Publisher’s Note: Found this article on the Grimsby Telegraph website. It was in the email this morning – Google Alert – what made this story stand out was the fact that the craft allegedly caused the witness and the surrounding area to shake…rumble. Dirk
A strange sighting in the night sky over Cleethorpes has left a witness questioning what she saw.
The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, awoke at 3.20am on Sunday and was struggling to get back to sleep.
She walked downstairs and decided to lay on the settee looking out at her garden when she saw an object in the sky.
She explained: “I was focusing on the North Star when it just vanished. It was then I realised there was something in the sky blocking the star.
“I thought it must be a helicopter or a cloud, but it was a large kite or diamond-shaped object with rounded corners, just hovering in the sky.
“I went outside and it dawned on me that it was something that shouldn’t be there.
“I was frightened. I noticed it had a green haze around it. I suddenly thought that I could be in danger. I had no idea what this thing was and I realised I shouldn’t have been standing in my garden at 3am.
“It was completely silent and there was not a breath of wind.
“The ground began to rumble and shake wildly just before the object began to glide across the sky. I saw it move over my house and head in the direction of Isaac’s Hill.
“It was such a strange experience. I just want to know if anybody else saw this.
“Someone else must have seen this thing on Sunday morning.”
The Grimsby Telegraph contacted the RAF about the incident, but they were unavailable for comment.
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