Communicating with the multidimensional Realms of Gaia


Gaia was the name given by the ancient Greeks to the Earth goddess. In our modern western societies, we have progressively distanced ourselves from Gaia and the vast web of life, physical and spiritual, which she nurtures.

Sunday, 10 March 2013 – online
Communicating with the multidimensional Realms of Gaia
Exploring Great Mystery – making the extraordinary, ordinary and the ordinary, extraordinary

with Dr Jude Currivan
12pm Los Angeles • 3pm New York • 8pm London

Communing with the Earth as a living being enables you to re-establish your co-creative relationship with her and expand your own inner perception of her multi-dimensional realms of consciousness.

During this online salon we’ll delve into the emerging phenomenon of orbs and the realms of Faerie, Elemental and Devic beings to discover how you can communicate with them and how vital this is to helping heal and deepen your relationship with Gaia.

We’ll also explore how such communication can offer profound insights into answering such questions as what’s really going on with Gaia’s climate? To what extent is it part of a natural cycle – or indeed to Gaia’s evolution? To what extent are we responsible? And what can we do for the benefit of All Life to resolve the environmental problems we have and continue to cause?

As our collective Shift of consciousness gathers pace, we are realizing that this is a Shift not only for humanity but for Gaia too. By consciously re-connecting with her at this critical time, we are each able to be in service, not only to our own ascension in awareness but to our collective human family, Gaia and all her children. 

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