Colombian UFO/Earthquake axis

By Pat Regan 

More signs from our extraterrestrial cousins – what next?

Colombia’s highest volcano has apparently been the scene of many UFO sightings in recent weeks, which according to some claims is due to extraterrestrials monitoring seismic activity in an effort to save the humanity.

The Columbia Reports news source informed readers that local people in the border region between the two departments of Huila and Cauca, where the Volcano ‘Nevado del Huila’ is situated, believe the UFOs are in this instance interrelated to aliens, and have purportedly documented sightings with pictures and video footage.

We are informed that local UFO researchers are substantiating the increase in UFO activity over the previous decade. It is believed that extraterrestrials have a curiosity in the geological area, which is currently at Level 3 risk level, signifying that there are changes in volcanic activity.

Local UFO aficionado Ricardo Ayerbe stated that the UFO sightings may be connected to the recent geological events. I can concur on this theory along with many other researchers. After being latent for more than 500 years, this volcano showed serious signs of activity in 2007 and also in 2008.

Clearly, more research is needed on this absorbing phenomenon.

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This is most interesting as we have had a similar situation in the northern part of the U.K.

UFO activity has frequently increased before earth tremors occurred in Yorkshire and Cumbria. These movements were also felt in Lancashire. I warned, after UFO sightings increased, that more quakes might occur in the UK.

Since that time two new tremors have been experienced.

UFO: Earthquake predictions come true as Cumbria suffers Yuletide tremor

I must however mention here that several media sources have unfortunately quoted me incorrectly.

I have never claimed that UFOs actually ‘cause’ earthquakes.

I have nonetheless reported that UFO sightings do appear to increase before and during seismic activity periods.

Theories are many and varied concerning the strange relationship between quakes and UFO sightings.

I recently had a long conversation with an elderly Yorkshire gentleman who once worked as a miner. He had noticed that my recent predictions, for further earthquakes in Northern Britain, had come true. His knowledge of earth movement was considerable. After his retirement he became something of a visionary. He expressed to me some alarming predictions of his own for global seismic activity.

One such claim was for a significant loss of land in the Irish region. He also expressed to me a vision concerning damage to a London area, involving a bridge and countless fleeing people.

Will his prophecy come to pass; is he genuinely in touch with beneficent extraterrestrial beings or higher spiritual forces?

I keep an open mind.  

Sceptics will of course continue to ridicule and mischievously misquote UFO researchers, yet this infantile conduct does not change the fact that something is genuinely going on that is NOT entirely understood.

The UFO witnesses I have spoken to and worked with are just ordinary people, from all walks of life, that want straight answers. Of course the closed-mind of the self-satisfied sceptic will never entertain any of this.

Sadly, this lack of awareness and inflexible bias on the part of the know-all sceptic creates an unnecessary barrier to proper understanding toward the unexplained. Man has, I believe a much greater purpose, yet to be revealed.

Once we genuinely learn how to leave behind the world’s self-righteous priesthoods, the smug politicians and the loud-mouthed, materialistic sceptics (who live in their pseudo-scientific, ivory towers of perpetual doubt) we shall discover that the doorway to this higher principle finally opens.

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