Diamond Shaped UFO Over Colombia


Publisher’s Note: Came across the article today in Google Alerts and thought to share with you. Funny there are so many sightings that unless you are lucky enough like we are and have your own contributors much of the news is a duplication of efforts. Anyway before I found this Scott Waring also found and published it..so thanks Scott.

“The main characteristic of this UFO that stands out from other sightings is its phasing in and out of view. I tried to get sceenshots of the process above,” writes UFO Sightings Daily found Scott Waring.

“This effect will also explain why a lot of people use to take photos of UFOs and yet often they came out fuzzy or blurry looking. I do believe this effect is caused by the propulsion system they use.”

And as noted, this is not the first time this diamond shaped UFO sighting has occurred in Colombia.

Click here to watch first video: https://www.ufodigest.com/video/diamond-shaped-ufo-over-colombia-video

In this video uploaded earlier this year, the diamond UFO can be seen again, only this time you can make color, and as proposed by some, the fact that it may be…a hot air balloon?

“Hot air balloon. You can just make out the gondola. I’m not a debunker but I’m not an idiot either. I’m suspicious of anything coming out of Mexico. Faking UFOs is a national pastime,” writes YouTube commenter MrDirkkirk.

In the second video, it does seem rather convincing that the UFO may in fact be a diamond-shaped hot air balloon, as the bottom part of the diamond appears to be open.

However, a diamond-shaped hot air balloon is very unusual, and upon writing this article, I could not find another example of a hot air balloon shaped like that.

But if the UFO sightings are in fact the culprit of someone owning a very original hot air balloon, it may explain why the UFO sightings are specific to one region.

What do you think? Please add your comment below!

Is this a diamond-shaped UFO, or a hot air balloon, or neither?

Source: http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/UFO-sightings-Lincolnshire-town/story-19614599-detail/story.html#axzz2b7FXfRGw


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