It‘s strange the way that life and fate inadvertently cut through events at times. Moreover, it’s not every day that one gets to sign one’s soul over to the Devil. 
Devil’s Night is a name frequently connected to October 30, the night prior to Halloween. It is related to the Mischief Night practiced in some parts of the world. This event is chiefly associated with vandalism and other acts of antisocial silliness undertaken by the mindless yobbo element, looking for any excuse to distress other people. 
Of course, we also see much disruptive activity and supplementary drunkenness at Christmas time. Some irresponsible people need very little by way of an excuse to become sillier than others. 
I have just finished a brand new book. The publishers and I affectionately call this controversial work the, ‘Devil’s Book’. The name just sort of developed along the way, almost all by itself. I am not yet at liberty to disclose more data about this contentious work or its full title. However, without realising it both the publishers and I actually ‘signed’ the contract for this new book on the 30th October, Devils Night.
Call it providence if you will or perhaps some type of cosmic sign; yet to me inadvertently signing on this day out of 365 possible days seems rather noteworthy.  Naturally, this revelation will have the self-righteous missionaries popping out of the woodwork to scream ‘Antichrist’ at me.  So I thought it prudent to point all this out ‘before’ some attention-seeking evangelist got there first…
As a Pagan author I have written many things in the past about Halloween, which is of course celebrated on the 31st October.
In order to cut through festering church bigotry typically expressed at this time of year we must research the ancient tradition more closely.  Therefore, please observe this link for additional information…
More on the ‘Devil’s Book’, when I know more myself….


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