a ghostly image of someone you knew and loved come to you in its spirit or ghostly form.  I do not doubt for a moment that what we see has to do with the energy that was once the engine of a living person now located in a new form or dimension since the human body that once housed them has died.  I am sure there are many people who would argue with me that this is simply ridiculous and once you die that is it.  I am entitled to my opinion and giving this a great deal of thought really think that the energy that gave us life does not die once our human body ceases to exist.  I do not know exactly the why or where or how of this but do think that energy continues on.  Still the entire concept of ghosts and haunting remains a complete mystery to me.

I have been running in circles with my thinking on this issue and never seem to find a place to land that is comfortable or fully logical. I keep falling over the same questions and confusion that keeps me wondering what really goes on and why is it as a species we cannot get a true handle on it and instead leave it as a mystery we dare not truly want to solve. Although I believe our souls can visit those that  we leave behind I cannot explain sightings of mists of cloud like material or shadow people or evil entities or orbs along with many other things I have not listed. All of them fall under the heading of haunted or ghostly however I have no idea what we are dealing with.

I am sure we are dealing with multiple subjects all shoved into one category.  We tend to do that in the paranormal. We may have our dead coming to visit while shadow figures and orbs may be dimensional or time beings blinking in and out of our time and space. I think there are many reasons for the things we see that seem to cross our paths as we walk through our space and time. It seems other forms of life or existence are also busy doing their thing however sometimes we cross roads. I am not sure they are crossing over to ours or we to theirs.  I only know it seems to happen. My guess is that they are the ones with the upper hand and all of these things enter and leave at will our time and space, but truly at this point in time we really do not know.

I often wonder if the events where humans encounter what appears to be a ghostly form is as frightening to the ghostly form as it is to us?  I have to wonder if the energy that we see is busy living another existence somewhere else and abruptly comes face to face with one of us standing in there world in their space? Do we terrify and confuse the spirit who may not be aware they are no longer alive and think they are simply busy living as they once did?  Do we shock and confuse them as they do us? It does seem some of them try to communicate with us during these encounters. I just wish we knew if this slip over to where they are from where we are is as confusing and strange for them as it is for us? 

There are other ghostly events that seem to be planned visits from those who have passed on from wherever they may have passed on to.  Are all souls able to return to the living if they feel the need or is that only possible for those who need to close the doors with us here alive on earth before they can continue along the existence that they  now occupy?  Why it is that something that should be a natural part of being is so difficult for us to understand?  I wish like all things that we do not understand that happens as we walk along the road of life that this subject had more answers and less questions.  

Maybe one day we will know the facts of these things. For now I can only continue to wonder and hope we will find our path along the road of being so we can understand the meaning and ways of all these strange things we just do not yet understand. For now I can only continue to be one who watches the world around me and continues to look for answers to all of these things.

I wish you all a Happy Halloween and hope only candy seeking ghosts and goblin’s come knocking at your door!

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