Cigar-shaped Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were seen hovering over Rishikesh city of Uttarakhand state in India, located in the foot hills of Himalayan Mountains, and known around the world as a holy place.
According to UFO enthusiast and blogger Scott C Waring who posted about the sighting on his Web site, the sighting was made on 20 April this year but it was reported only last month.
“These UFO or entities are very similar to the UFO Sighting over Nortre Dame when lighting strikes caused the stadium to be evacuated”, Waring wrote about the sighting.
“These don’t move like orbs or craft as much as they move like living creatures. Thus I call them entities”, he added.
The video of the sighting has been posted on YouTube by the witness who claims that the he and his friends saw the ufos while on their trip to Rishikesh where they had gone for river rafting, and to see the holy place.

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“I made couple of videos from My Galaxy s2 mobile, and when I came home I transferred the data” to the computer, the witness said. He further said that he had almost forgotten about the videos and was not aware of the image of the ufo he had captured until he saw the footages recently.
“While watching this video, I noticed some strange cigars shape UFOs”, he added.
The witness also claimed the sighting was accompanied by the sound of a sudden thunderstorm which was “very strong”. One video of the sighting uploaded by the user has been edited to make it five to six times slower for better visibility of the UFOs. The user also uploaded the original video footage later.



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