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I must be living in a different dimension.  Maybe all my fellow humans are living in  one time and space and I am in another.  What else would explain the lack luster,  yawn  type  reaction to the massive UFO sightings reported, recorded and shown all over the internet that  have gone by with about the same interest as a flock of birds flying over!

I was not only interested  in the reports  I was nervous and a bit frightened.  For a few days I watched as videos and photos along with massive amounts of reports flooded  in where huge crowds of people watched as strange red orbs hovered above New Years Eve celebrations across the world.  This was not a report by a handful of people at a drunken  party on a dark beach – this was thousands of people worldwide reporting the same strange encounter.

I looked at the videos as they started to flood the internet.   I posted a handful on my site.  I was fascinated by the same looking object appearing all over the planet. The object or objects  would be in each  time zone as that area brought in the New Year hovering clearly in areas where they had to be seen intentionally  by those piloting them. 

This was not a case of balloons,  lanterns or helicopters this was a case of bright red hovering orbs  showing themselves on purpose who would take off at incredible speed straight in to space after accomplishing what they intended to do. This was a planned, highly organized statement.

At first I thought we finally had a sighting that would silence the skeptics and join humanity in the knowledge that we are not alone and that UFO’s are as real as the noses on our faces .  Finally I thought we may decide to handle this subject in a new light as seeing has to be  believing.  People all over the world could not be wrong.  Old year out- New Year in and  TA- DA,  a massive UFO sighting.  How cool is that of our unknown visitors?   How dumb are we not to get it?

The fact this massive worldwide sighting  was so blatantly obvious immediately frightened me.  I  did fear that something very big and overpowering may be coming .   Knowing firsthand the power our visitors have over  the human race I feared what may be coming.  As the hours passed and we slipped into  the year 2012  I  felt relieved nothing dramatic or traumatic took place-  besides the massive sighting that is.

As I watched the videos arrive from all over the world of   similar    sightings it did occur to me that 2012 may be a  far more significant  year than I had  given it credit for being . The idea did cross my mind that we may have all become lost in the  theories and prophecies  concerning 2012  ignoring the idea that it is the year we become heavily visited , or worse  interfered with ,by those who have been watching, visiting and abducting us from the beginning of time.

How can it be that now less than two weeks after this massive event of worldwide reports of thousands seeing the same red orbs that  the subject seems lost and forgotten? I do not find any great interest in the event. It did not hit the news media in any form.  The paranormal world talked about it however it lost interest as quickly as every other article or story that hits the internet.  Now talk about strange- the fact we are ho-humming our way past this significant event is flabbergasting to me.

Talk about the 800 pound UFO that is sitting in your living room that everyone is ignoring !  This huge  event being shoved under the  rug as quickly as it has can only be thought of as mind boggling.  How is it so many spend all their time

seeking the truth or looking for disclosure”  when this event has been gone by without much fanfare at all?  How can this be?   I guess we have been well trained to simply sit with a head full of slush waiting for the next scary story.

I  can only throw my hands up in the air in confusion and frustration.  I  have to stop fooling myself about what my fellow earthlings want to hear or know about the subject of  Unidentified  Objects or many other events or encounters considered high strangeness.  I have to accept the fact that we stay where we are with this subject on purpose and willingly.  I would go a step further and say we do not know because at all cost we  DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.!

It is far easier and less frightening to stay lost in the fantasy of it all.  An exciting non realistic story of  aliens being seen as in  the bar scene in the first Star Wars movie is far easier  to digest.  The reality of it  being a far different , less cuddly and fuzzy outcome with very different perhaps colder more mechanical  beings is just too difficult for mankind to handle.  It is much safer and quickly hidden  away where we do not have to deal with if we view aliens as jazz playing,  happy go lucky,  nice bar drinking buddies who all breathe the same air and eat and drink the same things. All  dressed in cut little garments it stays a nice way to deal with a very serious topic.  It is the way our society deals with the subject.

Obviously when the real deal got far too close as it did over the past holiday season -we bailed.  We let it slide by.  We let the videos disappear and the entire massive worldwide report was quickly removed from our sight and minds.  It is how we humans handle these things.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded in my life by  people who are aware of what is happening around and above us .  I am fortunate enough to have contact with those who have had contact with the unknown and understand the serious consequences that can be involved with dealing with the unknown.  I  am aware that our lives could  be changed  forever in the matter of a few hours or days when or if our visitors decide to become known or wanting of more from us then they already take.

For now I must sit and watch as society deals with the subjects of the unknown in what I consider a strange and delusional way.  I imagine this will not be real to most until one of the unknown crafts or orbs reported daily all over the world simply  land  right in their front yards and the creatures piloting them knock firmly on their front doors.  Until then it will remain a good paranormal story they viewed along with all the others on their favorite spooky site!

All I can do is warn you that it is time to take the blinders off and start to pay attention to what is going on around, above and to you each and every day.  I will go to my next  life experience knowing  I did all I could to try to shake my fellow humans awake when it came to things considered unknown.  Clearly they will remain unknown as that is exactly how we want it to be.

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