Publisher’s Note: I found this little article in my Google Alerts. It was posted on this is Cornwal and is about a dedicated group of UFOlogists that have been logging UFO sighting reports for almost two decades. Dirk

Over the past 18 years, the Cornwall Unidentified Flying Object Research Group (Cuforg) has recorded a number of unexplained sightings.

Here are three of the most recent:

At 2.22am on January 13 this year, two witnesses in Par, near St Austell claimed to have seen an unidentified object from their kitchen window.

One witness wrote on the Cuforg website: “What I saw was totally bizarre, very beautiful and can only be described as a set of bright coloured lights, like an illuminated Xmas decoration.

“It was far from static and kept dotting around its immediate vicinity and also pulsating in and out like a jellyfish, rotating and tilting.”

In a separate sighting, a man and his wife saw a red light above Padstow on April 2 last year.

“I saw a bright red light move silently at varying speeds from above St Saviour’s Point, Padstow southerly toward the Iron Bridge,” the male witness stated in his report on the Cuforg website. “The red light then disappeared – presumably into the cloud.

“I witnessed this three times with my wife over the next 20 minutes where the light moved in a straight line at varying speeds along a similar path.”

On December 29, 2012, in a village near Land’s End, an anonymous resident filmed what appeared to be a circular disc-shaped object hovering in the night sky.

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