I have been getting emails from all over the country with photo’s attached by people upset by what they saw floating by them in the night sky. I understand how easily the large bright lanterns now available can look like a very strange object aglow in the night sky. As I looked at the photos being sent to me and read the description of how they silently floated together in the sky until they blinked out or some have a flame drop before they blinked out I knew – it was most likely lanterns. Lanterns seem to fly in formation as they all follow the same wind pattern and each other across the sky until they burn out. Some will drop a final flame just before they blink out. Below find an experiment I watched about two years ago at a beach weeding when hundreds of very large orange large round lanterns were sent out over the water in to the night sky. They all flew in formation until they blinked or burned out and dropped a bit of the flame left below them to the ground before burning and blinking out.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

I have been sent some amazing reports of incredible crafts being seen this summer however we also must be careful not to confuse a lantern for something other than what it really is.


Below are the photos I took of the lantern experiment I watched.


If what you are seeing looks like any of these above and flew together following the same path or wind direction and then blinked out they are Chinese lanterns . I took the photos above of the lantern experiment I did and yes they do look like UFOs and can be very large. If they changed direction and took off in different directions or stopped and hovered that is different.

Some lanterns are very large and seem craft size from the ground when seen burning in the night sky. I have even seen on line large UFO shaped lanterns for sale. It is the way they float along in the wind together on the same wind path and flicker out that makes it easy to determine what you are looking at. Apparently these large lanterns have become very popular over the past few years and used often during the summer months for all types of celebrations and backyard or beach type parties. Chris Holly’s Paranormal World



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