Defense Against Demons, Nightmares and Predatory Aliens

Visualize a ball of electric purple light above your head.
Electric purple light is of a frequency intolerable to low frequency demonic negative thought entities, nighttime  bedroom visitors who deliver nightmares in telepathic attacks, who can seek to possess and dominate the unwary.
Nightmares are a form of psychic/telepathic attack, broadcast into our dream-state minds, by negative thought entities, beings satanic and diabolical.  One under such attacks, soon  learns to discard  Freud’s and Jung’s absence of understanding the nature of the demonic, and sadly must neatly  place their theories of self-generated traumatic dreams, on the same shelf, as fairytales. 
This premise is far beyond many people’s ability to comprehend or  accept. Freud and Jung put psychology back, at least a hundred years. All nightmares are varying degrees of imposed psychic attacks as you are being negatively ‘milked’ ethereally for energy within raw angst, by an entity who you might have picked up in daily transit not unlike dog poo on your shoe bottoms.
The signature function of the brain during dreaming is to maintain the dream state, to incorporate extraneous outside stimuli into a dream, to ‘lie to you’, to keep you dreaming.  If a fire truck’s siren blares down your block while you are sleeping your brain will incorporate that sound into the dream scenario at hand to keep you asleep and dreaming. 
The ‘convenience dream’ clearly illustrates how this works.
One’s bladder may dully pulse as full, but rather than awaken the sleeper, the brain conjures a bathroom scenario instead where you ‘dream’ that you saw the tile floor and even sat down on a toilet. One awakens much later thinking, with a fuller bladder, thinking; ‘I thought that I just WENT to the bathroom?!’
A nightmare, which awakens one, usually in great angst, violates this tacit basic rule of dreaming by awakening you. One’s rude awakening reveals that nightmare scenarios are being telepathically imposed by a parasitic, dis corporate entity for its ethereal feasting. A nightmare is very rarely a self-created scenario. In possession, the entity is no longer in daily transit to torture another (phantoms fill the air around us), but has settled in and has chosen you, as a ‘host’.
The nightmares and bad dreams under a state of demonic possession seem realistic in every way compared to the intensity of waking consciousness and appear to be out of body attacks. One feels at every nighttime that one flirts with the beast of madness, itself.
Reach up with your right hand and grab the ball of electric purple light.
As you touch yourself, in these proscribed areas, with that hand, visualize that part of the light will go into you:
Touch your forehead as you say “Atah.” Let it fill with the light. 
Touch your pelvis at the pubic bone and say “Malkuth”. Let it fill with light. 
Touch your right shoulder and say “Ve Geburah”. Let it fill with light. 
Touch your left shoulder and say “Ve Gedulah”. Let it fill with light. 
Hold your hands in prayer over your heart and say “Lee-ohlam”. Let it fill with light. 
Feel your whole body fill with the cross of light. Say “Amen”  
This is a facsimile of the sign of the cross.
These powerful banishment words are Hebrew.
They are the last part of the Lord’s Prayer: 
“Thine is the Kingdom the power and the glory for ever and  ever. Amen.”
Jesus told his disciples to pray using these words.
Should you awaken from a powerful nightmare,  projected, broadcast into your sleeping mind, from an unseen demonic,  electric purple light visualized, will cleanse your aura and dissolve all surrounding negativity.
In addition, should bizarre, fearful and negative ideation trouble you, at any time,
visualize and surround yourself in this electric purple light, in a bubble, two feet around you in all directions.
This method, can be used to repell anxiety signaling telepathic/psychic attack.
 Repeated two or three times a day and before sleep, this represents the easiest, most efficacious technique to repel and cleanse your energies and space of negative-thought -beings, of many varied ilks.
Jesus was never wrong ; he knew more about demons and banishing them from troubled people, than any other ascended master of Light prophet.
Darkness cannot survive where light is shone onto it.

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