DARPA Paranormal -Alien ET UFO Consciousness of Area 51

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Explaining the Layers of time in dimensions as imprints is not the easiest thing to explain. We can call this Area 51. We can relate to a grid on a map in the desert that supposedly doesn’t exist when it comes to something that is classified Top Secret. But then most humanoid beings do not deal with what we in government call classified. 

There are many layers of truth, facts, legends and myths that surround what we know as AREA 51 in the Nevada desert. It is simply a location in a salt lake bed is it not? Why all the mystery? We can tell you but then we would have to kill you. So goes the future or the way in which we all think about the Xeno and the Alpha experiments.

Hang onto your consciousness as a humanoid because the future is only going to become brighter after the date in time labeled December 21, 2012. This is the new age or the golden age of enlightenment in cosmology. This will include the alien extraterrestrials.

The fact that the old UFOlogists who have taken on the new working world of Exopolitics is now said to be going the way of the past. There will be new work and words in the future for the Cosmologists and all those who are now becoming interested in the paranormal topics that include aliens, ET, UFOS, and all the words that become tag words, and categories in the internet world in which we all can relate too now!

I am considered a paranormalists and paranormal writer because of my chosen interest in the beyond and my experiences in this lifetime and others.

What I find interesting in life is the way we try to explain in words to others our work as creations of what has been imprinted on our own self through time.

The best way I can describe something that comes to me in order to make an impression on my own spiritual self-inside this unit or vessel we call a body-mind-spirit it that thoughts that I have come in waves.

I am going to try to explain the unexplainable in a rather bland way. I am not sure if I shall get the point across but the fact that I was lying in bed now and it is after midnight my time which is central in Kentucky, USA, has given me reason to rise and put these thoughts down on paper so to speak for others who may one day wonder about the same things while they lay in the dark all alone awaiting for the sandman to visit them.

I normally have no trouble sleeping or being awake for that matter. We all have cycles in life and we develop patterns and what we call routines in life.

There is a way to be and a way to not be. We have a way to become more of what we desire to become as a single being in a singularity universe.

It has been impressed on me by others who are in this three dimensional world that they would like to know more about me and what it feels like to be me in some of my experiences.

The fact that I do impress and guide many people as an Ascension Master Mentor or Spiritual Adviser is a very humbling experience.

This is a calling and election made sure for me in this lifetime. The way that I reached this level of life in this time frame from what I presently understand has to do with all the other lifetime memories that I have accumulated or what one might consider has been imprinted on my soul throughout time as we consider it in our present way of thinking or in this three dimensional world inside the matrix.

This time frame of which we are living in now is only one layer of being.

The fact that I exist now in this time has been gaged by what we call time on earth in the way of present calculations.

Explaining who a being is and how one got to this point of being in a three dimensional world is quite a feat for the normal humanoid sentient intelligent being.

What gives me strength in being who I am and knowing that I am seemingly much different with much depth with many layers is how I expect to relate to others even though in their own thoughts they may not realize it.

I work in time as one level and dimension. When I write my thoughts for others to see and this includes my own psyche as in ego/id in the way of thinking such as the Carl Jung way we can see that self-analyzing one’s own mind is a way to cross over into an open point of view from within.

Being one who reveals only what we one wants another to see about them while they are here in the physical world is the basic structure of who we pretend to be in order to survive in the world in which we live and exist.

No other being can actually know another being. However, we have set up a situation in this three dimensional world where we can learn to experience each other on the outside and not have to share all that we actually are on the inside.

The fact that we are all inner microcosms with an outer layer inside the larger macrocosm is only the words inside the work we call reality.

The paranormal way of thinking is becoming the normal for many of us as we share some thoughts together in what we now call the Alien ET UFO Community. The fact that I was the first one to put the four words together in this world matters not to anyone except to me. I was able to actually use these four words together inside the Twitter level of research and came up with many other twitter identifiers to locate and follow. The way that we presently regard each other in this matrix we call the web as the online Internet has given all of us a way to see each other in what all of us mystics, oracles, prophets, psychics, sages, seers, and shamans have been operating for all the years prior to the creation of the internet online experience by our governments.

We are all co-creators and those of us who work in the creations as experimenters and inventors as artists, engineers, scientists, physicists, and so on and so forth are those who realize that there is a way to tap into this level of creation that is rather complicated to say the least. There is a level of energy that is connected to our essence that we cannot see, touch, or taste, but we can sometimes feel the levels that are out there around us like a static electricity for instance. Those of us who study the metaphysical world of Tarot and learn about the astral plane have an advantage over others who do not study the past history of those who came before us and left clues in words and in books.

It is how many of us learned how to put words to our energy that we were searching for as an adventurer and explorer in this life. We learn to create a need and then find the way to fill that need with what we design as work and words we are looking for to feel a void.

When I was lying in my bed and knew I was tired and needed to rest, I was just in that relaxed state of mind in which we call a level of relaxed and deep thought.

We use many levels and the normal way to think about our brain waves is with levels we call beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma, and we now can add sigma, tau, and omega. We in the past only shared five levels but we are now going to add an additional three levels in the future we call the Ascension Age Enlightenment.

This will give our scientists, engineers, doctors, neurologists, psychologists, something to think about while dealing with dimensions and the new levels of the particle theory of the new quantum string theory which is not only parallel but vertical thinking. We have learned that we not only have particles and waves of thoughts in patterns but all that is not seen that can be tracked as the part that is not seen in the patterns as particles and waves but are felt in what we know to be our life force. We are not going to learn to recognize all that we have not known was there but what we call life and the force.

The best way to describe this is in the psi areas of the alpha experiments with the DARPA plan of creators for the best think tanks in the world. However, those who are the contractors who can actually get funding and make the paper trail for the white papers needed to enforce what DARPA is all about takes time. We who are busy working in the alpha experiments in the Akashic Field are so busy working on the critical mass mind level experiments with others who know how to have out of body experiences and working in the astral plane we entirely forget to respond to the world in which others who want to control the world would like us too!

Therefore, when we are in the dark all alone in the night and we are at peace with our environment and want to know what it may be like to experience the other dimensions that are imprinted on this world, we may want to consider that there is so much more in this world that has not yet been discovered and is waiting for the world to catch up to that which only the top 1% has privilege too and that the top10% thinkers in the world take the time out of their busy lives to find in ways of thoughts.

Then one has to put the work in words so that others may desire to find the way to locate the information as a spiritual path and good journey into the other realms in time we call parallel universes.

It is time that we begin learning about the many layers and dimensions of the paranormal working world environment of which many of us spiritual healers work with in order to keep a balance in time with that which controls the chaos.

The balance in time is what we continue to struggle with as we go from the birth to the death experience in what we call having the time of our lives.

Go with me now into the levels of life we call our inner selves and learn to maintain balance and staying grounded while we enter the world of the paranormal.

This is a place we call the unknown or Xeno of our minds. We actually have a level and field of play in time at this point in our eternal professional way of thinking.

We have developed a way for the metaphysical world to locate the outside mystery schools of which our ancestors and all those who have passed over left us.

We call this level in the way of thinking in Cosmology as the level called the Xenoverse.

Now there is a level in the metaverse we call Unidentified Flying Objects that at some times can be seen in the three dimensional world. One book was written long ago based on official air force records and this was a book that many may not even speak of but it has been a layer of all of our existence in the last century.

Think of a time when maybe one can remember as a child. The past memories are still there inside the mind and can be visited and maybe even the smells can be remembered and assist in recalling that time in the past.

The memories we create with all our many emotions and physical stimulation and responses is where we will learn how to record many of our best memories that we take with us when we die here at this level or dimension.

The past history of spiritualism has much to offer our history as does our metaphysical mystery schools. It is that place we experience alone in the dark as our inner spirit and our real inner thoughts that is our real self that we take with us when we die!

When those who have gone on before us as our loved ones or friends who we may remember can be recalled we may want to know that it is important to remember who we are in this lifetime to add the layer which will be imprinted on our soul by the spirit we had to energize our own essence in this lifetime.

We will now learn what becoming awake and aware of our own Ascension Center Enlightenment really means in this lifetime.

It is the hope of this paranormal writer to welcome others into the level of astral plane and planning for the future with others who desire to reach the level of learning how to use prayer and meditation and learning to travel as energy as essence both inside and outside the body and mind physical.

For only those who are very brave and have done their spiritual work will be allowed to come on our trip because the world can seem rather shaky when speaking of the layers in levels and other dimensions.

We will have to use some math in order to use a language that will become the normal in the future in another 100 years or so. For now, we must learn to accept that level of our minds that others have assisted us in preparing us with our imaginations inside what we can use as the screen of the mind and all learn to relate to the future with memories of such things as the movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Total Recall, Wizard of Oz, and television shows like the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and those that made us think such as the Alfred Hitchcock shows.

For now, know that it is a challenge to think in the future and the future has layers to become dimensions to be imprinted and if one wants to learn to be a time traveler for eternity and learn about the Time Lords that some call ancient aliens then one best learn to use the areas of the mind that deals with what we call reality and then what lies outside of reality we deal with in other dimensions.

Until the next time one dreams, think on what space has been provided here to create a blank canvas for every artist and brave spirit who desires to join me in the world where ghosts are astral travelers who can provide clues that can become material facts in the future. Until we meet again in the electronic information world we now can reach inside the matrix we call the web, I shall welcome any comments and friends on Facebook and Twitter. One can also reach me at my gmail account as [email protected]. For those who are not familiar with my work then please read my past articles written in the old UFO Digest Archives. Dirk Vander Ploeg can explain where he has archived all the old articles of which I have shared including Andromeda Galaxy explanations of the alien ET hybrid thoughts.

I am also known as an Alien ET Hybrid and an UFO Contactee but that sounds so abnormal doesn’t it? But then what is normal?

For those who want to know how to reach those who we call the Supreme Beings and those who exist as the ancient aliens there is a way but one has to learn the path of the road less traveled and one has to learn to share the inner self we call the spirit. The Holy Spirit is that which we call the Akashic Field in some arenas of the spiritual world. Join us if you can! For those who have a need to know more as Lightworkers and Time Travelers please do your homework as Truth Seekers. Love and Light TJ



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