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My search for talented psychics started about three years ago. My fascination with psychics began when I was 16 years old. My sisters took me to a woman known as “The Egg Lady”.  The woman would sit across from a small round table and ask that you break open an egg on the side of a tea cup and hand her the cup. 

From that point on she would go in to a trace. She would not look at you or ask you any questions at all. She would simply start talking and continue until she snapped out of her trance and then the reading would be over. The entire experience was eerie and a bit scary. Her readings however were always right on the money. She told me that day that I was not going to marry the man I thought I was going to marry but another man with the same first name as the boy I was dating at the time.  Years later I found myself married not to my boyfriend of my youth but another man who indeed did have the same first name as my long time childhood sweetheart. 
Not only was she correct on that matter she was correct to the letter about a dozen other events she predicted in my life. Not only was she right she knew the names and could describe the people she saw in my future that all came to be. I tried to return to the egg lady after her first predictions of my life came true however she passed away before I had the opportunity to do so.
I have a lifelong friend who is a gifted psychic as well. The problem is she does not want anyone to know who is not close to her as she does not regard her ability as a gift due to the fact she cannot control it. She is not able to look at someone and read them at will. Her ability comes and goes at its own desire. Her visions and foresight are not something she can control which leaves her unhappy about her ability. She has a powerful talent as she can clearly see future events and has been able to stop a few horrible tragedies before they occurred. She once had a vision of a murder that she was not able to prevent  and that has caused her enormous guilt and upset. Her gift is enormous however she has no control over when or where it will come to her making her ability more of a burden at times than a gift.
I have always been fascinated with those with psychic abilities and hoped to find other talented people who have this skill. I would go to the newest popular psychics around and attended many psychic fairs searching for someone with some real ability. To my dismay I found many people who got away with the fraud of portraying they were gifted psychics when in fact they were only gifted scam artists.
Years passed and I came across a psychic fair held at an area fire house that my best friend dragged me to.  I paid my money and had three of the so called psychics give me a reading and found all three to be painfully bad and about as psychic as the lamp on my desk. Just before we decided to leave the fair I noticed this odd looking woman. She was sitting away from the others and did not take part in the antics the other psychics were using to draw people to their tables. I walked over and sat down out of curiosity to have one last reading by this strange woman. She did not want to chat or use overly friendly banter like the other psychics she simply got right down to business. She did not ask me questions to get information or even look much at me, she just started to talk.
By the time the reading was over I was confused. She told me a lot of thing all which I did not want to hear. I left feeling a bit uneasy from her harsh reading. I told my sister about what she predicted on the way home and we both felt her predictions concerning my future where not logical at all compared to what my life was like at that point in time.
It was not too long after that the things she told me started to come to pass. Not only was she right, she was right on every single event she predicted. It was incredible to me that someone could look in to my life and see events that seemed so unlikely to happen – happen. 
I tried to find this woman again however the woman who ran that psychic fair was very difficult and angry that I did not want to pay her for a reading and flat out refused to tell me how to get in touch with  the truly gifted strange psychic.. I looked for this woman for years but was never able to find her again.
Once I became involved with the paranormal on the internet I decided to return to my hobby/quest to find a talented psychic with real talent. I now knew that there were people walking around with the gift of foresight the problem was in finding them. I also knew most that use the title psychic are not psychic at all even if they have large followings. They can be masters at the scam of portraying psychic ability however are just practiced at the art of figuring out what people want to hear or twisting any subject to fit the person they are talking to. I find them annoying and as many subjects that are filled with frauds and fakes another black eye on the subjects considered paranormal. 
I would spent time whenever I could visiting inter net radio shows that featured psychics. Many have radio shows they use to promote their paid business of giving readings. I soon found most to contain the same slick way of doing business. They would develop regular listeners who they would sweet talk during their shows as if they were close buddies. They would talk about boring topics no one really cared about for way too long always putting off the time allowed for free readings. And lastly when it came to giving free readings they would give as few as possible by reading one person endlessly on and on with little or no detail or information when they had a list of 40 waiting on the telephone lines who also wanted a reading. Of course this is copied from show to show by many of the internet so called psychic readers.  The people show up all wanting a free reading and may sit there for an hour or two when the reality of it all is that only a few would actually be given a reading by the carefully constructed actions of the show host. How else can they get the people to go to their sites and pay for a reading if they give them out free?  I understand this is just business but also think it a bit hard nose and down and dirty. 
Since there are very few real psychics out there I do not feel it a big deal that this is done. You see it is obvious these are business people looking for your money the difference is only a handful have any real talent. I also found that the psychics that did seem to have some real ability to help people where less likely to conduct their shows in this manner and did spend time giving shorter readings to more people which is the decent more upstanding approach in my thinking.
One day as I was looking around the net I happened by chance to come across a blog talk radio show called Lady Selkets Psychic readings. I listened in to find two women hosts talking to each other about how odd it was that no one was calling in during this show for a free reading. I thought it the perfect time to jump in and call the show to see if I could get a reading. I did not anticipate much as up to this point I had been disappointed by every so called psychic I encountered on the inter net but had nothing to lose but a little time  so quickly dialed the show. 
The host of the show immediately took my call and I simply asked if I could have a free reading. I did not want to give out any information as if the woman had any psychic ability she would not have to bait me for information or need for me to offer any either. The host, Lady Selket was a bit uncomfortable at first as I was being very close mouthed making her work as hard as possible. She started my reading by asking me a question about my private family life that simply floored me. This woman I had never seen or talked to before in my life wasted no time in finding the bull’s eye dead center big strange family problem that was taking place in my life. She simply started to talk about what she was seeing which was exactly what was happening in my life. She knew details about the situation which were impossible for her to know and I sat completely gob-smacked about what was going on between this woman and her insight in to the private intimate details of my life.  
The reading continued as she offered her view of how the situation would continue and explained what I needed to beware of and what I could anticipate happening with the delicate situation. She was right on so many things that I made sure I paid attention as she talked about where she thought the event was heading and especially about the people I needed to be careful around. To say the least I was shocked that I found someone with real ability on a weekday afternoon while surfing around the internet.
I called this woman and asked her if I could write about her as I found her gift one that I hope many people will in time be able to benefit from. The woman who is a wife and mother living in the state of Maine told me she came from a family line of women who also had the gift or psychic ability. She explained she always knew she was different as she would know things about people even as a small child however did not actively start developing her gifts until she was about 16 years old.  She had been busy living her life which is filled with her family, work and friends however decided the time was now for her to reach out via her radio show to start reading for as many as she could.
She is a pagan in life style and uses all she has learned in that belief system to help her bring forth her natural born gift of psychic ability. She depends on the help of her spiritual guides to help her with those she reads which clearly is working as this woman knew what was happening in my life and gave me some very good advice in a very difficult situation via the spiritual guides.
I asked Lady Selket how she does what she does. I wanted to know if she had a vision or how it was she knew what she did about my life. She told me she did not know it just came to her. She just knew it and would repeat what she was seeing, feeling or being told. She also told me she goes in to a sort of trance when the reading is a solid one in which she simply keeps talking about what is coming to her until it is over. I must admit I could sense she was on a connected roll when she was doing my reading as she just keep talking until she was done. She did not prod me for information or skirt around to see what I wanted to hear she just told me what she saw and she was amazing.
She explained  that not every person is easily read and at times she has difficulty connecting. I have great respect for her as she tells it how it is and does not try to fake it if she cannot see or feel it. I would much rather have someone tell me truthfully if they were not able to read me at a particular time rather than give me a line of nonsense. There are days when things may align in a way that our guides and Lady Selkets can join force and really give you the truth about things. That is what it is all about with this woman. She has great talent that she uses to the best of her ability. On the other hand I am sure she has days when things simply do not connect which I feel is the real truth in all psychic ability.
Lady Selket is new to the net and to the business of reading for those who call in to her radio show. For now her show runs live late afternoons on weekdays. My advice is to make an effort to catch her show and call in when you do for a free reading. I say this as Lady Selket is the real deal and as soon as the masses figure out she is a true gifted psychic I believe there will be long lines for her time and attention.
Lady Selket also tells it as she sees it. She is not going to tell you what you want to hear she is going to tell you what she sees. I listened to her give a reading to a woman on the show in which the caller did not like what she was being told and kept trying to force Lady Selket to tell her what she wanted to hear. Lady Selket simply told the woman that she was sorry but she did not see what the caller wanted to hear and simply told her what she did see. The woman went away annoyed which is odd as if she did not want to hear what the psychic truly saw in her future why did she call in ? She also has days that she may not be able to connect as well as she may want and have off readings that are not as clear as other days. I think she is a psychic that you may want to have a few readings with on different days so you can be sure you end up with a reading where she is fully connected to all she needs to be when giving you a reading about your life. Any one can give you a practiced fake reading few can truly connect with the future. Spending time finding a true gifted person to help you through the hard roads of life is a wonderful thing.
Lady Selket was a cool breeze of fresh air in an area that needs many more gifted people  like her and many less of what is presently out there in what is considered the psychic world. I  think I better go back for a reading soon as once  I publish this article I may be on line behind all of you waiting to hear what  is next along the twists and turns of your days.  I have Lady Selkets information posted on my blog site for those interested in finding her.  She is new and may not be as slick as many others found on the internet and may not be spot on with each person but her rate of success in seeing in to the lives she reads has been excellent especially for being the new kid on the block!
Next month I will be visiting a woman known as the best psychic on Long Island who is visited by people from all over the world for her talent and gift as a medium and psychic reader. I will be interviewing this woman concerning her ability as well as her advice for all of us concerning how to connect with our own spiritual guides. I will report what I have discovered to all of you after my visit with this gifted woman.
 Until then keep those minds open as you never know when your own spirit guides may try to give you a bit of life advice!

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