Chris Holly’s Last Article About The Real TIme Abductee Group

This  will be the last article I will write about  the   Real Time Abductee  group I have been involved with for the last year. 

For those not familiar with  the  Real Time Abductee group I am referring to let me explain that they are a group of normal everyday people who while fully awake going about the routines of their normal days were taken.  Who or what the beings are that are taking   people like the ones in this group remains  unknown.  All the people know,  who are members of this group , is that against their will ,  going about their daily  business- they were taken, experienced lost time and were returned . 

The abductees can recall the start of their abductions and being returned disoriented and  usually ill but have very limited or spotty recall of what happened to them during their lost time.

I am writing this last article about the group  to try to cover a few items the abductees wanted  to touch on before ending  our meetings and  my  Real Time Abductee  articles.

The abductees want to once again warn those who continue to claim falsely that they have been  abducted to please stop  and reflect on how much damage they are causing  to  the issue of real abduction.

 Ridiculous  reports filled with more Hollywood script than reality  has  over run  the  internet  to the point  of revulsion.  How do you think  a   kidnapped abused   victim feels  when they find   they not only have been taken against their will,  abused and violated   to find   they are alone  without any where to go for help?  Do you realize that while you are busy fabricating the next big story  you are  adding to the  hardship  of trying to find help by  those really experiencing these horrors?  Do you understand that not only you but those you love could become the next to be taken and harmed only to find  you  too will end up alone  and  laughed at?

 As long as you continue to create,  by the truck loads,  fake reports and ridiculous tales of colorful abduction you will  keep those  who are really  taken alone and unable to find help.  Do you really want to be such a cruel person   because or your  hope  for  fame or a need for attention?  Please stop doing these things .

If you think you have the next big book that your fabricating for hopes of fame, funds and a movie  deal with your name across the title please  research the facts of that happening and know that is not going to ever take place.  Each day writers like me are flooded with those who have long colorful stories they want me to write about so they can  get a good book deal.  I  wish I had a nickel for every person who has thought this subject and their made up story was going to be the next blockbuster hit.  I  can assure you that the days of  wild tales bringing big bucks in this subject matter is long gone. 

This is an extreme problem as not only does it waste time and energy of those looking to find true reports it keeps those with real experiences shy of coming forward in fear of being lumped together with all the liars , frauds and weird stories that  have no truth to them at all.  Trust me real abduction is far from the typical colorful stories you easily find plastered all over the internet world of the paranormal.   

  If you need attention and you are lonely please find a friend or reach out to others in some other form but stop making it so miserable and dangerous for those who are suffering real abductions . Unless we take this seriously and help those who are being taken and harmed it will not stop.  In fact the numbers may increase and we would be ignorant to  the problem growing as we are so busy lying about what is really going on.  I know  my words will not change anything but do know with each lie you tell you hurt with a  hard blow some poor person who has suffered the  unknown  and has to go it alone  without help or understanding.

The group of real time abductees  took part in my articles making sure I wrote about things they wanted to share.  The group was also active in  sorting through my emails  that  arrived  concerning the articles I wrote about them   They were very curious to the reaction of those reading  what they had to say by way of my hand.

Their reaction of the abductees to the emails  was  one of sadness.  It did however help them towards a  closure  concerning their involvement in trying to reach out to the world of the paranormal.  They had  a small hope at first  in finding those would have a real interest in finding the answers to the unknowns .  It was a need all the abductees had to make one attempt to reach out to see if the subject was going to ever be taken seriously before they  gave up hope completely on ever finding serious interest in this growing problem.

I did receive  emails from those who were reading the real time abductee articles as I do with most articles I write.  I did allow the group to read all the emails sent to me concerning their articles .

  Sadly I must say that the reaction of my readers was the final  blow  that slammed closed the door of the   real time abductees wanting to continue with  trying to reach out to the public on this subject.

  One silly paranormal show sent an extremely obnoxious  note  wanting to know if we wanted to be on the show as it would be a big opportunity for us.  We had to wonder what they were smoking over at that show?  How would  giving our names and faces over to public TV  help us?  There is no financial reward, no security offered much less protection from what may happen to these people long after this TV show  is long gone. I find these people despicable vile people who feed on others.  They are nearly as abusive as the abductors.   I  can only think of risk and harm coming to any abductee who would agree to such a dangerous idea.  The last thing anyone who has endured a real abduction wants  is to have their life completely destroyed  by some nit wit  TV show.  Did it ever occur to these fly by night shows that they could end up devastating the people they  do this to? 

The real time abduction  group was a onetime experiment by this group to see  what  the public as well as those  who claim they are researching this subject  would do to their coming  forward.  This group wanted to see  if  there were any signs of change or willingness to move forward in a science based want and need to know concerning who or  what  is kidnapping so many people worldwide.  This of course did not happen.

The group was shocked at how many people continued to write to me after reading about the hardships they have endured over  much of their lifetimes about obvious and ridiculous tales of fiction .  It made them both furious and frustrated as it displayed how the public ignored what was talked about in their articles  showing  the  subject of abduction is not taken seriously at all.   It also made it clear we have a  unhealthy  population of lost souls using this subject matter to  cover or hide  some real deep emotional  problems .     We did have  emails  from those who  truly needed help  but decided instead to  consider all their problems the result of abduction.  This of course is very dangerous  on many levels.

One of my long time readers sent me an email that explained to us that the public has  had a mountain of  fake reports, made up stories,  CGI  videos and photos dumped on them to the point they are not able to think clearly.

 She explained to us that so much garbage is out there that at this point it is simply impossible to decipher what may be real to what is just another jerk  adding another fake to the mess.  We understood what she was telling us and knew that there was no reason to think we would be believed.  We  could see  we were being looked at with the same eyes as all the other garbage out there.  She was right, we were just one more  good story.  No one believed anything anyone said at this point.   A perfect set up for those who want to do whatever they want with a society who does not believe any of it.

We did spend time trying to warn people about many serious issues.  It saddens us deeply that numb eyes  may have  been  lost to  the  warnings  due to being brainwashed  for a very long time to ignore,  reject, laugh or yawn through anything considered paranormal or unknown.  To  many it is just another horror story . 

The abductee group knew that the paranormal  was long lost to entertainment and  would not be a place for truth or serious study until the day aliens as well as  many other unknowns land right on the white house lawn forcing society to understand it is not a big joke .  We  feel horror at this knowledge as we know it may come down to that end which will bring fear and panic not to mention complete chaos  to a society who should be far more advanced on these subjects  however sadly are not.

We  were  fascinated by the fact we all talked openly in the articles about sharing above average IQ.s as well as all having rare blood types along with other similarities yet no one showed any interest at all.  Not one  person, not one researcher or professional or well known paranormal group  had any questions for us at all.

 No one wanted to find out about our blood or even give us an IQ test !  The fact we openly talked about the fact we all have  very obvious physical changes and problems we deal with was really  interesting.  It was very curious to us that not one person, group or researcher asked  what the physical things were  much less if they could see them or have an expert of any kind examine  us .  Don’t you find it odd   not one person , group , researcher or professional has been  curious enough  to see what is wrong with us or what was done to us?  We sure do.

The real time abduction group realized they were not going to make any changes or find any advancement via my articles  and the decision was made to stop our meetings and continue on with our own lives apart without any further connection.

There was one last reason for us to disband  and go   our separate ways.  We  realized as time went by that when together we would start to think as one.

  I have been on may committees and  think tank type groups in my past work life . When this group of abductees was together it was not of  many minds working together on  designated  subjects- it was  different

 The abductee group felt more like one mind forming with parts made up from each member but working as one.  It was not normal and it was frightening .  It also answered  questions we all had in the group to the depths of how much we had been altered.  This strange one  mind thinking was not something we thought should continue . It was not something  the abductees felt comfortable with or wanted to increase.  It was decided that this was one road we did not want to travel.

During our time together we did discover our combined fear  concerning  the devastation of man by way of  the technology being fed to us as a way of life .  The group  feel it is our way to our own  end.  It also is an obvious and easy form of control by those who would want to control us.  I covered all of that in  my Devastation of Mankind  article  as one of  the real time abduction articles.  What I did not  talk about is the last warning or maybe prediction  the real time group has for those who may be interested.

This group feels a huge change has taken place in the world of the paranormal.  It seems to be happening  faster with each passing month.   If you have been a fan of the paranormal world  and have been following it for years you have noticed changes .  Many sites have  slipped away,   many  bright people have slipped away. Much of what remains is a limited  list of places that seem to carry the same things by the same people without any real growth or advancement.

Major changes have taken place with sites with complete overhauls leaving the sites looking broken and lack luster having them lose popularity each and every day.  New sites pop up but many struggle while others with a leaning towards  a dismissive or humorous attitude concerning the paranormal are opening well funded and obviously backed by those with huge wallets who want to control the unknown and keep it comic strip rather than understood. 

We have to wonder if those who control  the truth of  all things we do not understand  have  taken  a  lock down action to keep us all dumb and giggling about things we consider unknown so they can continue to do as they wish without being disturbed by a questioning public.  It has worked so far to keep us ignorant and blind to what is going on around us.  Simply Hollywood ize  the subject and keep us brainwashed  with muddy  thinking so no answers need be given to all the odd and strange things going on each and every day around and above us .

We have to wonder where are the conspiracy theorists  concerning the obvious changes and controls that go on in the world of the paranormal? 

One of the real time abductees used my account on Disclose TV to post the articles I was writing as he felt it was extremely important to reach as many people as we could about our warnings and thoughts.  I must admit  I was very busy at the time and not following what he was doing too carefully.  He was posting parts of  my articles on the site regularly hoping for as many people as possible to read  what I was writing.

One day I got an email from that site simply saying I am banned and cannot come back or post there again.  I  questioned the abductee who has been posting my articles on the site but he had no idea why they took this approach.  I wrote to the site and asked them what we had done to be banned  to see if I could repair the damage.  I  sent numerous emails but never was given a reason  or return email . I remain banned to this day.  How can we ever grow if this is how we act towards one another in subjects that need  care not control?

The  Real Time Abductee Group  had one last meeting just before Christmas . We had a normal gathering with a grab bag included   under a Christmas tree  feasting on all the goodies people share during the holidays.  I  had a heavy heart knowing we  would not be meeting again . I  share a  bond with these people that others simply could not understand.  I  also knew it was the best for us all to return to our own lives .

As a group we can say we did what we could  to see if society, research,  or any science based  group  would  be interested in  what we had to say concerning what we had encountered.  If  a serious group came to us we would have    let them  examine and speak to us given our privacy was protected. When no such person or group came forth we knew we could close this chapter of  wanting to help or reach out  without regret and  continue on with a life of privacy and protection . We no longer carry any guilt  concerning  not warning others or not  sharing our encounters.  We tried  and  now can with a clear conscious carry on with our private lives without guilt .

Nothing will change unless a major event hits without  warning .  If that turns out to be the case with  society not  being prepared  it  will  be a mean  harsh  shock that may rock the world  into panic and disaster.

Unless we learn in matters of the unknown to remove the wheat from the chaff  we will sit in our own ignorance.  We are long overdue to separate what is useful or valuable  from what is worthless in the  subjects of the unknown.  Until that changes  nothing will be known and many subjects will remain mysteries that  we  really should understand.   

This is my conclusion  with concern to the real time abductee group.  May we all find peace and safety in a world full or chaos and unknown  darkness.

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