Debunkers Take It In The Teeth Again

One of the favorite trills of the debunkers’ flute is, “If there are all these UFOs up there, why haven’t any professional astronomers reported seeing them?”

I have addressed the very stringent secrecy program that is in place for astronomers by talking about it on the show.  That is the primary reason we do not hear about UFOs from them.  But one has broken ranks.

Wang Sichao is a professional astronomer at Purple Hills Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  With 39 years of experience, he is someone we should take very seriously.

On 23-August-2010, the People’s Daily online (news organ of the Central Committee in Bejing), reported that Wang had made some very revealing comments about UFOs.   He made those comments on 23-August-2010 at a science forum held in Guangzhou. 

Wang said that UFOs have appeared many times in the terrestrial space at an altitude of between 130 kilometers (80 miles) to 1,500 kilometers (932 miles).  He said they have been observed to fly at speeds much slower than “the first cosmic velocity”, some as slow as .29 kilometers per second.(317.1 yards/sec or 216 mph).  Wang said they are able to do this for more than 25 minutes, meaning they have anti-gravity capabilities.  If they did not have anti-gravity capabilities, they could not stay in their positions at that speed, and would be dragged earthward by gravity.

The article states that Wang came to these conclusions “based on the spherical astronomy and physics method and his years of observation at Purple Hills Observator as well as the quantitative analysis of some significant UFO events”. 

Wang also said he disagrees with Stephen Hawkings’ warning against contacting extraterrestrials.  He says we should proceed on the basis friendliness and promoting “the human beings’ civilization through exchange and cooperation” with them.  He adds that if the extraterrestrials turn out not to be friendly, “we can beat them back based on their weaknesses.”

So, there it is.  The debunkers take it in the teeth again.  A credible professional astronomer ignored the IAU program of keeping the lid on things like this, broke ranks, and told the world the truth. 

The Chinese government should be excessively proud of Wang Sichao for stepping forward with his information. 


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