Corn Circle Creators – Studying Lancashire Fields

By Pat Regan, British UFO researcher


The weather in Lancashire was quite abysmal for the start of August, with copious amounts of rain and wind.

As usual, the ‘Church of Global Warming’ alarmists got it all wrong with the terrible biting winter behind us followed by this appallingly wet UK summer.

Nevertheless, a welcome touch of sunshine saw me out walking with the dog on the local mosslands of Lancashire.

The corn is now almost ripe and I decided to take a snap or two of the lovely fields.


Above: the golden ripening fields of Lancashire with the ancient town of Ormskirk in the distance.

One particular photo later revealed some rather inexplicable objects flying, or perhaps hovering, over the corn.

Above: One of the unidentified objects in the frame, that was later discovered. This one may possibly have been a bird, yet the profile remains unsubstantiated. 

Above: this particular UFO, which is much more fascinating, appeared to be quite a bit larger than the other one.

The biggest UFO in the picture seemed to be ‘suspended’ at a lower altitude over the fields. This cylindrical-shaped object was dark and harder to define in the original photo, until I cropped into the frame for a better look.


Above: a much closer crop of the lower/larger UFO, which is clearly oval or cylindrical in shape and a solid entity. This one was initially rather camouflaged over the field, due to the background foliage adjacent to it.

Somewhat oddly, just after I took this shot two men passed me on the path. One smiled and inquired in an amicable fashion – “Are you the UFO man?” After acknowledging his unusual question we spoke for some time about bizarre sightings he had personally witnessed in the area. I have no idea how he knew about my UFO research.


It later occurred to me that these particular UFOs may hold a connection herein with perplexing corn circles; although I have to admit that such a phenomenon has not happened in this locality at the present time.

Discounting the typical corn circle hoaxes, perhaps UFOs related to these mysterious things require the correct meteorological conditions ‘before’ materialising on the physical level as set formations in fields etc.

Whatever the UFOs were they seemed to move at good speed (or at least the higher one did), as I did not notice them until I later saw this on the PC screen at home.
Were they studying the fields and if so why exactly? This remains to be seen!

I welcome further sightings from the public.

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