Confusing Cloud Concerns Or What is That Cloud Doing?

My brother big Mike  ( Mike stands over 6 ft 6 inches high – so we always called  him big Mike) is visiting me for a few weeks as his teaching job is on summer break.

The other day while I was reading on my deck  Big Mike decided to spend some time  working on my pool filter. We talked for a short time but mainly I read and he worked.
I glanced over towards the pool and saw my brother looking up at the sky.  I looked up to see what he was looking at
The sky was beautiful. It was like the skies I remembered from my childhood. Crystal clear and very  blue with huge puffy high clouds drifting slowly  over a perfect summers day.
My brother pointed to a spot in the sky and said : 
“Look at that f cloud in the oval ring shape. What is going on there?”
I put down my book and stood up so I could  follow his pointed finger .   He was pointing to a cloud that was much lower than the others.  It was a   oval  white cloud with the center less formed and a bit see through allowing  some blue sky to  peek through the center.
At first glance it seemed perfectly normal. I watched it for a few  seconds and immediately realized it was far from normal in fact it was extremely odd.
This cloud was  lower than the others. It had a definite  shape that did not change with the normal ebb and flow of the other clouds. It maintained a defined oval shapes at all times.

All the other clouds were slowly moving across the beautiful blue sky at the same speed bumping  into one another slowly re arranging their borders turning long clouds into  tall fuller ones and small clusters into larger ones. Together in a easy flow the huge  white puffs followed their normal pattern  sliding across the open sky.

All but this one odd oval cloud structure.  This cloud stayed exactly the same at all times. The strangest  thing about this cloud formation ( If that is what it was) was that  all the clouds in the sky were moving at about the same exact speed as the wind blew them all from the  north across Long Island from New England to the south west towards the Atlantic Ocean. This oval cloud however was racing along at a very fast clip.
The wind was slow and steady and the clouds were easily being pushed towards the way of the wind. All but this one oval cloud.
This little oval cloud came clipping along from the  south east  in the opposite direction of all the other clouds at the speed of a small plane or helicopter. It was ripping along as if its tail was on fire.  My brother and I looked at each other  as we both realized that this was unlike any other cloud we have  seen before.  
My brother  and I stood and watched the oval cloud  quickly cross the open sky from the south of Long Island over the Long Island Sound moving first to the north to join the other clouds then change direction again to gain access to the larger cloud group.  Something was guiding this little oval cloud without question.
As it approached the land mass of the Island it not only continued on its own path it began to rise in the sky until it was traveling at the same altitude as all the other clouds in the sky as well.
Still traveling at a very fast speed this oval cloud plowed into one of the large cloud masses passing over the coast line. We  watched thinking it would come out of the other side of this large cloud as it was traveling at a much faster speed then the cloud it entered. 
We  watched  however once that oval fast moving cloud object hit the large mass of clouds it simply disappeared among the larger cloud.  It was without question on strange little  cloud!
I remember an acquaintance of mine telling me about how he had seen similar odd cloud activity over his home facing the Atlantic Ocean on the South Shore of Long Island. He talked about solid looking clouds moving at high rates of speed last summer. Since I do not know anything at all about clouds I did not think much about it at the time.
After watching the strange behavior of the cloud I saw with my brother I realize I should have paid closer attention when I was told about these strange clouds last year.
I have no idea what I watched. I do not think one cloud can travel at a much greater speed than all the other clouds however I may be wrong.  I did not think one cloud could travel in not only a different direction but the opposite direction than all the other clouds  however I may be wrong.
I thought all clouds by nature constantly rolled and changed their shape as the wind moved them across the sky however I may be wrong. 
I do think something may be amiss with our clouds and  we all need to start to pay attention to them so we can understand if things are  fine and peachy in our skies or if something strange is happening  over our heads.
I have been sitting out there now every day that is filled with clouds determined to see if I can find another situation with one rouge cloud doing its thing against all the others. 
If you understand clouds and this is a normal event please contact me. If you understand clouds and this is not a typical event we would love to hear from you as well. For now watch what goes on around you. You never know when you find you are looking straight at the unknown right before your own eyes.
Until then may all your days be filled with beautiful blue skies and big puffy clouds. We need to embrace the beauty of our natural planet and fend off the strange and especially  uninvited intrusions. I like my clouds the old fashion way! 
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