Creature from the deep a stirring


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The year of 2012 has begun and you’d have thought by now that after all this time, after all the years of exploration and searching, that pretty well every last species and variety of life on this planet would have been found and logged.

Not so.

The scientific army of biologists and botanists and naturalists have been fizzing a little lately in the wake of completely new forms of life being found at the bottoms of dark ocean, living near escaping bursts of sulphurous boiling water from vents deep into the earth.

And in the jungles of places like New Guinea and the Amazon Basin some previously unheard of reptiles and insects have popped up.

Which is terrific, because it leaves the door open to the possibility the yeti, the sasquatch and innumerable strange aquatic creatures could be “out there” somewhere.

The unbelievable is something I like to believe in.

I love a good mystery.

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