Are curses real?

Curses are energy, just as we are energy, and evil energy sent from a mind, can do serious damage, a two-edged unseen sword that cuts both ways, just as prayers offered can have a strong non-local effect, and as well rebound goodness upon the sender. 

I made the mistake of cursing my neighbors, one angry day, furiously wishing intensely that they suffer, specifically by falling down their stairs and breaking a leg.

I fumed in impotent fury, after  I  learned that they  called 911 to my door with a complaint about ‘a man shooting off a gun’, and I had later, in quiet retrospect, exploded visciously , in a malevolent force, that I sent their way.

I was  guilty, of course,  air-pellet gunning down pesky squirrels on my soon to be harvested dwarf fruit trees,  but when Blue Bullies With a Badge Inc. exploded onto my property, with their weapons drawn., one could hear audible laughter from those rednecks, yonder, who watched wearing underwear and open bathrobe robes with their door half open.

God works in mysterious ways, but if you want to see the Devil, right quick, just call 911.

I  purposefully wished harm, sending a quiet seething curse towards those ornery redneck neighbors, harm in a curse that has since returned to me, two-fold .

I am a slow learner, sadly, as I belatedly learned, in one of the hardest ways, about  the unknown laws of attraction,  a poignant and harsh object lesson that taught me that the human mind is part of the quantum physics energy of the Universe , and it also clarified unknown truths about dark force entities.

I  spitefully invoked  ‘Dark Force Entities’,-using that title-name-, to creatively- and evilly- try to get ‘even’, by flexing a combination of  my growing psychic prowess, to send strong and focused intentions of sinister vendetta,  never realizing,  that I had already approached and firmly touched the third rail.

Powerful, intense curses  not unlike effective repeated prayers- which call for assistance from LIGHT,-  call upon the spirit world’s dark, gangster fringe element to respond to  a request for a curse, an evil intent for another’s injury, a directive for always in- attendance demons to quickly effect .

Demons, it  sadly seems, loom and surround us all, at  times,  specializing in softly whispering negativity, to our minds.

It is therein only the recognition and vectoring away these of these negative whispered ‘thoughts’, that can ultimately win you the battle for being ‘ruler of your own mind’..

The war, within everyone, however,  silently rages on for mastery of one’s secret and hidden soul..

There is also another  inverse law of demonic attraction :

“The Dark Side”,  is also attracted to those with LIGHT, to seek ways to extinguish it.

Omni-prevalent in overhead UFOs,  mean small dark grey pilots, and Dracos reptilians, much like   demons, are  very highly psychic as well as innately malicious, and they are  telepathically sensitive to a human mind’s  energy,  especially of intense and sustained malice and anger.

Negative thought beings, of many ilks are willing and capable to carry out “curses”,  and are, much like the  human sender of a curse,  spiritually sinister.

“Like attracts like” appeals to this varied crime family ensemble’: sinister human earthbounds, E.T.s and powerful demonics, all of who constitute the gangster fringe element, of the unseen spirit world.

The demonic gradations of evil power : the ability to create negative miracles, and the ability to ‘walk-into’ a human being’s muti-layered psyche, are  varied but similar. 

But eminently stronger than aliens or demons, are  Devils, exquisitively diabolical and brilliant.

Household demons seem more animalistic and much less intelligent.

May God keep us safe from Devils.

I had, however, fired a demonic weapon, one that unknowingly was tacitly programmed to return to me, the site of the curse’s origin, to claim yet another unsuspecting human prize and energy luncheon dish.

My leg, in swift karmic retribution, within a month, was soon badly broken, shattered, with ligaments and  torn from a hit- and -run driver’s fender, a knee and leg now filled with multiple painful, internal metal brace-works and screws, a leg that often plagues me.

What was my method of sending out that  curse?

I seethed, with those neighbors in mind; I left my house, and I stared at their house, and I mentally focused rage at and towards them.

It was a foolhardy experiment, raw malice combined with an evil feeling, that felt oddly satisfying. I had previously experienced evil one’s  presences.

I had suffered a prolonged spate of nightmares and startling poltergeist phenomena, after seeing a UFO flotilla of overhead ship assemble at zenith over my head one night.

Suddenly, I  more than suspected that dark ones, perhaps the very pilots within those craft were around me, unseen and  impishly omnipresent, an indigestible probability,  that contradicted all that I had ever learned.

I had unknowingly attracted them to me by intense and prolonged reading, researching  others’experiences with alien nonhuman negative thought entities, and then an impressive overhead sighting happened to me with concurrent subsequent vivid “nightmares”, soon after  that astounding, jaw-dropping  overhead UFOs sighting!

Untoward spiritual ‘lessons’, were self- chosen.

I learned, too late, that your energy goes, where your attention goes, and thus with aliens,  an ironic and counter-intuitive ‘Law of Attraction’ road-sign, I had sped passed and overlooked, suddenly occurred!

When you pay attention to the paranormal, I assure you, IT then pays attention, to YOU..

An ensemble of round, red-glowing bottoms of “craft”, like red balloons, had slowly assembled and formed from several directions overhead at zenith, a squadron of ten craft, that shifted color from red to violet all at once, and then fled in pairs, across the night sky, in a ‘flash’, like minnows in a pond.

Soon after this experience, wild and vivid (-imposed-) nightmares and  household poltergeist mischief,  both symptoms of the evil unseen, seemed at this moment to  signal me.

More than raw wonder about them, my mind-set was now to “test them”.

My excuse was that I was  incensed at the neighbors and resented the threatening visages of the police, and what angst they had put me through.

How “evil” would it be, to test their ‘power’ as  ‘reality’ of their bizarre and unseen omnipresent presences?

With focused malice,I  sent them out, with orders to attack.

And as a special sign to me, to break a leg of the one who had, in squirrel empathy, sent the police to my door with a  911 message that a crazed man was shooting off a rifle at people.

It was a horrid encounter, a singularly unpleasant officer, and a close brush with incarceration. 

I cursed those loud and often drunk  neighbors with an effective, focused, curse,  rage bristling with malice, a loathing, purposeful curse, and said it aloud.

A foolhardy and blind apprentice in a deadly dark art,  I, as well, was  soon be a victim,  a clear, unwritten law of attraction.

I asked that this curse send negative thought entities/ demons/E.T.s to cause the complaint callers to fall down the stairs and, as a specific sign to me, to break their legs.

I seethed in focused raw malice towards them, visualizing their falls and slips on the stairs of their home,  in an awful revenge, no one could ever, rightfully, suspect me of.

Focused malice was sent in bidding retribution. 

How could unseen phantoms, remotely deliver such a curse?

Within a few days, the offending neighbor and his even more offensive SISTERS were limping on crutches, each one had a leg hidden in  pen-autographed white casts; I stared fish-eyed , from my nearby porch.

I later learned that they fell (drunk?)  slipped in staircase falls in their house!

I was overwhelmed by denial, naive agog-ness and foolish amazement in goose-pimply disbelief, a very slow growing  realization of awe, and fear, nonetheless .

I remained a slow learner.

An EM Ambulance  showed up, a week later, I subsequently  found out, when an elderly friend of those neighbors ALSO took a fall,  on the property , up on their stairs!

Unknown to me, I was to be next, to be amidst the cross-hairs, of demons.

Curses attract demons who  with negative energy, jump onto humans, whose astral energies are attacked, to cause disease and misfortune. 

Without arms or legs, how were they able to push three people down a flight of stairs?!.

I was to re- learn, engaged in later banishment throes, another  harsh lesson,  a ‘law’ also unknown to me, at that time:

A witch/ wizard, or ordinary person, who harbored a sincere malice, can  easily project/ send out that energy of focused hatred, and with a verbalized curse, summon and deliver demonics, overly- eager to attack.

But, aS well, the curse also tacitly gives the demon an unspoken contract, a promissory, spiritual permission, to  RETURN BACK to the sender, a boomerang, law of curses, back  upon the very one who sent it!

Even worse, on its return, the dark side demon feels entitled to perceive the ‘sender’, as its own personal possession, a proprietary rule of attraction!

Laws of attraction were now out of control.

Weeks or a month later, I was knocked down, struck by a hit and run driver, my shattered kneecap and leg repaired with many pieces of internal brace work and joined  with many screws holding them all in place, a contrivance which often pains me.

Although I heartily embrace the light these days and do deeply repent my single field experiment curse, ‘they’ visit often, in bidding retribution. 

it’s all I can do to catch some unimpeded sleep, with the lights on, all night.

I have since learned, that, for millennia, as a precaution, seeking  safety, curses were NEVER directly sent out by the Black Arts practitioner, but were much more carefully administered, because of those unspoken ‘laws of attraction’.

Traditionally, a summoner applying an effective curse, always used an apprentice, a human helper who would actively evoke demons and perform related evil metaphysics.

This was , of course, for the wizard’s own personal safety, as ONLY the wizard well knew this secret ‘proprietary rule’ of demons and curses, within the laws of attraction.

In this ruthless pursuit, it appears, that Wizards stuck around for a long while;  apprentices, came and went.


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